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How to Make a Korean Friendship Bracelet

Korean friendship bracelets are brightly colored, thread bracelets that are comfortable to wear and fun to give as gifts to friends. Make the bracelets by forming a series of knots out of embroidery thread or thicker string. Make wider bracelets by using more than the traditional six strands, and ma

How to Achieve White Background Color on Ukrainian Eggs

Traditional Ukrainian eggs, or pysanky, are made not just in Ukraine, but also anywhere that Ukrainian immigrants traveled to. In this art form, the artist uses a copper-tipped tool called a kistky to deposit layers of beeswax onto the surface of a hollowed egg. The egg is then dipped in dye. The dy

The Dewalt D27905 Dust Extractor At Your Disposal Its A Hot Bit Of Kit.

As a simple rule it is nice to keep work area uncontaminated after finish of each task. This concept is both for home and industrial areas. One of the best tools to use in cleaning up the working space is the Dewalt D27905. The extractor vacuum cleaner includes numerous features which makes it unusu

How to Make a Mold to Cast a Ring

Jewelry crafting triggers the mental image of beads on a string or a fine silversmith at work. Somewhere between the two extremes, you'll find fine jewelry, made at home. Making your own mold to cast a ring through lost-wax casting requires few items you wouldn't find in an ordinary house: Jeweler's

The Extra Terrestrials Show At Chennai Music Academy

The Premiere of the show Extra Terrestrials was held today at the Music Academy. The show began with a performance by the Golden Power- the two men Sandor Vlah and Gyula Takacs who were painted in gold displayed an amazing combination of strength, skill and art by effortlessly performing hand balanc

Fall Wall or Door Hangings

Fall is just around the corner. The thrill of cooler temperatures and beautiful foliage abounds. Bring the beauty of the foliage to your home by inexpensively crafting a colorful fall collage hanging for your wall ...

How to Make Tissue Paper Flower Balls

If you are searching for an easy rainy day craft for your children, you might want to consider making tissue paper flower balls. Create tissue paper flower balls using colorful gift wrap-style tissue paper, and use them to decorate your house, display as a festive birthday decoration or serve as acc

How to Make Hemp Jewelry With a Pendant

Woven hemp necklaces are one form of macrame that continues to be popular to this day. While some necklaces incorporate beads and hug the throat as chokers, others use pendants. When incorporating a pendant into a hemp necklace weave, it's important to pay attention to both the positioning of the pe

How to Paint Toy Plastic Cars With Automotive Paint

Hobbyists can buy specially formulated primers for plastics to prime toy cars and finish them with just about any type of paint, including automotive finishes. Plastic primer and automotive touch-up paint come in aerosol spray cans but liquid paint is cheaper and infinite color mixing and better loo

How to Make a Schoolbus Out of Cardboard

If your child is about to start school for the first time, you can make the transition easier by providing your child with crafts projects related to school. For example, you can help your child understand what a school bus is by making a school bus with him out of cardboard. Once the bus is finishe

Claymation Techniques

Claymation, one of several forms of stop-motion or object-animation filmmaking, is filmed as a series of individual frames that are played back at a frame rate greater than 10 to 12 frames per second to create the illusion of movement. Some filmmakers use a digital camera snapshot to record the fram

Classroom April Fools' Day Ideas

The tradition of prank-playing on April Fools' Day has a long history and was introduced to the United States in the 18th century by the English and the French. It's a tradition that is still carried on in other countries. Harmless pranks can be played in the classroom that will make it a little mor

How to Make an Origami Trophy

Origami, the art of paper folding, allows you to create many shapes that may be interpreted in different ways. A trophy may take on many forms, including the form of a cup. Fold an origami trophy cup to hand to the winner of a game. You can also customize the origami trophy by writing a personal mes

How to Create an Oven Mitt

Taking the time to make an oven mitt is a fun way to brighten up your kitchen with a item that has a useful purpose. This project is also an excellent way to introduce young people to sewing. You can find the materials required to make an oven mitt at sewing and fabric supply stores. Make sure to as

Laurel Burch Designs for Christmas

Laurel Burch (1945-2007) was a well-known artist and designer who went from selling homemade jewelry on the streets of San Francisco in the 1960s to establishing a business, Laurel Burch Artworks. Her signature style is characterized by whimsical cats, birds, butterflies and people in brilliant colo