Every Day is Golden

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You own a Golden Retriever; you adore it; you want it in front of your eyes every moment...
Well, that's the story of every person who owns a Golden Retriever.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have your golden companion tell you what day and date it is, every single day of the week, month after month? No, you don't need a talking Golden for that! All you need to have is buy a Golden Retriever calendar.
This way, you can be sure that each of your mornings will be good to begin with a happy Golden face or a playful Golden moment.
These Golden Retriever calendars also make an ideal gift for a Golden lover.
Calendars are available in different styles.
You can get a wall or a table calendar.
Also, they come in various sizes - mini or big.
Some have different photos for each month of the year and some have a single theme or photo running through the year.
Some have the photos of golden puppies, whereas some have the photos of grown up dogs and there are calendars that feature both pups and dogs on them.
Some calendars also have space for marking important dates and days like birthdays, appointments, etc.
You can choose as per your style, convenience and requirement.
There are many stores that sell pet calendars as well as much more fun merchandise.
You can pick your calendar from one of such stores.
Many of the dog rescue and shelter organizations print Golden calendars.
These are sold at a reasonable price for fund raising purposes.
By buying from such sources, you can also contribute towards the welfare of the desolate and ailing Goldens.
Some organizations also place advertisements on their calendars.
These ads help them get sponsorship for their various welfare activities.
This also offers an opportunity to Golden lover entrepreneurs to lend a helping hand to the needy Goldens, even while doing business.
Some such organizations' websites are: gr-rescue.
org, ygrr.
org, homewardboundgoldens.
Some of these calendars also have great tips about taking care of Goldens, information about their health problems, guidelines about how to deal with your Golden, etc.
Such calendars prove really useful for golden owners as these guidelines come from the people who are deeply involved with Goldens, dedicated to their cause and know Goldens thoroughly.
And they get you two things for the price of one - a calendar and a dog care guide; and above all, the pictures of your favourite Golden beauties.
If you want your beloved, loyal Golden to feature on a calendar, you can take part in calendar contests.
You can submit the photographs of your Golden with a nominal fees and register for the contest.
If your photographs are selected, your buddy will be up there, marking months of the year.
You can even get customized golden retriever calendars made, especially for you with the photos of your own Golden.
There are many artists who provide this service.
A good news - you can have the Golden faces in your cell phone calendars as well.
Many types of cell phone calendars with the Golden Retriever theme or photos are available online.
All you need to do is download one into your cell and carry your Golden in your pocket.
You can get such calendars from sites like itunes.
com, software.

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