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New Review Spotlights Damages Of Binge Drinking

A new review and synthesis of studies of the potential damage binge drinking can do to the liver has reported that high-volume drinking or binge drinking has especially deleterious effects on the liver and human health in general. The review surmises that damage to the liver during binge drinking is

If You Want to Quit Smoking But Lack Motivation, Try This

It's a real challenge to break the habit of smoking and the addiction of nicotine; probably one of the hardest things you'll ever do and I know because I've been there. Smoking can help us to cope with the demands of modern day living. I used to love to smoke just for the sake of it a

Addiction Recovery Needs Professional Help

Look around and start believing that you are indeed not alone, who has to walk through the meandering alleys of addiction help. To be honest, many have also walked where you have. Put your listening ears on and you would be able to hear lofty stories of addiction recovery.

Embarrassingly Easy Way To Quit Smoking Without Willpower!

If you are looking for a way to quit smoking then I'm going to show a way which is so easy that it can transform your entire life for good and you can use it to transform any problem areas in your life with almost zero efforts on your part. Many people think that it must be hard or too complex

Don't Sabotage Quitting Smoking

We can tend to be our worst enemies at times especially when we fear change. Change may be the best thing for us but we know it is going to be different creating thoughts of worry and anxiety. When it comes to quitting smoking you will be faced with many hard decisions.

Breakfast - 2nd Day

The 2005 Smoking Cessation Forum Reunion took place in Nashville, TN.

Stop Smoking Tip - How To Find Your Own Way To Quit

You know well that smoking is injurious to your health, which is probably one of the main reasons you have chosen to quit smoking. But very few of us know how to manage the task of quitting and staying smoke free.

Deep Breathing

Don't panic when you're hit with an intense urge to smoke. Take a few moments to concentrate on your breathing, and you'll be able to weather the craving successfully.