Understand Robert Kiyosaki"s Wealth Concept To Achieve Financial Freedom

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The objective of this article is to review Robert Kiyosaki’s concept in Wealth and put it in my own view on how I would suggest we apply this concept to achieve Financial Freedom.
To begin, we first need to understand Robert Kiyosaki’s Wealth Concept.
Robert defines Wealth as, “The number of days that you can survive forward if you stop work today”.
When you ask around this question, “What is Wealth”, you probably would get answer like, “I have millions of dollars in my bank account”, “I have a Big House, Big Car”, “I can travel around the world and not worry about money”, etc…..
A lot of people think that being wealthy means you need to have a lot of cash and own a lot of luxurious items.
My understanding of Robert’s definition is that as long as you have accumulated sufficient wealth or have the assets that generate constant cash to fund your life style, even when you are not actively working, you are considered wealthy or have attained Financial Freedom.
To me, this is the most fundamental concept that we need to recognize, because it acts as the base for our decision and actions towards achieving Financial Freedom.
As most of us are not born rich, we need to work our way towards financial freedom.
The end result - Financial Freedom, is not just in terms of how much money you have accumulated.
It is rather a lifestyle that you want to achieve and the ability to finance this lifestyle even when you stop work.
If your desire lifestyle needs $5,000 per month to fund it, then the end results that you want to attained so as to declare as Financially Free when you stop work today, will be either: 1.
You have accumulated $1.
8 Millions (not including inflation) or $60,000 a year for, assuming you have 30 years to live on, or 2.
You have created an instrument or money making machine that constantly giving you $5,000 a month without the need for you to work on it actively.
Understand this unique definition of Wealth by Robert Kiyosaki is essential.
To know more about Robert Kiyosaki’s concept of wealth, you can visit the below website: [http://www.

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