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What Is the Recommended Daily Value of B12?

Vitamin B12 is also known as cobalamin, according to the University of Maryland Medical Center. Vitamin B12 helps with maintaining nervous system health and helps with the production of RNA and DNA.

Bars and Taverns in or near Malad, Idaho

Malad is a small town in southern Idaho.idaho countryside image by Pix by Marti from Fotolia.comMalad City, often referred to as Malad, is one of the oldest communities in southeast Idaho near the Idaho-Utah border. Named after the neighboring Malad River, Malad is known for it's natural...

Lemon Granita Recipe - Granita al Limone - Italian Lemon Ice

A granita is a Sicilian delight, shaved ice flavored to taste with the flavoring of choice, and my personal favorite is lemon. Making lemon granita is very easy, and lemon granita is also extraordinarily refreshing.

Dinner Recipes Easy

Whether it's a Easy fast dinner recipes or Quick easy appetizers a crock pot if a time saver and well worth pulling out of storage. As many families are just now discovering the full benefits.

How to Use the YL Cleansing Trio

Young Living's Cleansing Trio Kit contains herbs with various vitamins, amino acids, fibers, enzymes and minerals that are meant to help cleanse your body of waste and support normal liver function. Many believe that this type of cleanse will eliminate symptoms such as fatigue, headaches and weight

Vegan Tempeh Burgers

Vegan Entrees and Main Dishes. This collection of vegan recipes contains some of my favorite vegan recipes, from vegan pasta recipes to homemade seitan to dozens of other delicious vegan entree recipes for vegan lunches or dinners.

Yummy Orange Marmalade Cornish Hens

Orange Marmalade Cornish Hens Recipe. Elegant, but unbelievably easy cornish hens with orange marmalade glaze. Also works well with whole roasted chicken.

Uses of Truffle Oil

Truffle oil is an inexpensive cooking compound that mimics the scent and flavor of truffles. Truffle oil is synthetically manufactured to be more powerful than natural truffles. Many fine-dining restaurants utilize truffle oil in lieu of actual truffles to keep the meal affordable without sacrificin

Sweet promotion - Communication with sweets

A lot of people cannot thin think their lives without sweeties. There are several theories giving an insight into why sweets are so tempting. One of them claims that sweets are usually associated with

Buying A Commercial Convection Oven

You have a lot of options when it comes to buying a commercial convection oven, and this is a decision you do not want to take lightly.

How To Cook For A Date: Delicious And Memorable?

Planning your "late night" for days and now it is simply nearby for you and your desirable partner or might be a soul mate. You anticipate putting the children to sleep and producing that desire meal for your partner or spouse.

Balanced Diet for Children in Different Stages

Balanced Diet for Children in Different StagesFrom birth until we wave them off to college, parents today struggle as mightily as generations past with the problem of keeping children on a healthy, balanced diet. However, what we now know about the potential long-term health risks associ

Batatas Fritas (Fried Potatoes)

It seems that every culture has some version of french fries, and the Portuguese are no exception. They are fond of their batatas fritas, which can be frequently found in small bars and cafes.