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How to Make a Large Concrete Planter

Concrete planters are simple to make, and concrete is a sturdy building material that withstands natural elements for many years before showing signs of decay. Fill the planter with your favorite tall or trailing plants to enhance the appeal of the landscape and attract butterflies, bees and humming

My Top Three Culinary Herbs to Grow

Everyone has there own views on which herbs are the best. Here is a list of the best three home herb garden plants. This list only applies if you are gardening only culinary herbs. If you take this list along with yourself to a nursery, you are guaranteed to succeed in finding herbs that you can gro

Aeroponics & Feeding Your Plants

Hydroponic and aeroponic gardens keep plants in contained, controlled situations, with consistent water flow and support. These systems don't use soil, and depend instead on outside sources of nutrition. Keep aeroponically grown plants in the right conditions, and feed them consistently for growing

How to Water Croton Codiaeum Variegatum

In nature, the croton Codiaeum variegatum, known as the garden croton, is not at all like the crotons found at gardening centers. It grows to 10 feet tall, dwarfing a garden or household specimen. The colorful foliage, however, is just what you'd expect from a croton. Codiaeum variegatum is a tropic

Trimming Instructions for a Pine Tree

Trimming is an essential part of maintaining your pine trees. However, improper trimming can leave holes in the tree or wounds where fungal infections can enter. Damaged areas, fungal infections and areas where the tree is uneven should make up the majority of the pruning cuts. Early June and July a

Your Guide to Effective Hardscaping

Hardscaping is a new age term that is considered to be the future of conventional landscaping. Here, homeowners invest significant resources to work around the outdoor terrains surrounding one's home to create uniquely paved backyards. ...

The Best Snow Shovel Designs

Choosing a snow shovel with a user-friendly design makes the chore safer.Jupiterimages/Comstock/Getty ImagesShoveling snow can be a fun chore if you have the right shovel. While many consumers have transferred to snow blowers or electric shovels, you can still shovel a driveway loaded...

The Best Way to Dispose of Antifreeze

Disposing of chemicals is something many people do incorrectly. Antifreeze is one of those chemicals and should not be thrown in the trash, poured on the ground, or poured down the drain. Antifreeze has a number of negative effects on the environment, and it's toxic to animals and people. If antifre

DIY Birdhouses

While bird houses are easily obtained commercially, making your own birdhouses allows you to tailor them to your decor and personal tastes. Birdhouses can be made from various materials, from gourds to old boots to small logs, ceramics and cedar boards.The first thing to decide is what bird you are

Chicken Soup for the Soil

Keeping Your Soil Healthy Your soil is the most important part of your garden, but too many people forget to nurture their soil.Soil is a living thing, containing microbes, fungi, insect life and g...

Potting Soil for Dendrobiums

If you're looking for an easy-to-grow orchid, consider Dendrobiums. They send out long, arching sprays of flowers in fall and winter. Flowers are typically lavender, white or a combination. In the wild, they grow by attaching their roots to tree bark.

The Benefits of Having a Modern Fire Pit

A modern fire pit can enhance your backyard experience greatly. Whether you are entertaining into the wee hours of the night, or want to extend your outdoor activities longer in the year, fire pits ca

Herb Garden Information - 4 Steps to Create Your Home Herb Garden

A basic overview of herb garden information including flowers which are herbs. Many people have flower gardens and don't realize many of their flowers are also herbs. If I only had 10 minutes to tell you the basic information on the steps to take to create a herb garden this is what I'd sa

Cattail Plant Life Cycle

Common cattail plants (Typha latifolia) grow around ponds and along waterways as a perennial. This wetland plant produces long, stiff sword-like leaves. The plant reaches a height of approximately 9 feet. It spreads rapidly through a creeping rhizome root system and seeds.