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Brake Repair - 3 Reasons to See a Professional

Whether you think the issue is minor or major, you shouldn't take chances when it comes to your safety. Getting brake repair is a must if you want to have peace of mind that your car is working correctly.

DIY Fiberglass Panel

A dented and damaged body panel can not only make your vehicle less aesthetically appealing but can cause you to lose fuel efficiency. A damaged body panel will create more drag in your vehicle making the engine work harder during driving times. Getting a panel repaired or replaced at a body shop ca

The Purpose of a Dump Valve For a Turbo Charged Engine

A dump valve, or commonly known as a blow-off valve, is a pressure release system in turbocharged engines. It fits between the compressor outlet and the throttle, and it reduces the wear on the turbocharger, as well as the engine, by relieving the damaging effects of the compressor.

How to Check Brake Pad

Brake pad wear can be very dangerous to you if undetected. Your car may begin to drift to one side when braking or fail to brake at all. This can cause accidents and damage to other components of the car, such as the master cylinder. Check your brake fluid regularly so that your car's brakes are not

How to Remove a Subframe

The subframe on a vehicle supports everything on the vehicle from the engine and transmission, the lower control arms, the rack and pinion and the sway bar. All instructions must be followed with no exceptions to prevent serious accidents. It is not an uncommon procedure, but everything must be supp

How to Tell If a Motor Mount Is Broke?

A broken motor mount will cause a number of problems for a vehicle. The motor mounts provide support and dampen the movements of the vehicle's engine and transmission. Without a properly operating motor mount, the engine and transmission may move too quickly or too far which may cause damage to the

How Do Magnetic Trailer Brakes Work?

Types of trailer brakesMagnetic trailer brakes, commonly referred to as electric trailer brakes, are one of the three types of trailer brakes. The other two are hydraulic surge brakes and air brakes. Magnetic trailer brakes are used on all types of trailers except semi-trailers and boat...

Symptoms of O-Ring Problems

O-rings are used to provide a high-pressure seal between the fuel injector and the fuel rail and engine. O-rings are constructed of a durable, pliable material designed to operate with petroleum products. Temperature and pressure variations can cause O-rings to shrink and harden over time, and minor

How to Make a Case Shifter Boot

The shift boot is what covers the shift case and rod on your vehicle. Stock shift boots are usually black and come with a beautiful shine. Over time, the shift boot becomes dirty and even torn if you neglect to take care of it. You can make your own shift boot using any extra material you may have i

Replacing the Brake Rotors on a 1995 Ford Falcon

Raise and support the vehicle on jack stands and remove the front wheels. Place the drip pan under the caliper that is being worked on to catch the brake fluid lost when the calipers are compressed. Turn on the ignition key just enough to unlock the steering wheel without turning on the...

How to Remove the Top on a 1997 Jeep Wrangler

Removing the factory top from your 1997 Jeep Wrangler will give you that open-air feel when driving. With the doors off as well, it is truly a unique feeling. Removing the top only takes a few minutes, but the top is heavy, so it is wise to use an assistant in order to avoid damage to the top or inj

How to Change a Headlight on a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Changing the headlight on your Grand Cherokee is a simple job. Most bulbs are designed to last between 450 and 1,000 hours. Damage to the headlights occurs most often from a water leak or from touching the bulb during installation. Leaving the daytime running light on will also shorten the time befo

How to Replace a Volvo 850 Headlight

The Volvo 850 was a compact executive car made by Volvo between 1992 and 1997. When a Volvo 850 headlight burns out, it must be replaced. A variety of things can cause a headlight bulb to fail, though the most common are an electrical short or regular use. Replacement headlights are available for yo

Benefits Of Changing a Cabin Filter In Your Car

Most vehicle owners understand the importance of changing the oil to keep the engine running smoothly to prevent incurring high repairing costs. However, most owners fail to appreciate the importance of undertaking other maintenance works to prevent breakdown of their vehicles. One of these importan

How to Perform a Compression Test on the Engine in a Chevy Corvette

When the V8 engine in a Chevy Corvette is running poorly, losing power or burning oil, a compression test is a simple way of diagnosing the problem. By comparing the compression numbers to the recommended compression ratio, you can figure out which cylinders contain worn parts and need repair.

How to Replace the Tie Rod on a 2000 Audi A4

Replacing a worn tie rod end on your 2000 Audi A4 will prevent uneven tire wear and loose steering; but more importantly, it will prevent the tie rod end from breaking away from the spindle, causing you to lose steering control of your vehicle. You can sometimes hear a clunk when you turn the wheel

How to Install a Marine Radio in a Fiberglass Console

Installing a marine radio in a fiberglass console -- a recessed in-dash mounting, like a car stereo -- is a project where appearances count. It's also a project that's complicated by having to install an external speaker for the radio, since the conventional speaker will be buried in the dash. Nonet

How to Drain the Antifreeze in a 1994 Honda Civic EX

The 1994 Honda Civic EX radiator uses a blend of antifreeze and distilled water. Monitor the condition of the coolant regularly to protect your car from overheating. You should drain and replace the coolant in your Civic at the first indication of any contaminants or color variations. Many auto part

How to Adjust the Parking Brake on a '98 Blazer

If the parking brake on your 1998 Chevy Blazer isn't doing its job or is creating noise when you drive, you may need to adjust the parking brake. This can be a challenge, especially if you routinely park the vehicle outdoors, because the adjuster on the 1998 Blazer is prone to rust. Even if this is

How to Replace a Fuel Filter in a 1997 Escort

A fuel filter helps keep your engine clean by collecting impurities from the fuel tank. You should change the fuel filter in your 1997 Ford Escort about every 30,000 miles, although you can change it more often. The fuel filter on this vehicle is accessible from inside the hood, so it is easier to c