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Video: How to Type Accents on an iPad With Google Translator

Video Transcript Hey, I'm Skylar. Let's go over how to type accents on iPad with Google translator. Press your home button and slide to unlock. I assume you've already installed Google translate so tap on it, open it. Let's say I want to translate from Spanish into English. Now find...

How to Get Rid of the Chatroulette Redirect

Chatroulette is a video-chatting website that randomly connects users anonymously with other users for spontaneous conversation. If you are attempting to access the site and find yourself being redirected to an unsolicited site, you may be the victim of a browser hijacker. A browser hijacker is a fo

The Importance of IT Installation Services

The right professionals can keep your IT infrastructure running in peak condition.This can save your business from the substantial cost, downtime, lost revenue, and damaged customer confidence of IT system issues and failures.

How to Refill an HP Laser Cartridge

Toner for laser printers costs a great deal of money, up to $60 or more. That's why it is wise to invest long term in a toner refill kit which gives several refills on one cartridge. It is like buying multiple cartridges for the price of one. The HP model laser printers refill using a very simple pr

How to Set Parental Controls on a Wireless Router

Keeping track of what your children are looking at online is a dilemma that many parents face. However, wireless routers made for home use, such as those made by Linksys and Belkin, often contain built-in parental controls to help with this task. Controlling Internet services gives you the power to

Epson Print Cartridge-great Choice For All Your Business Needs

The key to good quality printing jobs is to be sure on what kind of printer ink cartridges prove compatible with your printer. You have to understand the exact printing needs in order to enhance your professional experience and to make your work more visible as well as impressive.

How to Find Best Bargains on Inkjet Cartridges and Inkjet Printers

Every user of computer is very likely to be familiar with inkjet cartridges and the high costs associated with them especially when looking to buy from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). It is very difficult for any office or a home with a fax machine and printer to survive without inkjet ca

The Challenge of Recycling IT

Since the lifespan of computers and other electronic devices is normally short, recycling in the United States has become a necessity instead of a conscientious voluntary alternative for recycling different items. Also, with the continuous ...

How to Play Sony DVDs in a Computer

DVDs are digital video files saved on a digital video disk in the DVD format. Most computer drives have the ability to play DVDs in their optical drive unless there is just a standard CD player, which is installed only in very old computers. You do, however, need software to play DVDs. Some manufact

How to Open the Inspiron 640M Laptop

The Dell Inspiron 640M laptop is easily accessible using only a few common household tools. Dell has designed the case and inner orientation of the computer so that a few different doors on the bottom of the device provide access to all of the key components. It is hassle free to replace a hard driv

How to Transfer Cassettes to a Computer Using Linux

Even though cassettes were once the dominant audio format, they have since fallen out of favor and been replaced by digital formats such as MP3s and CDs. Converting cassettes to these digital formats is possible using basic audio equipment and a computer. A computer running a Linux operating syste

Will a Belkin Wireless Router Work With a Cable Modem?

In order to connect your computer to your cable television provider's broadband service, you'll need to have a cable modem installed. Attaching multiple computers to one cable modem requires installing a router. A router is networking hardware that allows multiple computers to connect either through

How to Copy Bin Files to WBFS

Nintendo Wii backup files are saved as normal disk image files like ISO or BIN. When the backup files are in this format, they can be burned to blank discs and played from the Wii's disc drive. If you want to play the game from an external hard drive, you need to transfer the game to a WBFS drive. T

How to Upgrade a Laptop USB 1.1 Port

Many but not all peripheral devices compatible with USB 2.0 will also work with USB 1.1 ports, but data transfer using a 1.1 USB port is much slower than is possible with a 2.0 USB. USB 1.1 can accept data at up to 12 megabits per second; USB 2.0 at up to 480 megabits per second. If you have an olde

Alarm Systems: Network & Wireless Problems

Wireless alarm systems are designed to eliminate cables while providing a radio frequency through a network hub to monitor alarm devices. An extensive wireless network system uses routers to boost signals on the network system.

How do I Install Server Software?

Server software fills an important niche in the computer industry. Millions of businesses around the globe rely on software running on their servers to keep their businesses running and profitable. Server software is then vitally important. Because of this, the ability to install applications on ser

Compaq Presario Battery Removal

The Compaq and HP batteries, due to now being owned by the same company, have many similarities including the battery location where you can remove and replace the battery. This can border on medium difficulty due to the laptop's build, but can be done in seconds.

Buying You The Best Ink Cartridge At A Cheap Price

Today, there are many printers in the market and they all come with different benefits and features. It is not easy to sift through all the printers to choose one that will meet your needs.