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For an Example of Sustainability, Fishermen Need Only Look to Alaska

Ask anybody with the slightest bit of work experience in the fishing industry in any part of the world's oceans where the most sustainable fishing practices are enforced, and they are practically guaranteed to reply that that would have to be in the coastal waters of Alaska. The sustainability

All Purpose Cleaners

All purpose cleaners are soaps and detergents that are multi-purpose. This means that they can be used for various cleaning duties, such as cleaning surfaces and appliances at the same time. While these all purpose cleaners are convenient, they have also come under massive disapproval due to their h

A Green Global Systemic Revolution! What's Needed

Climate change "monsters" will endanger our species. Avoid the doubling of CO2 by the year 2050. Which "easy" eight would you choose? Grid energy cost for an EV is about 1/6 the cost of gasoline.

Earth Day 2010 - Schools Embrace the Going Green Movement

Earth Day activities have evolved since the first Earth Day celebration 40 years ago. A look at how schools in North America are taking environmental action shows us a diversity of ways in which schools are going green. Earth Day is becoming less of a reminder about the need to care for the Earth as

Value of a Free Natural Reserve

Petroleum gets its identity from the Greek and Latin where "Petra" stands for "rock" in Greek and "Oleum" stands for "oil". This crude oil is produced predominantly by the oil wells, which may also have some natural gases dissolved in it.

4 Ideas for Your Eco-Friendly Event

Many people are worrying more and more about the environment. Many are buying cars with better gas mileage, recycling, buying energy-efficient appliances and windows, so why not bring this idea into your event?

When Mother Nature Fires Back

The people who lost their homes in the recent California fires are suffering from multiple catastrophic losses. These losses are sudden, senseless, unexpected and unjust. The survivors are left with a special set of problems, and the mourning period is prolonged, pending legal mandates, insurance or

Are They Starting to Feel the Heat in Chamonix?

With the temperatures soaring again this summer and when most of Europe is indulging in the heat wave, is it just fun for everyone, or is there a bigger consequence higher up the hills? Chamonix alone has witnessed a rise in the amounts of summer avalanches forming in the massif du Mont Blanc, with

Benefits of Running Your Car on Water

In a world where driving is one of the most popular things to do, it's easy to forget the impact that gas is having on our environment. Now, with global warming, people are thinking about this impact more than ever.

Hurricane Sandy and Sustainable Economics

The anti-environment people continue to claim that the environmentalists are enemies of technology and market economics. This lie must be addressed now. I am an environmentalist; but I am neither against technology nor against market economics.

The Future of Green Products: Solar Energy

The earth is man's only physical abode yet the concept of being green does not seem to be acceptable to everyone. Some consider it a waste of time to be green while others believe it to be a moral issue that must be sung on the roof tops for all to hear. Another group sees it as a waste of mone

Green Google Saves Energy, Money and the Environment?

What impact is the world's most popular web page having on planet earth? What technologies are there to reduce environmental damage of websites? What can you do to help, and at the same time save your own money?

God's Population And Environmental Policy: Genesis 1:28

One part of the Bible that people like and take seriously is that God commands people to have sex - with the opposite sex of course, even if only for the purpose of producing more people who will grow up and eventually have sex, etc. Humans tend to be very good at this, regardless of race, IQ, occup

Environmental Concerns - Gemstones Under Scrutiny

Debate on gemstones - revolving around issues as varied and diverse as price, quality, traditional uses and ethical mining - have been doing the rounds not only in the press but also in discussion groups related to the subject. Well, are these debates worth the attention they grab? Most likely, yes.

Environmental Responsibility - It Just Isn't That Simple

Being environmentally responsible is a laudable thing. We should all be paying attention to this important issue. You find out that the plastic bottle that you so carelessly toss out can easily end up in an oceanic gyre or convergence zone like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Bamboo Can Save the Earth

Bamboo has inspired human beings for thousands of years, and has been a benefit to people throughout the world. It has been used as a building material with the strength of steel; for writing and musical instruments, fuel, food, and medicinal products, just to name a few. As we move forward into the

Save the Environment by Recycling

Nine out of ten households in the UK now have a kerbside collection of recyclable materials, and recycling initiatives are increasing day by day. What is recycling and what you can do to save this earth from harmful waste by products. It is important for everyone to understand what can be recycled o

Solar Ovens - Save More Than Money

Sun cooking with solar oven/ cookers is an energy- saving, energy efficient, pollution-free way to do your share in reducing the effects of "global warming" and "climate change" taking advantage of the creations greatest source of in-exhaustible energy. As the world's popula

Green Corporate Events in Santa Barbara

In this article we offer suggestions to assist in making your next corporate event in Santa Barbara more environmentally and socially responsible. These suggestions will note only make your corporate events more marketable but also, in many cases, make the production of your event cheaper.