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Buying a Car When Considering Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Many people going through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy often have unanswered questions. The laws surrounding bankruptcy have changed over the years and can even differ from state to state. The best advice for an individual that has any questions or concerns is to always run it by their bankruptcy attorney

Advice on Loans

Waiting for a lender to approve your loan request can prove frustrating. But having your personal finances and credit in order beforehand can eliminate some of the stress of getting a loan. Know what lenders expect from you and familiarize yourself with lending requirements.

Filing Bankruptcy - The Process and What To Expect

Filing for bankruptcy can be a long and tedious procedure, with mountains of paperwork to overcome and a lot of hassles to face. Once you've decided that bankruptcy is your only option to financial freedom, what can you expect?

Debt Recovery Rules

Recovering from debt requires following some rules.Debt concept - cutting a credit card image by Sophia Winters from Fotolia.comIf you have found yourself overwhelmed by debt, you may have taken the necessary steps to get your debt under control and start on the road to recovery. Debt...

How to Pay Off Bills Without Bill Consolidation

You might be considering bill consolidation because you have a large number of debt payments every month. If you are like many people, you don't have a systematic plan to get out of debt and this lack of focus means you are probably trying to pay off too many of your debts at once. The debt-snowbal

Before Filing Bankruptcy, Get an Overview of the Pros and Cons

People who are not knowledgeable about the bankruptcy law, seem to jump into conclusions and feel redemption. They are thinking that because they knew about their neighbors discharge of debts because they filed bankruptcy, they will also have the same fate. This is a very wrong notion about the bank

Retirement Savings and Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy is terrifying, especially for those nearing retirement. Current bankruptcy law allows you to keep pensions, 401k and other retirement plans with a few exceptions. Other aspects of retirement planning can be affected by bankruptcy, so it is a good idea to go over these regulations in detai

How to Check to See if Your Bankrupty Was Dismissed

Once you have filed a petition for bankruptcy, the court may dismiss your petition for a number of reasons, such as if you delay sending in needed paperwork or you fail to pay the necessary fees. When a bankruptcy is dismissed, your creditors can start collection activities, including phone calls, l

Free Help for Debt Consolidation

The easiest way to obtain free debt consolidation help is through the consumer's or business' primary financial institution. Some financial institutions offer debt consolidation loans that offer an attractive alternative to other high-interest forms of debt. The specifics of the loan itself need to

Bankruptcy, Foreclosure And Loan Modification

In 2010, the US government reported that there were over 1 million foreclosures in America. Along with that fact was another disturbing number, that there were recently 3 million foreclosure notices sent out showing that 2011 will be another record year. Last year many news agencies reported that th

Can You Get Unemployment If You Are Laid Off a Seasonal Job in Minnesota?

Each state is responsible for setting its own unemployment laws and administering benefits to unemployed individuals who worked for businesses within its jurisdiction. In Minnesota, the Unemployment Insurance Program provides short-term benefits to qualified applicants who are not working. Generall

How to Prevent Bankruptcy From Happening

Many people get out of debt by filing for bankruptcy. It seems to be the most convenient, easy way, but if you can avoid having to go in that direction, it will be better. Consumers should try to stay away from this financial failure as much as possible.

2 Things to Consider About Bankruptcy Before Filing

Many of us struggle with the choice to file bankruptcy or not. In this article, we are going to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of doing so. You will have a great idea of the overall big picture view of bankruptcy.

Going Bankrupt? What Are the Alternatives?

Going bankrupt is not such a stigma as it used to be, though there may be better alternatives. In this article we will examine the process of going bankrupt, when it might be appropriate, and what the alternatives are.