How to Lose Fat on Your Stomach

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To be honest the best way to lose fat on your stomach is to lose fat everywhere else too! Its hard to target just one area of the body where you want to lose weight faster. That said, here's 3 tips to help you get skinnier and be ready for the summer.

•Build More Muscle

I don't just mean on your abs either! Building more muscle is crucial to lose fat on your stomach because the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn.

Actually, you burn calories in 2 ways:

-When you're actually at the gym working out

-Days, weeks, and months afterwards while your new, stronger muscles are burning more calories no matter what you're doing!

So if you really want to lose fat and keep it off, build more muscle. It's basically the enemy of fat!

•Eat Healthier

You were always told to eat your veggies for a reason, right? Well a good reason is to help you lose fat on your stomach!

Stick to a diet primarily of veggies and lean meats. Very starchy foods, sugary foods, and salty foods all mess with your body and mess up your quick weight loss efforts.

The reason this works well is that veggies give you the fiber and vitamins you need, while the lean meat

gives you protein and fats.

•Sleep More!

Did you know that the more you sleep, the better your chances to lose fat on your stomach? It's true.

Getting at least 8-9 hours of sleep a night has lots of benefits, including re-energizing your body for the next day and building the muscles you broke down in the gym.

Sleep also helps your body rebalance its hormones which can help you lose weight faster too.

Oh yeah, and one more thing before I let you go. Continue to do your homework with these types of things. Your health isn't something to mess around with, so you should be sure to know the best ways to prevent disease and lose weight if you want to live a longer, healthier life!


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