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I Can't Change the Bullet Color in Business Plan Pro

Business Plan Pro is a Palo Alto Software product for creating and printing professional, full-color business plans. There are built-in options for graphs and charts, as well as a variety of preset graphics for a crisp display. The unique layout involves creating each section of the plan in a separa

How to View a Computer File Extension

A file extension appears after the dot in a file name. You can't always see the file extension because Windows may be set to hide it. The reason for that is to keep people from either unknowingly changing the extension or getting confused by it. However, most people now understand that a file extens

Windows Installer 1603 Error Fix - How To Fix The 1603 Error Quickly & Easily

The 1603 error is caused when you try and install a program onto your PC by using "Windows Installer". This program is used extensively by all versions of Windows to help your computer run much faster, smoother and more reliably. Although the error is continually showing when you try and i


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How Remote Computer Repair WorksThe Enigma Revealed

Computer is now a day an inseparable part of every human being and whether you are at home or at your office, or anywhere else. With improvement in technology, the complications have also increased. This generates a requirement for technical support by computer support professionals.


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The Benefits of Time Clock Payroll Software

How many times have you stopped and wondered if your staff that you are paying are where they are supposed be when they are on your time? Are you still using an old and outdated time clock system with cards that are punched into a time clock? Maybe now is the time to take a good look at payroll time

How to Make a Good Avatar

Whether you want to send instant messages or post on your favorite forum, you'll need to have a good avatar--a small image that represents an online persona relative to your interests and/or personality. You can make a good avatar by finding an appropriate image and resizing it for Internet use.

How to Modify a Template

A template can be a simple or elaborate layout. It can be used for anything from an envelope to a lengthy report. When you open a template as a document in Microsoft Word, WordPerfect or OpenOffice Writer, the template is not modified after you save the file. You can, however, modify the template it


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HCL Laptop C2D 3811 – The Most Appreciated Laptop

When we talk about the chassis, 3811 is a compact yet very much functional laptop among many. The screen of this laptop is doubled up with the large touch pad and it is well recognized ...

How to Remove the Protection From a Word Document

You can protect a Microsoft Word document that you created to determine who has access to the form, whether other users can modify it and to protect it from changes in formatting. If you later decide that you no longer require the Word document to be protected, you can remove it. How you do so depen

Speed Up Network Browsing With Some Easy Tweaks!

Sometimes, computer users experience a delay of 15 to 30 seconds when they browse their network. This is normal for computers using Windows XP because it first reads scheduled tasks before it comes up with a list of folders and files. Tired of waiting when you're doing network browsing? Speed u

How to Upload MP3 Music on MySpace

To upload MP3 music on MySpace, you need a MySpace Musician profile. Only MySpace Musician profiles offer the MySpace MP3 player, which plays your uploaded MP3s and displays listener stats. Signing up takes only a few minutes, and the uploading process is simple. Once you’ve signed up for a My