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How to Use Stripper to Remove Paint From a Corvette

Paint stripper is a chemical substance which removes paint from surfaces. The chemical makeup varies according to the type of paint and surface where it is used. Corvettes are a popular sports car to remodel and fix up. Oftentimes they need repainting and this requires removing all the old paint. Fi

Signs That a Car Battery Is Dead

One of the most common misunderstandings regarding vehicles is confusion over the principal duties and characteristics of batteries versus alternators. Every day motorists are stranded along the side of the road with a vehicle that has stalled while driving. The battery is quickly condemned and atte

How to Replace an air Filter in a Ford Mustang

Replacing an air filter in a Ford Mustang is a quick and simple task. A clean air filter allows the engine to work less, making for longer engine life and better gas mileage. Ford recommends changing the air filter every 3,000 miles when the car has been driven in overly dusty conditions, or every 3

How to Check a Cooling System

The cooling system in any car protects the engine from overheating by lowering the temperature of the coolant before sending it back into the engine. It lowers the coolant's temperature by continuously circulating the coolant and by literally radiating heat away from the vehicle through the radiator

Chevy 2008 Impala Paint Colors

The 2008 Chevrolet Impala is offered in many neutral and metallic colors.backlight of a car image by Ramona smiers from Fotolia.comColor can be a significant factor in the purchase of a vehicle as it is often reflective of a driver's personality. The color and type of paint contribute to...

How to Replace the Ignition Switch on a Dodge Intrepid

The ignition switch on your Dodge Intrepid is located on the steering column and serves as a power bridge for the ignition and electrical systems of your vehicle. However, if the internal contacts wear out or burn, the switch may fail to transfer battery power to the starter solenoid, which prevents

Components and Safety of Drive-By-Wire Systems

A few decades ago, aircraft designers began implementing new control systems that make flight safer and give pilots more control over their planes. These systems were nicknamed "fly-by-wire" because they remove the direct link between the pilot's hands and feet and the speed and orien

Don't Freak Out When Your Check Engine Light Comes On

We have all been there... Driving along when that dreaded light on your dashboard lights up and says "Check Engine". So what do you do? Immediately pull over to the side of the road and call the tow truck? Or just continue on thinking that you'll take care of it later? I know I'v

How to Replace Front Disc Brakes in a Honda Accord

With comfort and room in the cabin, 2001 through 2004 Honda Accord models also offers good gas mileage. This allows you to spend a lot more time on the road. You need to replace the front disc brakes on your Honda Accord for every 7,500 miles that you drive.

How to Remove the Dash in a 2005 Jeep

The dashboard protects the instrument panel of your car. The speedometer, odometer, fuel gauge, warning lights, and the steering wheel are just some items protected by the dashboard or dash. When any of these devices break, you will need to remove the dash in order to acquire the item to be repaired

How to Replace Passenger Side Headlights on a 96 Honda Accord

The passenger side headlight is blocked from easy access by the battery in your 1996 Honda Accord. With some skillful maneuvering, you can access the headlight assembly to change the headlight; however, the headlight on the Accord is secured to the chassis from behind. You'll need a special Phillips

How to Access the Air Filter in a Chinese ATV

There are many different Chinese ATV's on the market and all of them are different. The air filter on Chinese ATV and just about every other ATV is located on the rear top of the engine under the seat and behind the plastic body along the side of engine. You will need metric tools to remove the seat

How to Install Signal Lights on Motorcycle

One of the most common upgrades in the motorcycle industry is after-market signal lights. These upgrades can add new style to your motorcycle, or can replace the hassle of stemmed lights with ones that are flush and easy to work around. With a little electrical experience, you can install new signal

How to Remove Bugeyes Mirrors

Bugeyes mirrors by Turnco, Inc. are rear-view mirrors with a simple design that features a small circular glass extending from an arm mounted to a base. Although commonly used as rear-view mirrors on hard-shelled helmets for sports or motorcycle and bike riding, people use Bugeyes in a wide variety

How to Replace a Crankshaft Pulley

The crankshaft pulley is a round pulley on the front or side of the engine connected to the crankshaft. The crankshaft pulley is attached to the engine by a bolt in the center of the pulley. To replace the crankshaft pulley, you will need a special tool called an engine pulley remover. Almost any au

How to Replace the O2 Sensor in a 95 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI

The 1995 Pontiac Bonneville SSEI engine has one oxygen sensor that detects the oxygen saturation in the exhaust and relays the information to the engine's computer to regulate the fuel consumption. When a sensor fails, the "Check Engine" or "Service Engine Soon" light may illuminate on your dash. If

Importance of Transmission Oil and Filter Changes

Don't panic! That red stain under your car isn't blood, nor is it bleeding like something you'd find in a Stephen King novel. It is most likely red transmission oil, which, unlike regular oil stains which are brown. A transmission leak is no joke, and is often the result of failing to

How to Replace the Hinge Pins on a 2001 Blazer

When a hinge pin on the door of your 2001 Chevrolet Blazer is worn, the door may not open and close correctly, or may begin to squeak. Correct this by replacing the old door hinge pin with a new one. You may also need to replace the bushing on the hinges as well. Do this by first determining how man

Ways to Learn About Car Mechanics

Everyone should understand the basics of car mechanics, especially anyone who drives a car on a regular basis. It can seem intimidating to learn something as complicated as auto mechanics, but if you take your time and work with others who know what they are doing, you can gradually increase your un

DIY Tailgate Cable Replacement

The tailgate on a pickup truck is secured in its lowered position by a cable. The cable is typically made of woven steel fibers that are enclosed in a plastic housing. This provides extra protection for the cable from the elements and from the regular abuse of a tailgate that gets opened and closed