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How to Make an Honor Camper Program

Special camper and scout programs teach young people wilderness and survival skills. Honor-camper programs can be set up as an advanced leadership and learning program for campers in activity camps, church or school camping retreats, or scout programs. Participation in an honor-camper program requir

Which Are The Best Wedding Venues In Florida?

Florida has become a favorite destination for beach weddings. Every year, you can see couples exchanging their wedding vows on the white sand, with the magnificent sunset and crystal clear emerald wat

Wedding Invitation Websites

Wedding websites can be a serious benefit to the engaged couple in more ways than one. A lot of money and time can be saved by taking a few minutes to design the site. Although realistically most brides will take hours or even days designing their website perfectly, the amount of time and money save

How to Find a Cheap or Free Prom Dress

Prom time is just around the corner and there are so much planning to do from the cost of the event, limousine service, right makeup, hairstyle, shoes, and more importantly the dress! Prom dresses can be costly and for some girls not within their budget. There is different ways to get a prom dress f

Planning A Simple Second Wedding Reception

So you want to make plans for a simple wedding reception. This is after all a second wedding. Your guests are expecting simple but you want it to be memorable. So how do you keep it simple but nice? Plan it to happen that way.

3 Critical Wedding "No-No's" For the Beach Bride

Planning for a beach wedding can become stressful and can bring out the worst from the nicest of women. Women are just human, but have this uncanny ability to transform ourselves into "creatures." And we're not talking about PMS just yet.

Decorating Ideas for a Wedding Reception

A person's wedding day is one of the most significant events of her entire life. Getting through the event without a hitch means having all reception events and issues planned and attended to long before the big day arrives. Decorating ideas for a wedding reception span far and wide -- and there are

How to Make Wedding Decorations With Hershey Kisses

Incorporating Hershey kisses into your wedding decor is a cute idea that many brides are using. There are a variety of ways they can be used throughout your wedding, including the centerpieces, cake and favors. In addition, you can set the wedding colors to match the theme. Learn how to make wedding

Your 5 Minute Wedding Budget Worksheet

Budgeting doesn't get more important than when it comes to weddings and having a wedding budget worksheet can really make a difference. You're probably thinking that organizing a wedding is hectic and stressful due to the amount of things that have to be prepared. As a result, I have writt

Lady Bug Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Create cute ladybug-themed baby shower invitations with lots of colorful ladybug images. As a symbol of luck, these little creatures can be stamped, drawn or applied as foam or paper stickers to the front of the baby shower invitation. Use markers to add dots along a winding path the critters make o

Tips to Make a Perfect Wedding Video

Taking wedding videos is no joke. It is a serious business undertaking that requires utmost care, responsibility, presence of mind, and creativity. Since weddings are once-in-a-lifetime events, there is no room for trial and error.

Tips For Choosing Pink Wedding Dresses

Increasingly, brides are turning to colored wedding dresses on their special day.After all, it is not just Queen Victoria's prerogative to go against the wedding tradition of her day when she walked down the aisle in a white gown, at a time when brides wore color on their special day!

A Flower Girl Crown Craft

Although the beautiful bride is typically the central focus of a wedding, the flower girls sometimes steal the show. Charming, very young girls with baskets of flowers waddle, walk or prance down the aisle distributing rose or other flower petals for the bride and her party to walk upon. The childre

Best Singapore Pre Wedding Photography Location

Singapore has many beautiful and exotic places that are suitable for wedding photography. Because of the usually good weather, it is definitely one of the best places to take wedding photographs and have them immortalized. There are a lot of places in Singapore that are really good, but we had to sl

Delightful Dresses for Fetching Flower Girls

One of the most adorable parts of any wedding is the moment when the teeny tiny flower girl begins her walk down the aisle. In a cute princess dress, she'll spread love and joy for ...

How to Make Backdrops for a Wedding

Setting the scene for your wedding is easier than you may think. Creating your own backdrops for the ceremony or reception only requires a few supplies and some creativity. A wedding backdrop will also make photos from the day especially unique.

How to Make a Wedding Card Box From Fabric

A wedding card box serves as a simple and easy organization piece for a bride-to-be. During the wedding planning stages, she can store her invitations, envelopes, and stamps inside. Once she sends out the invitations, the box serves as a place to keep the cards and letters she receives from guests.

How to Make Flower Reception Centerpieces

Whether your wedding style is best suited to structured blooms or hand-picked wildflowers, incorporating flowers into your centerpieces is a charming idea. You can either use flowers to accent other decorative motifs or allow them to stand on their own for a nature-inspired design. If you are going

Finding Your Wedding Day Dress

Choosing the perfect bridal gown for your wedding is never an easy thing to do. For an upcoming wedding, don't miss out these essential wedding gown selection tips.