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What Is The Car Audio System

There has been a long time when there was no car audio system built or attached in the car, not to mention the video systems.

Bmw, Mercedes, Audi Chase Ford' s Iphone Crowd

BMW is experimenting with filtering information depending on moods, one illustration is choosing tunes within of a variety of emotions spanning from joyful to hopeless.

How to Install a Car Stereo Amplifier

If you want to maximize the sound system of your car, we suggest that you install a car stereo amplifier in order to power up your speakers. If you wish to use the subwoofers, you also need to get an additional one for these. Here is how you can install your car stereo amplifier yourself so that you

How to Use the Navigation System in the E350 2006

The 2006 Mercedes-Benz E350 is a four-door luxury sedan from the German auto manufacturer. In addition to the car's many luxury features and accessories, you can fit the vehicle with an optional navigation system that will give you turn-by-turn route guidance to any destination in North America. You

Ford Car Stereo Removal

Removing a Ford radio is a quick and simple task. The radio is held in the housing by a couple of bolts and the wiring. If you are replacing the radio with an aftermarket unit, there are many kits available to assist you in installing it. The kit will include the mounting brackets and wiring harness

How to Wire a GPS System in Your Vehicle

Wire a new Global Positioning System (GPS) into any reasonably modern vehicle by following a set of standard, basic procedures. Adapt the procedures to your specific vehicle and clarify the method you are using by double-checking the instructions in the manual that came with the GPS. Choose between

How to Reset a 2003 Honda Radio

Honda vehicles that have factory radios might sometimes need to be reset, for a number of reasons. You might need to reset the radio because of a dead battery or because the radio is malfunctioning. Resetting the radio on a 2003 Honda is a fairly simple task that does not require much concentration.

How to Remove the Face Plate From a Motorola SLVR

The Motorola Slvr, officially known as the Motorola Slvr L7, is a "candy bar" styled cell phone. This means it uses a basic rectangle design. This design makes removing the faceplate simpler than in some other phones, such as flip phones, which have multiple panels and hinges. Removing the Motorola'

How to Replace the Stock Audio Speakers in a Car

As good as car audio systems have become, they never are a prime focus of the car manufacturer. Therefore, a quick and easy car stereo performance boost can be done by replacing the stock car audio speakers. Dozens of audio manufacturers make high quality door and component speakers that can fit in

How to Program the Remote to a 2006 Chrysler Sebring

Chrysler began equipping the Sebring with a keyless entry system in 2001. The system works with a small remote control that is used as a key chain. A lost or broken remote is easily replaced by ordering a new one from an online retailer and programming it yourself if you have one working remote cont

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How to Replace the Audio System in a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo

Upgrading an audio system is an easy way to improve the sound in a 1998 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The audio system has a head unit as well as six speakers--one in each front door, one in each rear door and two on the top of the instrument cluster. All of the speakers can be easily removed and replaced. T

How to Put Radio Speakers in Your Car

Many cars come with cheap full-range speakers. Since they use only one speaker cone for all frequencies, the reproductive fidelity of all frequencies is reduced. Replacing them with 2- or 3-way speakers, which use 2 or 3 cones for different frequency ranges, can significantly improve sound quality.

How to Set Keyless Entry Remotes

Setting a keyless entry remote gives you the power to unlock and lock your doors and open your trunk from a distance. This is helpful in everyday situations where you would normally have to fumble with the keys while your hands are full. You will be able to unlock your doors with the push of a butto

How to Move a Car Across the United States

If you are moving across the country and do not, or cannot, drive your car across the U.S. yourself, there are ways to get it there without you. If you are short on cash, you can look for a stranger to drive it across for you as there are sometimes people who want to get across the country but don't

All About High End Car Music Systems

The need of drivers in this society is dependable technology, unique new products, and advanced creativity. This article is about new car stereo technology.

How to Remove a Premium CD Radio From a 2000 Ford F-150

2000 Ford F-150s were available with several radio options, from the base AM/FM radio to a premium CD/Radio combination. However, the units are not on the level of quality one can find at most aftermarket automotive sound retailers. As such, many F-150 owners turn to aftermarket alternatives for the

How to Adjust the Clock in a 2001 BMW 325Ci

The clock in the 2001 BMW 325Ci displays on the radio screen. The clock time may reset if the car battery dies. The clock also needs to be changed when changing time zones or when adjusting for daylight saving time. The clock on the 2001 BMW 325Ci is adjusted with a single button on the instrument p

How to Wire a Pioneer KE-1818 in a Ford Truck

The Pioneer KE-1818 was an aftermarket car stereo. It incorporated a cassette player an AM/FM receiver, with the option to connect it to a CD changer. Ford pickup truck owners who wish to install a KE-1818 must remove the old stereo and adapt the wiring to allow the aftermarket head unit to function