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How do I Download Cydia on a Computer and Then Sync Applications to an iPod?

Cydia is an iPhone and iPod Touch application that allows you to download and sync the phone with UNIX computer systems. Although it is possible to download Cydia directly to an iPod Touch, you need other applications already installed on the phone to download the content to the portable device. Ins

How to Back Up an iPod Touch From a Later Date

Create a backup of your iPod Touch so it can easily be returned to the ideal operating condition should it experience a hard drive crash or software error. ITunes includes a backup feature for your device so you won't have to manually reload your media library, apps or settings in the future. The en

How to Install a Zagg Side Shield

Zagg shields are clear plastic adhesive shields that are designed to protect cellphones, PDAs, tablet devices, media players and other devices from scratching. Zagg shields come sized for each specific device and include instructions and adhesive. While the piece covering the screen is the largest c

How do I Pair Bluetooth with iPhone?

The Apple iPhone expands its already impressive list of features with Bluetooth compatibility. This feature allows pairing of your iPhone with peripheral Bluetooth devices. Pairing your iPhone with a Bluetooth device enables two-way, wireless communication. Bluetooth technology lets you connect your

How Can I Figure Out if My iPod Is 2nd or 3rd Generation?

Apple frequently releases hardware revisions of their iPod portable media players without changing the names of the products. Each revision is a new "generation" of iPod, and Apple frequently adds more features from one iPod generation to the next. If you want to find technical specifications or get

How to Add Songs to an iPod With Drag & Drop

Trying to figure out all of the tips and tricks to getting your music on to your iPod can be confusing, especially if you have decided to manually update the iPod's library instead of letting it automatically sync to your computer. Fortunately, the manual update process is a drag and drop procedure

How Do I Silence My iPhone 3G?

The iPhone 3G from Apple is designed to accompany its owner more or less all the time and everywhere, from concerts and social gatherings to board meetings and the library. In certain settings the sounds produced by the iPhone, such as alerts for incoming calls or messages, are perfectly acceptable,

How to Find an App ID

App IDs, or application identifications, are unique names or number strings associated with mobile smart phone applications. Smartphone mobile applications were first popularized through Apple's iTunes App store. Their growth has increased exponentially with the increasing diversity of smartphones a

How to Sync iPhone Apps

The iPhone and iPod Touch apps are available in a range of categories, from games and social networking apps to productivity and resource utilities. Download apps from the iTunes App Store. Prices vary by developer, but a number of apps are available for free. Sync iPhone apps using iTunes, just as

How to Troubleshoot WiFi on an iPod

While early iPods could only play music, the iPod Touch allows you to surf the net, download games and copy music straight from the iTunes Store. Most of these features, however, require you to access an available Internet signal using Wi-Fi. If the Wi-Fi connection on your iPod Touch does not funct

What Types of Files Does an iPod Play?

Modern iPods can handle just about any file.musique image by Christophe Schmid from Fotolia.comUpon its original release, the iPod was just a music player. As the platform has grown, iPods have become full-fledged media centers. Not only can they play music in a range of different...

How to Change SMS Alerts for the iPhone

Sometimes setting the options is difficult on an iPhone. You may not know where to look to change your text message, or short message service (SMS), alert (a tone that plays when you receive a text message). Unfortunately, Apple did not make it possible to use a ringtone (musical tones that are long

How to Backup iPhone Apps to iTunes

When you sync your iPhone to a computer that has the iTunes software installed, you have an option to backup your phone applications. This allows you to keep a copy of your apps on your computer in case something happens to your iPhone. Each time you sync to the computer with iTunes, your iPhone wil

Apple iPod Model A1236 Instructions

The iPod A1236 or the 3rd generation iPod Nano features digital playback for your songs, pictures, audiobooks, podcasts and videos. Use the iTunes application included with the iPod to upload your content to the device's hard drive so you can enjoy your files while on the go. Once your content is o

iPhone Button Problem

The iPhone's buttons form a crucial part of the handset's ability to function. If you're having problems with your cellphone buttons, you can try fixing the problem at home. However, if the problems persist, seek advice from a professional Apple dealer. Remember that altering the phone in any way wh

How to Reset the GPS on an iPhone

If your iPhone is experiencing difficulties detecting your geographical location using its built-in global positioning system, you can turn the GPS reception off to reset it. The iPhone makes use of a digital compass and gyroscopic sensor to determine your physical location, and it may not be immedi

iPod Help & Support

While Apple claims that its products "just work," occasionally they just stop working. Fortunately, there are a number of different avenues to pursue if your iPod does develop a problem.

How do I Configure iPods?

An iPod can be configured to sync with a version of the iTunes software either manually or automatically. When the iPod syncs automatically, you can transfer large amount of files onto the device in one step. The device can only safely be synced with one iTunes library at a time, however. An iPod th

How to Remove an Ebook From iPod Touch Borders

Borders eBooks is a free application available from Apple's App Store that allows you to purchase and read eBooks from Borders on your iPod touch device. Once you purchase an eBook from the Borders, the eBook will appear on the home screen of your Borders eBooks application. You can delete your eBoo