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How to Power Slide Boost in 'Crash Team Racing'

"Crash Team Racing" is a kart racing game developed by Naughty Dog that was released in 1999 for the PlayStation 1. "Crash Team Racing" is a spin-off game of the "Crash Bandicoot" series. As a kart racer, "Crash Team Racing" pits Crash Bandicoot characters against each other in kart races on various

Here's Help to Decide Which Motorcycle Riding Pants Suit You Best

If all goes well when you ride your motorcycle, you'll probably cruise along quite comfortably wearing ordinary denim blue jeans. However, blue jeans won't protect you even if you have a minor accident. If you have an accident, a good pair of purpose-built motorcycle pants can give you the

WOW! Gas is Almost $3.00 Per Gallon

With the ever-increasing price of gasoline, we are all looking for reasonable alternatives. One alternative that is economical as well as fun is the purchase of a motorcycle. And, along with that cycle, one should also consider accessories, such as motorcycle covers, not to mention the absolutely ne

Jeep Wrangler Hardtop Problems

Those who own a Jeep Wrangler will tell you there's nothing quite as much fun as driving one off road with the top down in the fresh air. But getting that open-air feeling requires either you purchase a Jeep with a soft top that can be folded down behind the rear seat, or buying one with a hardtop t

Plymouth Prowler Specifications

The Prowler is a two-seat convertible introduced by Plymouth in 1997. The car was reintroduced in 1999 and manufactured through the 2002 model year. After 2000, the Prowler was sold under the Chrysler nameplate. The Prowler is designed to have the look of an old-style roadster while...

1996 Jeep Specifications

The 1996 Jeep Cherokee is available as an SE, a Classic, a Country or a Sport. The Cherokee is available with two doors or four doors. and as a two-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive sport-utility vehicle (SUV). Optional features available are anti-lock brakes, air conditioning, tilt...

Full Face Motorcycle Helmets

Full face motorcycle helmets have the most stylish and sleekest designs of any other type of helmet on the market. They are known for being more expensive because of the level of protection they provide along with smooth modern construction and durability.

Auto Leasing Is Easy With Leggat Leasing

Despite being a popular alternative to buying, auto leasing gets a bad rap at times. This is unfortunate because vehicle leasing is not the inherently bad value that the negative reputation suggests it is. In fact, leasing can make great financial sense. The key is to avoid the scams, and to make su


The 2010 Kawasaki Z1000's powerplant.

Choose the Right Vehicle Lift For Your Scooter

Using a mobility scooter or power chair means you have to have a way to transport it with you when you ride in a vehicle. There are a variety of options available to help you transport your scooter either inside your vehicle or outside it.

Zuma Refuel

A picture of the 2009 Yamaha Zuma 125 scooter refueling.

Learn to Tow a Motorcycle Camper Trailer Properly

Towing a motorcycle camper trailer may seem to be difficult at the onset, but it would become easy once you know the trick. Towing the trailer properly is important so as to ensure the safety while on

Benefits of a Folding Electric

Transportation from one place to another is one of the most important things for individuals who need to get to different places on a daily basis. There are numerous modes of transportation with bicyc

How to Size a Helmet

Motorcycle helmets are designed to protect your head against traumatic impacts and debris. However, your helmet must be properly fitted in order to provide a maximum level of protection. With the staggering amount of helmets available at your local dealership, finding a helmet that fits your head pr

DOT Helmet Laws

Helmets that are not Department of Transportation-approved should not be worn by motorcycle riders.Chris Rady/Brand X Pictures/Getty ImagesAll too often, lives could be saved and the effects of accidents lessened if motorcycle riders would only wear helmets. However, many states do not...

How to Restore a 1952 Chevy Two Door

Chevrolet delivered a longer, lower and smoother looking vehicle with the release of the 1952 two door sedan. Compared to the 1951 model, this version also showcased flushed front fenders, a broader grill and a curved windshield that added to its sleek appearance. In its release year, the 1952 two d

Austin Polaris Dealer Offers Quality Services

Looking for a bike? Austin Polaris dealer can provide a range of bikes, ATVs and also sports bikes which are nowadays becoming a rising choice by many people. They deal in providing complete sales, repair ...

Well-liked San Francisco Harley Davidson Dealership

Harley Davidson is a popular motorcycle company inside United States of America. The youth generations at that time demanded this brand and this company has got an exceptionally increased market value. The leading facilities which raises the market value of Harley Davidson bike is the dealerships.

Connecting rod

A definition of the term connecting rod.