Homemade Mops for Freshwater Fish Breeding

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    • 1). Wind dark colored acrylic yarn lengthwise around a book roughly 100 times. Cut the yarn.

    • 2). Slip the loops of yarn off the book. Cut a 6-inch length of yarn from the skein and wrap this tightly around the loops 2 inches from one end. Make at least six wraps, then tie the ends in a double knot to secure them.

    • 3). Cut through the loops of yarn at the opposite end to the tied end so that the result looks similar to a tassel.

    • 4). Place the spawning mop in a microwaveable bowl and cover with water, then microwave on full power for 2 minutes to sterilize the yarn.

    • 5). Drop the wet mop into the fish tank and allow it to sink.


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