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North Carolina Criminal Law: Talking With Police

When someone is stopped during a North Carolina Traffic Stop or in any other encounter where the police are investigating that person, many things are taking place that the Defendant is likely unaware of. As ...

Children's Issues

The Children Act 1989 generally governs all disputes which arise in relation to the care of children. It is always preferable that parties raising children, whether they are parents, guardians or othe

How Deep Do Criminal Record Checks Go?

Criminal records and who has the right to see them. How to get a job and get housing when you have a record, and how to pass a criminal record check.

Legal Implications of Driving Under the Influence

If you have been driving under Influence (DUI) of alcohol you are in for big time trouble. It is more dangerous if you have been caught and you will now have a hard time defending yourself and it is important that you do so. You have no option but to look for the best attorney in town who can defend

The Risk You Take When Giving Your DNA Sample

My client had an affair with a married woman whose body was later found in a county dump. The Defendant was first suspected after traces of his DNA was found on her underwear. Our DNA expert explained

Consequences of Resisting Arrest

Resisting arrest can land you in jail.police body and dog image by Sergey Galushko from Fotolia.comResisting arrest refers to a charge given to individuals who attempt to resist being taken into custody by a peace or police officer. A resisting arrest charge is considered a misdemeanor in...

Check Police Reports For Safety Purpose

It's a fast lane living in a place as the Big Apple. Strangers are a usual daily encounter. You'll never know who the characters truly are behind the multitudes of faces you're meeting. It's a ...

Marijuana Arrests in Mississippi

The State of Mississippi takes a dim view of most marijuana-related crimes. Even though the rest of the country seems to develop more and more progressive legislation concerning marijuana possession, use, or sale, Mississippi maintains that marijuana is a drug almost like any other, and it is illega

Choosing a Criminal Law Firm

Any criminal law firm can handle smooth transitions and legal issues on all criminal related negotiations, but choosing the right company and solicitor can make all the difference in having a legal si

Criminal Records: Just How Just Do You Think The Justice System Is?

Looking up criminal records and arrest warrants and records is something that anyone can do including you. It's powerful but you must use the information that you find responsibly. Not everyone you find is guilty even though they have been convicted.

When is the Right Time to Hire a DUI Attorney?

When you are facing a charge of DUI felony, it is essential that you seek the services of a competent DUI lawyer at the earliest possible time. These experts have the knowledge to handle these types of cases and can provide the best defense.

What Is the Role of Juries in the Criminal Justice System?

Under the Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution, those individuals charged with a crime are entitled to a speedy trial by an impartial jury. Juries decide whether a criminal defendant is guilty or innocent of the charges brought against him.

How Do I Check Criminal Cases?

If you wish to keep track of a pending criminal case or want to look up the disposition of a criminal case that has been disposed of, most jurisdictions make it easy to do so. Be aware, however, that only certain information is public. The process for federal criminal cases is the same regardless of