How to Use the Test on a Breaker Box

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    • 1). Release the latch or press the button on the side panel of the breaker box. Open the front of the breaker box to reveal the interior components.

    • 2). Turn on the flashlight and hold it in one hand. Play the beam of the flashlight against one of the circuit breakers inside the breaker box. Flip the circuit breaker with the fingers of your free hand. Have an assistant call out which electrical device in the house is no longer receiving electrical power.

    • 3). Flip the circuit breaker back to its original position with your free hand. Have your assistant call out when the power has been restored. Repeat this procedure with all the circuit breakers.

    • 4). Turn off the flashlight. Return the front of the breaker box to its closed position. Reengage the latch if necessary.


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