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How to Limit a Mailbox Size by Group Policy

Group Policy settings are an easy way to manage varied network environments of any given size. The only requirement that these settings need to work is that individual work stations need to be running a modern Windows OS (XP and up) and connected to the network. These group policies can also be appl

Brother HL 2170w Printer - Extremely Cost Effective in Your Office

The Brother HL 2170w printer is great for both home as well as office use. The printer can be networked by either wireless means or through a wired interface. You will be able to print exactly 23 pages every minute and consistently receive pages that have optimum resolution on each of the pages prin

How to Set the Keys on an HP Keyboard

At times it is necessary to adjust the sensitivity or set the keys on an HP keyboard to suit your particular typing needs. If you type and frequently repeat characters without striking a particular key on your keyboard twice or find that the characters repeat too slowly when you hold down a key for

How to Make a Bootable Flash Drive ISO

Modern computers can be booted from a flash drive. Booting is a great way to allow the user to make quick repairs of damage operating system files. While it is possible to put Windows on flash drives, the full Windows graphical user interface is not needed for troubleshooting purposes.

How to Load Photo Ink for a Dell Printer

Dell photo printers create high-quality images of your favorite photographs. Whether you've purchased a new Dell printer or have finally run out of ink, you'll need to load new photo ink cartridges into your printer so it can continue to function. All Dell photo printers follow the same basic proced

How to Recycle an Epson PictureMate Photo Cartridge

An Epson PictureMate Photo Cartridge is a small inkjet cartridge that goes with one of Epson's photo printers. With regular use you'll probably be buying new cartridges every few months. Don't throw the cartridges away and have them sit around in a landfill. Instead, utilize Epson's comprehensive in

How to Fix a Shortage in a Laptop Computer

To fix an electrical shortage in a laptop, you must determine what is causing the shortage. It could be something as simple as a bad power adapter that needs replacing, a dirty fan assembly with a loose CPU connection, or a DC jack that has become damaged. In all cases, you can repair the problem. H

How Does Ebonizing Wood Work?

Ebonizing wood is the process or turning wood a black or ebony color. Ebonozing is not painting; it is not a surface coat of black. It is called ebonozing, not just for its color, but because it makes wood look similar to the rich color of the exotic species of wood known as ebony. There are several

How to Disable Wireless in Registry

Your wireless access network card lets you connect to any wireless router. All of your network settings are stored in the Windows registry, so you can use the registry editor to change network settings such as the availability of a wireless card. Network administrators use this feature to disable a

How to Diagnose PC Performance

Over time, too many active background programs can degrade a PC's performance. From a hardware maintenance perspective, outdated drivers that link devices to the operating system can impede PC performance as well. Examining the total computer can seem daunting, but anyone who uses Windows 7 can use

How to Find the Kernel Version

The Unix/Linux kernel is the part of the operating system that ensures that all system processes and hardware work together efficiently. The kernel is a software application in the same way that a word processor is a software application, although they obviously have very different functions. As s

How to Move iTunes Music From a PC to a Portable Hard Drive

The popular music management software iTunes categorizes music, movies, podcasts and TV shows and features a built-in music store for downloading content. Making a backup of your music files within iTunes or transferring them to another computer via a portable hard drive is a good way of keeping you

How to Stop Buffering in Streaming Video

In many cases, you can resolve excessive buffering and choppy video by reconfiguring your network interface card on your computer. You can optimize the flow control setting and link speed for the NIC when you make these adjustments. Flow control helps computers with slower devices keep up with faste

How to Hide Other Users Terminal Server Printers

Remote Desktop is the name given to the old Terminal Services application introduced with Windows 2000 computers. Terminal Services is still available under the new Remote Desktop name, and it has the same options and settings as the Windows 2000 version. Each time you log in to Remote Desktop, prin

About the Kinds of Receipt Paper

Receipt paper, often referred to as point-of-sale paper, is categorized according to application, pulping method, print method and paper quality. Bond POS paper is printed using a method called impact printing, which involves a print head striking an inking ribbon, while thermal paper is printed usi

Resilient Sdlt Data Tape Format By Sony

The Sony SDLT-1 has large capacity of 320 GB (compressed) and its performance is not affected even after passes of 1 million. Sony SDLT1 is the next version of the Digital Linear Tape format and is the ideal backup medium for businesses of medium & small size.

How to Replace a Dead PCI Express Video Card

PCI Express is a card slot type that enables add-ons, such as sound and video, to be connected to your computer. A dead video card prevents you from seeing what is happening to your computer, and must be replaced before you can use your computer or do any other troubleshooting.