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Two Dildo

A review of the Two Dildo by Wet for Her. Includes pros and cons of the Two Dildo, suggestions of who it would and would not be good for, and things to watch out for when using the Two Dildo.

How Do You Seduce A Woman Without Getting In The Friend Zone?

Okay, so a lot of guys do end up having this problem. They start out with the idea that they are going to be able to seduce women easily and next thing you know, they are getting caught in the friend zone more than they ever expected that they would. I've seen it a lot. Guys who kind of positio

Sexual Role Play Tip

Ideas on how to elaborate your fantasy sexual role play scenario with costumes and props.

How to Talk Dirty to Your Boyfriend Over Text

Brace yourself! The technology that is mobile phones is here to stay and it's time you embraced this phenomenon to spice up things in your relationship. Guys love dirty talk and the sooner you learn ...

How to Make Lined Mittens Out of Sweaters

It is almost a certainty every winter that one of your mittens will go missing. What do you do with that one mitten? Use it to make a new one! Using an old mitten as a pattern for a new one, you can make your own mittens out of old sweaters. Clean out your closet, search for one mitten whose pair ha

Is Stress Ruining Your Love Life?

We are living in a tough economy with a shaky job market and an even shakier real estate market. For today's man, this means that stress is high and quality of life lowers with every ...

How Increase Your Penis Size and Erection

So are you amongst the 84% of men who feel that they would like a few more centimeters or even inches on their penis? This penis male enlargement review will cover the next step to ...