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How to Restore Windows 2000 From the Boot Log

If your Windows 2000 operating system is experiencing system problems such as a slow running speed, viruses, trojans or malware issues, a system restore will restore your computer to a working condition. If you would like to perform a system restore from the boot log in safe mode instead using "Syst

How Do I Connect a Virtual PC Client to a Virtual PC Server?

When you have a PC and server that are "virtual" machines, you must still configure them as though they are actual physical hardware. This is accomplished using a downloadable Microsoft tool called Virtual Machine Remote Client Plus (VMRCplus). Using VMRCplus, you can quickly and efficiently connect

Problems With Windows XP2

There are known issues with Windows XP, Service Pack 2 (Windows XP2).broken black computer keyboard isolated image by dinostock from Fotolia.comMicrosoft periodically releases software downloads known as service packs for their operating systems. These service packs are numbered and newer...

Microsoft Windows XP Tips and Tricks

Make your computer easier to work with.mouse image by Bosko Martinovic from Fotolia.comWindows XP is a highly customizable operating system, which allows you to tweak and tinker with your system to make it work better for you. This customization will let you hone your workstation or...

How to Update the Group Policy in Vista

According to the Search Windows Server website, "Group Policy describes the Microsoft implementation of a methodology of managing computers and users in a centralized fashion in an Active Directory environment." This means that system administrators have strict control over the permissions held by i

How to Repair Window & Door Flashing

If your home has a leak around a window or door, the culprit may not be the opening itself but a defect in the flashing. If you have vinyl siding, you can do the flashing repair yourself. Follow similar directions to repair flashing under wood lap siding. Whether you need to repair window flashing o

How to Perform Windows Disk Defragmenter

When you create, edit, delete and modify files, over time, your system becomes fragmented. A fragmented disk means files are not stored in one place in their entirety. Parts of the files are scattered across your hard disk.The more scattered the parts of a file are, the longer it takes to launch the

How to Stop a Computer With Vista From Losing Memory

Even in today's age of 500 GB or more hard drives, space is still something most PC users like to conserve. Unfortunately, with how bloated Windows Vista can sometimes be, this can be a little difficult. When PC users discover they are losing memory, they seek to stop it from happening. Luckily stop

What Is a System 32 File?

System 32 is a directory on computers that runs Microsoft Windows operating systems. Regardless of OS version or platform, all Windows-based computers must have the System 32 folder in order to function properly. The folder contains important Windows system files, which when corrupted or damaged, im

How to Fix the Blue BIOS Memory Dump Screen

The memory dump screen appears when your system has suffered a major failure, forcing it to shut down before components of the computer become damaged. This problem likely stems from a recent change to the operating system, whether an installation of a corrupt driver, software program, or other item

How to Block the Mouseover for Floating Windows

Windows 7 features a tool called Windows Preview. It lets the user float his mouse cursor over an icon on the taskbar and see a small window containing a preview of the icon's contents, such as an open Excel document or photograph. This feature, while being useful, may be distracting and could slow

How to Remove Acrobat Reader From a Command Line

Adobe (formerly Acrobat) Reader is a freeware program by Adobe that allows users to view scanned documents with the Portable Document Format, or PDF, file extension. PDF files provide a convenient way to send documents that are for viewing only. Adobe Reader is widely used in both home and business

How to Fix an IE7 Application Error

Internet Explorer is the Web browser installed with every Windows operating system. Many people also use third-party Web browsers such as Firefox, Opera and Google Chrome. Internet Explorer sometimes has application errors that can cause you problems. Microsoft has an extensive support team and onli

How to Enable the Security Tab in Windows XP

The "Security" tab that appears when your right-click on a file or folder allows you to change the security level for users and groups on a computer. This tab can be disabled or enabled, depending on who you want to have access to this type of settings. Changing these settings takes a few moments.

How to Customize Windows Vista Media Center

The Windows Vista Media Center is included with Windows Vista Home Premium and Windows Vista Ultimate. The Windows Media Center lets you watch television on your computer from online sources or, through the use of a TV tuner card, from cable sources. When you first launch Windows Vista Media Center,

How to Update Radeon

AMD Radeon graphics cards offer high-performance graphics processing for anything from everyday computing to intense gaming. For any display adapter to function correctly, the proper display drivers must be installed. It is especially important when gaming, because new driver updates often improve g

How to Revive XP

As the computer's operating system is an incredibly complex piece of programming, any number of things can go amiss. For issues that you find difficult to live with, there is always the option to wholly revive your installation of Windows XP. The only thing required is the original installation CD