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If Israel is in the 'Wringer of Chaos' should we care? Well, one thing for sure the quartet who got them there should be proud of themselves.
Tony Blair, President George Bush, The EU, and Ariel Sharon are the main forces instigating this melee.
They are responsible because they fail to see and openly encourage the victimization of this Jewish state.
The Apparent lack of this disregard is seen in the American viewpoint daily.
This is coming From Rice (who came from the region touting a pocketful of optimism because of the pressure she put on Sharon) at the time to fully disengage from Gaza to President Bush saying he will stay the course no matter what.
To add to this political minefield of politics we have churches today that pull their support of Israel.
This shift in many main stream denominations come as the Jewish state needs all the support it can get.
With this coming from the USA, the European Union, who is anti Israel anyway, can continue its course of anti-Semitism.
They have always voted against Israel in the past on matters.
The stupidest and most Ironic twist is condemning Israel for building a "fence" to keep itself safe.
This is coming from a union of European countries that know hatred and war.
They came out of Hitler's bloodbath which took over all of Europe.
You would think with that as a background, Europe would be more sensitive to the needs of Israel.
Instead, they along with America and Great Britain condemn and push Israel into a corner.
No one can see Israel's right to exist anymore, or at least it seems this way.
It is even shocking that Sharon is now giving up land that he had freed when He was leading troops to battle Arab armies.
I wonder daily, what the next stupid thing will come out today concerning Israel.
Since giving up Gaza, Israel is now safer, or is it? Let see! Terrorists in the Gaza strip have fired rockets, send suicide bombers, and openly threaten more.
Lebanon allows terrorists to fire rockets into Israel.
Then the latest incursion into the land of Israel by terrorists left three of them dead, as the rest fled back into Lebanon.
Are the Jews now safer by giving up more land to the P.
? No, of course they are not safer.
If the same thing were happening in America, we would be invading within hours.
On the Jerusalem News wire, Stan Goodenough reported in a story titled " Let the EU take a hike" says of the E.
the following: "Who do they think they are, these European Parliamentarians who draw up indictments against the State of Israel, condemning her and placing demands on her as if they have been given some authority in the Middle East?" No, Stan, they have not any authority in the M.
Neither does Bush or Blair, but they think they do.
The only power America has had in the past is a backing of Israel in the political and physical realms, along with financial backing.
Now all this, over the years has waned into a trickle.
This article goes on to close with this, one which I agree: "Small wonder Islam is savoring the taste of victory.
Their goal is in clear sight.
And Sharon says the real root of the Arab-Israeli conflict is the desire of the 'Palestinians' to have a state of their own! Along with US President George W.
Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair, and every other European leader, they just don't get it.
The root is Islam.
The enemy is Islam.
Not 'fundamentalist' Islam; not 'extremist Islam;' not 'Iranian-backed' Islam.
Just Islam.
Plain, and frighteningly simple.
And Europe is already hers.
" The bible is clear on Israel's Biblical right to possess the lands which she now is on, not only that land, but a clear mandate to possess it all.
We support that right to exist.
Even in the events of the Last days, during the tribulation, Israel will face many harsh things with the whole world against her, even in that opposition, we will side with Israel..
To this end we support, to this end we will speak, to this end we will live..

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