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Bass Guitar Pedals Rock

Bass guitar pedals help bassists get the sound they're looking for.

Dj Berlijn Naar Make Partij Spannende En Onderhoudende

Een partij kan dood saai zijn zonder een DJ, die speelt een belangrijke rol bij het afspelen van muziek en brengen iedereen voor groove op de dansvloer. Een feest zonder een DJ zal zijn als een partij zonder enige entertainment, zal het er liggen gelijk met betrekking tot een overeenkomst of een for

Guitar Learning DVDs

The guitar is one of the most beautiful instruments in the world. If you've always been interested in learning an instrument, this item is a stellar choice.

An excited buyer's guide to guitar shopping

It is so thrilling to purchase your very first electric guitar especially when it is in the color you like and of your favorite brand. But the thing is, most new buyers get a little too over excited a

2008 CMA Awards Recap

Find out who performed, who presented, and most importantly who won at the 2008 CMA Awards show.

Ultra Nate - Grime, Silk & Thunder Interview

With the release of her fifth album Grime, Silk & Thunder, club veteran Ultra Nate presents a mature sound respectful of her roots while pushing forward with new sounds. Ultra is not your ordinary dance diva – she writes, produces and even DJs with her Baltimore-based Sugar crew. Already spawning tw

Tips on Learning Scales

Learning music scales will make harder pieces easier to play and understand.notes of music image by JoLin from Fotolia.comAs noted by Professor Gary Hardegree of the University of Massachusetts, "It is quite difficult to give a simple definition of musical scale, but it is extremely...

Party Bus Fun on Wheels!

Are you stuck for a novel entertainment idea for your friends, family or business colleagues? Are you having problems coming up with new ideas to create a lasting impression? I had this same problem, my ...

Michael Jackson Moonwalker

'>Michael Jackson moonwalker Michael Jackson moonwalker is the name given partially by the media and partly by the singer himself, to a film released in early 1990s. Based on the real life story of

Finding The Right Online Ukulele Tuner

The musical instrument known as the ukulele was created many years ago. It is similar to the guitar just smaller and a cousin to the banjo. Tuning these small guitars can be quite tricky. Getting them to the correct note is an art. With this known the online ukulele tuner was discovered. This device

Different Types of Guitar Classes You Can Enroll in

Guitar classes come in different types according to the needs of the student. If you are learning the instrument for the first time, you will discover that you might have to choose from different classes ...

Wedding Ceremony Music

Wedding music plays a significant part in every wedding ceremony. This makes every wedding day special especially during the focal point of the ceremony, which is the exchanging of vows of the bride and the groom. The wedding ceremony sits right at the heart of this momentous occasion and a great li

DIY Sustain Guitar Pedal

Sustain is an audio phenomenon referring to the period a note resonates before decaying. In most applications, the effect of sustain is desirable, and typically the more sustain, the better. When playing a guitar, sustain is achieved through a combination of technique and equipment setup. There are

How to Choose a Guitar Pick That Fits Your Style

Guitar picks have the power to make your guitar sound better and to make you feel more comfortable. Here you will learn what factors go in to picking the best guitar pick for you.

Microsoft Zune HD - What Makes it the Best Portable Media Player?

What are the features that you can expect when you are looking at the Microsoft Zune HD? The first and perhaps most noticeable feature that you will notice is the OLED display. OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode, and it is currently not found in any other Mp3 player. The reason why you wan

What Is Composition Software And What Are Its Applications?

Entertainment industries like film, music, images and videos, are familiar with the compositing software which is very widely used in the recent times across the world. The term Composition Software simply refers to a process ...