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Army JAG Fiscal Law Training

The Judge Advocate General's (JAG) Corps is the U.S. Army's source of legal support to operations. JAG Corps training covers criminal law, legal assistance, civil and administrative law, labor and employment law, international and operational law, contract and fiscal law.

Military Discharge Codes

Serving in the military is a serious undertaking which requires dedication and responsibility. To ensure you obtain the maximum benefits after leaving --- and to give a positive impression to potential employers --- receiving an honorable discharge is vital. Various codes have been used for differen

Computer Designer Training

A computer designer is trained to use engineering tools in computer hardware development and maintenance. Computer designers may work for a company's information technology (IT) department, a consulting firm or an IT company.

Surrey Jobs brings local jobs to you

Surrey Jobs, a local based recruitment website is launching today which targets local, national and international jobseekers looking for jobs in Surrey, the most prosperous county in South East England. Finding a job can prove ...

Rajasthan Travel Packages Adventure Travel Packages

Rajasthan Travel Packages of the foremost wanted traveler destinations, Rajasthan is that the lifeline of Asian country tours. wide loved for its sumptuous culture, tradition and wonderful past, this royal destination includes a heap to supply its guests.

Qualifications Needed to Be a Neonatal Nurse in the United Kingdom

Babies in a neonatal unit have been born prematurely or sick, and require specialised care in their first few hours and days. It is imperative that knowledgeable, caring staff attend to them during this time period. If you think this is the calling for you, you will need to complete the proper chann

Criminal Records Are The Best Tool In Decision Making

Today many crimes are just within our place. Most of them are still unsolved and because of this, criminals are still free. People are fearful because of the scenario that is within our environment. They ...

How to Find the Area of a Hexagon

A regular hexagon consists of six equilateral triangles. The area of each of them is half the product of its base and height, and the base is one of the hexagon's sides. The triangle's height is related to its base according to a trigonometric relationship: The height always equals 0.866 of its base

How to Become an Aviation Safety Consultant

The aviation industry requires that professional safety employees and consultants to facilitate safe operations of their aircraft and businesses. If you are a safety professional, consulting as an aviation safety consultant may be an stimulating angle to extend your career in aviation.Be

Income Comparison for a Master's Degree Diploma

A master's degree typically takes a student two extra years of school beyond a bachelor's degree to obtain. The reasons for doing so can vary between wanting to change courses in a career, wanting to seek advancement in a particular field, or to increase earning potential. For those looking to maxim

Activities Performed by a Geologist

Geology is the study of planet Earth's history and how it may evolve in the future. Geologists work in many different environments, from labs to universities to excavation sites. They have different skills and are able to study water, rocks and other materials to determine both past and future event

Career Change Happens

More and more people are deciding to change career direction, perhaps moving into a completely new area. This article offers a step-by-step process to help you navigate successfully through career change.

What To Do After Your Interview Is Over

So you've just finished an interview for a job you're really interested in. What are the next steps? Well, there's still things you can do after the interview is over that will help you get that job.

The Concepts of Recruitment & Selection

Recruitment and selection is an umbrella term for activities an organization uses to hire people to fill job openings. This begins with studying the needs for hiring and concludes with selecting the person for the job. Successful placement of employees requires work by human resources and the hiring

How to Become an Arial Dancer

Aerial dancing is incredible and spectacular to watch. It requires a great deal of skill, strength and grace. Aerial dance is still a relatively new art form because it is expanding beyond the typical circus fare and into a whole new world of expression. Today's aerial dancers are true athletes who

Definition of "Insurance Broker"

An insurance broker sells insurance policies, such as life insurance or motor vehicle insurance, and represents multiple insurance agencies. Dealing with an insurance broker gives clients the advantage of comparing multiple insurance rate quotes simultaneously. Insurance brokers may also sell busine

Cover Letter Format: What Your Cover Letter Content Must Have

Although cover letters should be different, personalized and uniquely creative, there are certain guidelines one must follow to ensure that the content of your cover letter guarantees you a high percentage of snagging the job that you want. A cover letter format should be adhered to so you will be a

How to Become an Excellent Clinical Nurse Right From the Beginning

Becoming an excellent clinical nurse requires time management, dedication and enthusiasm. Clinical nurses work in health care settings such as hospitals, medical or surgical clinics and long-term care facilities. Nurses who aspire to become experts in clinical care might also be interested in specia