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Stuffed Peppers with Millet and Sausage

Stuffed peppers are a fun and delicious dinner option – a hearty filling stuffed inside of a cooked pepper. Try this recipe for stuffed peppers with millet and sausage.

How to Cook Beef Brisket on a Grill

Cook beef brisket on a grill for a tender, delicious barbecue feast. For the most tender results, buy the right cut of beef and slow cook your brisket on a grill set up for indirect grilling. Consider using a rub or marinade to spice up your brisket or just serve it plain.

Making Sausage Patties With a Press

Whether your meat came fresh from the store or fresh from the hunt, most people who like meat also like a good sausage. More than that, they appreciate the work and care that goes into making artisanal sausages from scratch. If you're considering making sausages from scratch for the first time, saus

London Wine Bars

Many varietals of wine can be enjoyed in London's wine glass image by Alexandr Shebanov from Fotolia.comThe United Kingdom's "Guardian" newspaper has a guide to Britain's best pubs, which states that there are over 54,000 pubs in Britain. The Brits definitely like their beer....

How to Clean a Stained Caphalon Fry Pan

Calphalon cookware is highly regarded by both professional and home cooks. When you have gotten a stubborn cooking stain on your favorite frying pan, it can sour the entire cooking experience for you. One of the best ways to avoid stains on your Calphalon cookware is to make sure you follow all of t

Usher in spring with these Easter sides

These sides are terrific no matter when you're serving the Easter meal, brunch, lunch or dinner. Select a few of the accompaniments here and get ready to usher in spring.

Time Management To Help You Enjoy Preparing A Dinner Party

I have dinner parties usually once every other week, sometimes more often. So I have some useful suggestions and tips to help you prepare for your next dinner party; and help decrease your stress so that you can enjoy the party as well. That statement right there is one that we, as hosts, often forg

Camphor And Pain Relief

The associations between camphor and pain relief have been well-established. Camphor, when added to a topical ointment, can provide relief from common sources of pain, including muscle aches and arthritis pain.

Whats The Best Cola?

This is a brief review of the best cola's on the market today. Don't be content with what you are comfortable with, always keep searching for the best.

How do I Transfer Pictures to Eatable Sugar Paper?

Though the professional cake industry was the first to adopt printing images for cakes, the process of printing edible images on sugar paper is so simple amateur bakers can do it at home. Printing edible image transfers requires a small investment in materials and time to learn the basics, but the r

Coffee Bean Types

There are many species of coffee plants. The main variety is Coffea arabica, which makes up about 75 percent of the world's coffee trade. The slightly less refined and cheaper Coffea canephora (robusta) takes up about 20 percent, which a variety of other coffee plants, including Coffea congensis, Co

How Do You Store Fresh Dates?

Save yourself from bad dates by properly storing these fruits when fresh. These mature fruits have a short shelf life due to the high amount of sugar in them. Dried dates last longer in storage than fresh, but the taste of fresh dates cannot be matched by sweeter, darker dried dates.

How Long to Boil a Lobster

Lobster is the great American luxury dish. Once seen as a trash fish by fishermen more interested in cod than clawed crustaceans, this shellfish are now considered a peak gastronomic experience. Like many American favorites, it's simple to prepare, and just as simple in presentation. Though there

St. Louis-Style Barbecue Sauce Recipe

This St Louis-style barbecue sauce recipe is similar to the more popular Kansas City barbecue sauce, but is a bit less sweet, and a little tangier. This is delicious barbecue sauce recipe to use on baby back ribs, or grilled chicken.

Crockpot Vegetable Medley

Crockpot vegetable recipe with cabbage and carrots, along with garbanzo beans and tomatoes.