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How to Knit the Garter Stitch Backwards

Don't like turning your knitting after every row? You don't have to. Stay on the same side and knit backwards. You can even work garter stitch backwards. Garter stitch means knitting every single row, whether you're on the front or back sides of the knitting. Garter stitch makes every other row appe

How to Bezel a Cabochon With Seed Beads

In jewelry, a bezel is similar to a frame. The bezel can fit around the perimeter of a single gem or encompass a resin or glass creation. Cabochons are flat-backed stones, often made from colorful glass. One way to create a pendant or brooch with a cabochon is to frame it with a seed-bead bezel. Sel

How to Make Putty

Silly Putty was a scientific experiment long before it was intended as a children's toy. The engineer, James Wright, happened upon the substance while trying to invent a synthetic rubber in 1943. A decade later, his accidental invention became a popular children's toy through advertisements on "The

Halloween Craft with Spiders

Creepy, crawly spiders are a quintessential element of the Halloween season. Fake spiders and there webs are often featured in Halloween decoration displays. Instead of purchasing spider decorations for the Halloween season, save some money by crafting your own. Use these craft projects as a bonding

How to Make A Puppet

Making hand puppets is a fun activity that is ideal for a rainy day. After you make them, use them in a made-up theater to share a classic story or one that you've thought up on your own. As children get older, they can make more complex puppets using more decoration or ones that depict more complex

How Can I Redownload Maplestory?

MapleStory is a side-scrolling Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORP) that allows players to embark on a series of quests and missions, choose from hundreds of avatars and equip themselves with an expanding inventory of weapons and other items. If you have deleted MapleStory from you

How to Write Pictures to DVD

The advent of digital imaging and digital photography has made it easy to take, store and share pictures with family and friends. With digital pictures, your images are simply digital files containing information that, when read, produces a picture. In film days, if you lost your print, you had a

How to Make a Pueblo Model for a School Project

Pueblos is a slang term that refers to the adobe homes of the Pueblo people in the southwest United States. The Native American tribe built their multi-story homes from adobe, a mixture of straw and clay, with wooden ladders connecting one level to the next. The homes also used wooden beams for ceil

How to Make Rice & Corn Bags

Make homemade heating bags with uncooked rice or feed corn. These bags make a comforting gift that will warm up a friend's arthritic hands or sore neck. Make these personalized gifts in various sizes, depending on their use. A small, pillow-shaped bag that fits in your hand is ideal for easing sore

Sodium Bentonite Uses

Sodium bentonite is used in the production of pellets.pellets image by Rupert Roth from Fotolia.comSodium bentonite is a naturally occurring clay rich in aluminum silicate which has a soft, slippery texture and high water absorbency properties. Its color ranges from white to green, but...

How to Knit With a One Sided Knitting Loom

Knitting looms are a favorite of both life-long knitters who suffer from joint pain and new knitters who are looking for an easy start into the craft. This is because knitting with a loom will always produce even stitches and does not require the same fine-motor skills as knitting on needles. Just

How to Cut Extruded Foam

Extruded polystyrene foam, also known as XPS, is a type of foam often used for home insulation. It is dense, stiff and lightweight. Extruded polystyrene is usually pink or blue, unlike expanded polystyrene, which is usually white. In addition to insulation, extruded foam is also used to make items s

How to Make Your Own Decorative Room Divider

A room divider can provide privacy, hide those less-than-desirable parts of a room and add character to a plain room. A well-placed room divider can section off a bathroom, hide an overflowing laundry basket or conceal the cat's litter box. Choose wallpaper for the screen to suit your decor or start

Capturing The Spirit Through Art Painting

The spirit captured through modern Art Paintings has been a guiding force in various designs and decors across the globe nowadays. In fact, most of the paintings are so beautiful or "powerful" that they are treated as prized possessions at hotels, offices and homes. These pieces very well

How to Sew Lace Fabric

Lace is created by twisting, braiding or looping thread together, without any backing fabric, to create a unique design. Modern lace is mostly machine made, although some cotton laces can be easily crocheted if you know how. Lace fabric can be cut and hemmed like any other fabric, but you need to ta

DIY Thick Braided Bracelet

Unique, handmade jewelry dresses up a simple outfit and adds style to accessories. Braided friendship bracelets have been popular among young adults for decades, with teens braiding colorful thread and trading with friends. You can make thicker braided bracelets with leather, thread, yarn or fabric

How to Make Rhinestone Hair Clippies

Rhinestone hair clips are stylish and affordable fashion accessories that are easy to make at home. You can vary the sizes and colors of both the rhinestones and clips so that no two are exactly alike. Try black and silver rhinestones on a black hair clip for a classic look or alternate bright color

Sheep Game for Kids

Many children would enjoy getting a chance to play with a sheep, as they are very cute animals. However, sheep are not like dogs or cats. They can not be trusted with small children. Online sheep games give children a chance to interact with sheep in a safe environment where they cannot be harmed.

How to Make a Barbie House Out of Carboard

Cardboard boxes are a great material for making fun and inexpensive Barbie dollhouses, since you can easily cut and decorate them anyway you want. Most Barbie dolls are 11½ inches tall, and Ken dolls are 12 inches tall, so you'll need cardboard boxes that are at least 13 inches tall to allow th