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Is Everyone Sleeping Out There?

The news at the minute, and it is distasteful news, is that some UK Banks that were bailed out by the Govt are planning a bonus payout for their employees.In truth, there are many hard working people in the UK banks who are just as fearful of their job as everyone else is. The issue of the bonuses i

Greenspan Criticizes Housing Bailout

"Stable home prices will clarify the level of equity in homes, the ultimate collateral support for much of the financial world's mortgage-backed securities," he said. "We won't really know the market value of the asset side of the banking system's balance sheet - and he

Envy Thou Not The Oppressor And Choose None Of His Ways

I read a comment on an African American woman's blog stating that she and her husband made a commitment to buy from African American businesses. This sister had verbalized the way I felt about supporting African American businesses. We are the only Americans that do not support our own business