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Techniques for Painting Simple Watercolors

The basic techniques in watercolor painting are those which beginners and experienced artists alike use over and over. Once you completely master these skills by repeatedly applying them to simple watercolor exercises and paintings, you will move steadily to the next level of expertise. You need ple

How to Make a Stamp for Rubber Stamping

Rubber stamps add a unique graphic element to many projects like scrap booking and card making, and is an excellent way of bringing unity to a series, as the results are constant. The roots of rubber stamping come from a printmaking process called linoleum carving. Often in printmaking, the carving

How to Make Paint Run and Drip on a Canvas

One of the best known American artists who dripped and splattered paint was the abstract expressionist painter, Jackson Pollock, who lived from 1912 to 1956. According to The Andy Warhol Museum, Pollock witnessed Indian Sand Painting at New York's Museum of Natural History in 1941, which influenced

How to Paint Mahogany Grain on a Laminated Desk

Laminated desks have a variety of colors and some even have an imitation wood grain on them. As laminate desks age, they can dull and develop scratches that greatly deter from their appearance. One way to restore the desk is by painting it. To achieve a mahogany wood grain appearance, all you need i

USA Painting Tour on the Road Promoting Art for Change

Artist Leisa Collins' USA Tour is traveling cross-country from LA to NYC to raise funds and awareness for children and art education through the use of live kids art projects. The tour also speaks out ...

How to Draw Deep Sea Animals Step-by-Step

The relatively recent discovery of deep sea animals has revealed an ecosystem beyond our imagination. Incredibly, crabs and shrimp live near toxic vents at the bottom of the ocean several miles down. Fish have developed photo-luminescent biophores, which are light emitting organs to catch their prey

How to Shade With Ink

Shading with ink is unlike any other art method. Painted pictures are shaded using a variety of dark and light colors. Shading with other mediums, such as chalk, charcoal and pencil, can be done by applying pressure to the tip of the art apparatus. Ink shading uses a different technique than others.

How to Draw Comics Online for Free

The origins of comic art, or "sequential art," reach back to prehistoric cave paintings. One of the first occurrences of what we would recognize today as a comic strip appeared in 1895 in the American newspaper The World. The one-panel strip, called Hogan's Alley, featured the Yellow Kid character.

Choosing a Decent 3D Animation Studio

It is crucial to choose a decent 3D animation studio when your business is in need of a marketing solution via 3D animation. In fact, the entire success or failure of the marketing campaign depends upon the type and quality of animation, pricing, and project delivery. Although, it is quite difficult

How to Draw Pictures Using a TI-84 Calculator

The TI-84 calculator is an advanced machine commonly used in both classrooms and workrooms for doing high-level computations. The TI-84 is multifaceted and can run a variety of other programs. While some may opt to load games and other programs from the Web, the TI-84 already comes preloaded with a

How to Repair a Sandstone Sculpture

Sandstone is a relatively soft material. Over time, sculptures made from sandstone are subject to deterioration and may require repairs. While major repairs can be difficult and should be left to professionals, minor repairs to a sandstone sculpture can often be done using simple tools and methods.

Explore Several Facets of Animation

Animation involves the appearance of motion caused by exhibiting still images one after another. It is a form of art which has advanced with the development and advancement of computer technology.

How to Draw a Mean Face

A mean face is a face showing anger, hatred or otherwise looking unhappy. Drawing a mean expression will vary depending on what you are trying to achieve. When drawing a mean face, keep in mind there are certain factors that are important to the finished product.

How to Design a Woman's Boutique

While quality products matter in the clothing industry, something as seemingly small as a store’s decorations can make or break a women’s boutique. Women tend to visit stores that appeal to their sensibilities and reasons for purchasing. All buyers want an environment that enhances the v

How to Make a Goya Etching

Spanish artist Francisco Goya (1746-1828) created etchings using the intaglio aquatint process. Significant aquatint works created by Goya include: Los Caprichos, Estan calientes and a series of 82 prints titled Los Desastres De La Guerra, or The Disasters of War. The aquatint process utilizes a cop