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How to Turn on SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure in Office

Microsoft SharePoint is a content management system that allows users to collaborate through online document sharing. To allow users access to Web content management features, the Publishing feature must be enabled on the site. Users can then brand and edit the site with a company look and feel. The

Weee Recycling Advice

Many businesses in the UK and worldwide use and need to dispose of large amounts electrical goods often known as WEEE. This article will explore WEEE recycling and the best practices for disposal.

Software & Driver Recovery

When a computer hard drive fails, or when the Windows operating system crashes, it's necessary to start again "fresh" with a reinstallation of Windows on the new, or old, hard drive. While Windows is pretty "smart" when it comes to detecting the drivers needed for your computer's motherboard and dev

How to Partition a Hard Disk Without Losing Data

Dual booting, or installing two operating systems on a single hard drive, is a primary reason many people want to partition their hard drive. If you have one operating system already running on your drive and want to add a second operating system, you won't want to lose the data on your current part

Tips To Fix Sluggish Computer

Computers perform excellently when it is new. But with time, as the usage increases, you discover a decrease in overall performance of your computer. You wonder what could be the reason behind the poor performance ...

Xeon 5050 Specs

The Intel Xeon 5050 is a dual-core processor--or central processing unit (CPU)--from Intel Corporation's Xeon lineup of non-consumer chips for servers, workstations and embedded systems. It was released in 2006.

HCL Notebook Latest And The Best

HCL laptops are portable, provide the best performance, good mobile power, all connectivity options and offer full functionality with attractive rates. HCL laptops are regarded as one of the best and are truly the best ...

How to Change a ClickBank Password

Considered as one of the Internet's leading retailer of digital products, ClickBank boasts over 10,000 web businesses and 100,000 affiliates currently relying on them for delivering products and services online. If you want to sell, promote or shop for digital products, they are a top choice. If you

How Can I Soften the White Background On My Computer?

If your computer seems to nearly blind you when you turn it on or if you find yourself squinting when looking at your desktop, chances are your white background is too harsh. The problem could be that the entire display is too bright or that the background itself is just unpleasantly bright. Both

How to Setup "FSX" With the Attack 3 Joystick

Logitech Attack 3 is a type of video game joystick that you use on your PC with games that use joysticks, such as PC and video game emulators. "FSX," or "Flight Simulator X," is a flight simulation video game for Microsoft Windows. "FSX" enables you to become a pilot in a virtual world. You can cont

Tips for Fixing USB Unknown Device Problems

This article provides tips for fixing USB unknown device, a common PC problem that almost all PC users may encounter sooner or later. The following tips will be considered: replugging your USB device, restarting a computer, reinstalling USB device drivers and searching for them online. Another possi

Covering The Major Attributes Of The Brother MFC-9320CN Printer

The Brother MFC-9320CN printer falls into the all-in-one machine category with MFC-9320CN cartridge. That's because other than providing laser printouts, it functions as a stand-alone copier and scanner as well. It's also possible to send ...

SDLC Phases of Visual Basic

The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) model describes the various phases of a software development project from start to end. No matter the programming language, level of technology or whether the project involves creating a business solution or a new mobile phone operating system, the phases r

Western Digital Hard Drives at Its Best

The quality hard drive product not only determined by its performance, but also the warranties and service that can provide by the product manufacture. Many companies have the product that are like and suit for ...

How to Graph With an Online Calculator

When it comes to algebra and trigonometry, a graphing calculator is an invaluable tool. The problem is that many of them are pricey, and if you're only taking one or two classes, you may not feel the cost is justified. Fortunately, there are a number of free online applications that work just as wel

Get Sarkari Naukri to Get Additional Benefits

Our prime aim of education is to get good job after the completion of academic studies. We partially prepare and equip ourselves with the necessary skills and knowledge of handling our job in the industry. ...

Some Latest Usage Information About Micro Sd

A memory card is a device offering an easy, fast and reliable way for storing and transferring digital files and it works like a portable hard disk drive but comes with some superior advantages, since almost every memory card is based on flash memory technology.

How to Fix Acer Drivers

If one of the newly installed drivers on your Acer computer is causing the computer to run slowly, you can fix it. You can reset the Acer computer to an earlier time when the driver was not installed. This is doable in Windows 7 as it comes with a system restore utility to fix driver-related and oth

How to Install Cygwin in Fedora

Run Cygwin software on the Fedora Linux distribution to cross-compile Linux software for use on Microsoft Windows computers. Cygwin is designed to provide a Linux environment in Windows. Fedora Cygwin can compile Linux software that runs on Windows in a Cygwin environment. Download and install the F

My Media Player Is Running Slow

If Windows Media Player is lagging and running slow, you can adjust a few system settings to increase it speed and performance. Windows Media Player is a tool that allows users to open video, audio and picture files. It is a source of entertainment, but it becomes irksome if the software is not runn