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Photos from "Concert for Diana" held at Wembley Stadiuam in London.

What Is the Difference Between Light & Medium Acoustic Guitar Strings?

The type of strings installed on an acoustic guitar has much to do with its playability and sound. Although thicker medium acoustic guitar strings tend to sound louder, they can be much more difficult to play than light strings. Medium strings may also put undue pressure on an acoustic guitar's neck

Voice Is a Muscle and It Has to Be Trained

€Voice is a muscle and it has to be trained€, Said one of the judges of the television show, €The Voice'. It is, indeed! However, like any of the human body muscles, the voice muscle ...

Are Online Piano Lessons Right For You?

This article is for anyone who is learning, or wants to learn, to play the piano. It deals specifically with the topic of online piano lessons.

Ways to Attach Heavy DJ Lights on a Truss

Lights set the mood for a concert or DJ performance.night club 6 image by Mikhail Malyshev from Fotolia.comLights at a DJ or live music show enhance the experience for the audience by adding a visual element to the performance that is synchronized with the audio. A variety of lights are...

Songs By Def Leppard - In The Sparkle Lounge

Songs by Def Leppard are generally considered to be raging pop metal numbers with huge choruses and glitzy guitars. And what's wrong with that?! Even so, on 'Songs From the Sparkle Lounge', this English quintet covers brand new ground.

How to Maintain and Clean Your Vinyl Records and LPs

When you listen to vinyl records, you know that clean records sound better than dirty ones. In addition, you know that you need to take care of your vinyl collection to keep it in its best sounding shape. Read about the proper way to handle, maintain, and clean vinyl.

Improving Your Guitar Technique

This article attempts to get at the essence of guitar technique. Is there a way for every beginner guitar player to develop impressive technique?

How To Buy A Guitar

So you are ready to part with your hard earned cash and purchase a new guitar. You will have done your research and you know what type you want to buy and have a shortlist ...

What Are Guitar Tabs and How to Read Them?

Guitar tablatures or tabs are a great way of transcribing a song and I believe that you will be able to read them perfectly with this tutorial. Tablatures are actually a way of expressing music on paper. They allow you to put a song on the paper, note by note, so that everyone can read them and make

How to Troubleshoot a JBL 16 Ohm Speaker

Buying a pair of JBL 16-ohm speakers can set you back more than $500, so it is only natural to want this product to be providing crisp, consistent audio whenever you want. But money doesn't always guarantee infallibility, so whether the problem is sound distortion, dodgy wiring or blown speakers - o

Are You a Party Lover - Contact With Fort Lauderdale Dj

Everyone has a great deal of interest in amusing and entertaining themselves. Surely, the Fort Lauderdale dj will have the capacity to give a significant part of the same. The DJ will have the capacity ...