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Philippine All Stars - Demonstrating One of the Best Workouts Around

People have long been looking for that "magic bullet", that one shot deal to help them eliminate the excess weight that they can't seem to get rid of for the longest time. Many of these people, however, would really rather do without the pain and rigid discipline that often comes with

Learn Magic on The Internet to Impress Your Friends

The Internet provides a wealth of information on nearly any subject you choose to research, including magic. Not all of that information is reliable or sound. It is possible to learn magic on the internet, if you know where to look. Your biggest challenge will be weeding out the mounds of useless in

Dramatic Interpretation - Physicality

The physicality of a person speak much of their character. In Speech events like Dramatic Interpretation, where you can play multiple characters, clearly defining an individual is crucial. Here are some tips on using physical traits to create character.

Bay Area Juggling Clubs

Juggling is a skill that's been around since at least 1990 B.C., when it was depicted on the wall of an Egyptian tomb. It requires excellent coordination, timing and a sense of the theatrical so necessary to any performer. Whether you juggle clubs, balls, cigar boxes or rings, there is a...

The Five Stages of Your Audition

Need to have a solid audition system so that product is presented in the best light? To get you started, here are tips for each of the Five Stages of Your Audition.

Pole Dancing Fitness - When Good Girls Are Encouraged to Act Bad

Pole dancing DVDs are really useful for all women that want to learn pole dancing but they cannot enroll in classes. In most situations the classes that exist are going to be filled really fast as there are not many poles installed in most gyms and there are many cities that have no such option avai

How to Make a Dance Floor Slick

A dancer's floor is their partner. Dancers put themselves at risk of slipping and falling every time they take the floor. Footwear is generally a dancer's only protection from slick floors that can be considered a hazard. Too often a new floor has too much traction and bares room for little to no m

Jeff McBride: Master of Illusion

Like many magicians, Jeff McBride found magic fascinating at a very young age. While most kids just enjoy watching magic, Jeff decided right then and there that this was going to be his career.

List of Musical Techniques & Their Meanings

Musical techniques are the building blocks of any basic music training. These techniques allow performers to improve their coordination and develop accuracy through repetitive daily exercises. Musical techniques progressively build upon previously learned techniques.

Elements of Music Pitch

Pitch is essential to a pleasant music experience.Joueur de clarinette image by alainmantin from Fotolia.comTimbre, melody and harmony are elements of a musical pitch. Highness or lowness in a note---the frequency of sound---also can describe pitch. Pitch is an important part of music. ...

Guitarist Peter White Tops Himself in His Latest Album

Guitarist Peter White is touring during the holidays with numbers from his twelfth and latest recording, "Good Day." He is joined on stage by trumpeter Rick Braun and saxophonist Mindi Abair to bring cheer to their loyal fans and earn new ones.

43rd Annual LADCC Award Winners List (Continued)

The Los Angeles Drama Critics Circle (LADCC) held its 43rd Annual Awards ceremony on Monday, March 19, 2012, honoring the best in L.A. theatre at A Noise Within, in Pasadena, California.

Definition of a Major Conflict

In literature, the major conflict is the primary driving force of the plot. A narrative conflict can be between any two characters or entities, but the major conflict is that between the protagonist or antagonist, whether that's an individual or a collective group. The progression and resolution of

The Grand Theatre - Matcham's Masterpiece

Opened on July 23rd 1894, the Grand Theatre was dubbed Matcham's Masterpiece by Thomas Sergenson, Blackpool's first successful theatrical manager who had previously staged a circus on the same site. Frank Matcham was a leading Victorian 'theatre architect' of the day and designed

Spider-Man Musical Trivia

Stan Lee and Steve Ditko probably never imagined that when they created Spider-Man, he would end up with his own Spidey Musical. Add to that, having the musical creative geniuses, Bono and The Edge, at the helm of the soundtrack composition. With this new Spider Man musical, tons of bits and pieces