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The Al Nabooda name is guarantee for superior quality which is located in UAE, Established in 2004. This includes all the interiors like office furniture, access flooring products, and storage and security solutions. We, Al Nabooda are the pioneer in recognizing the opportunities in Office Interiors, Physical Security, Storage, Office Equipment and Fit Outs.
With in-depth knowledge of customers' aspirations and objectives combined with a forward-looking flexible approach, Al Nabooda represents truly lasting value. Offering diverse products such as Flooring (Carpet, Carpet Tiles, Vinyl, Rubber, Wood and Computer Flooring etc), Office Interiors (Office Furniture, Seating, and fit-out services), Physical Security & Storage units (Data cabinets, Mobile Shelving, Fire resistance Filling cabinets & Safe etc) and Office Equipment (Copiers, Shredders, Document handlers, Cash handling machines etc).
We makes your office interiors so enticing that your employees will start missing the office. Interiors by us not only leaves a lasting impression but also enhances the efficiency of your workforce. Blending ergonomics with aesthetics, our range of office furniture are designed with your needs in mind. The specially designed chairs and tables will take your office to the next stage. All our brands are market leaders in their respective segments.
When it comes to setting up your office, providing for facilities to keep your organisations valuable belongings and other documents is important. With a series of physical security and storage products including mobile shelving systems, security systems, security equipment and fire resistant cabinets from world-renowned brands, Al Nabooda gives you complete peace of mind.
The Office Equipment Division of it has bespoke solutions for all your office equipment related needs. We understand that the smooth functioning of your office depends on how organised your office is. To keep your organisation more organised, we have a range of shredders, paper folders, money counting accessories etc. These products help your office achieve efficiency, increased productivity and create a smooth work environment.
We choose products from companies that are socially and environmentally responsible by reducing or nullifying their carbon foot print with the introduction of newer products using recyclable materials, reducing water consumption at their plants and using biodegradable materials in their production.
To know more about us, please visit http://www.naboodainteriors.com. You can also call us at +971 4 340 7778 and email us [email protected]

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