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How to Repair a Rubber Watch Band

Rubber watch bands are usually very durable under a wide variety of conditions and rarely need repair. Even though these bands can tolerate the harshest of abuse, there are times when a rubber watch band needs to be repaired. You can easily repair the band yourself and avoid having to purchase a ne

Video: The Best Products for Shine & to Slick Back Thick Hair

Video Transcript I'm Jessica Jacques from Certified Fabulous, and I am going to show you products for shine to slick back your thick hair. If you're looking to shine your hair and also have it slicked back perhaps you have a nighttime look that you want to achieve, there are different...

Dead Sea Mud - Experience the Miracle of the Mud Mask

Dead Sea mud mask is making a lot of recognition in the market today. They are able to provide different types of skin and health benefits for the customers. It also acts as a cleanser, therapy, moisturizer as well as an anti-skin solution for the aging problems.

How to Design a Hat Online

Accessorizing an outfit with a hat can make all the difference for an outfit. You can create your own custom hats online for a small fee. If you are an artist, you can design your own hat online to create a more personal wardrobe. In minutes, you can design a hat, which will later be delivered strai

Can Drawing on My Skin With Ink Pens Be Harmful?

People young and old use ink pens on their bodies to draw pictures or make notes to themselves. Contrary to urban legend, it is not harmful to draw on yourself with an ink pen.

Do You Want To Know All About The Best Anti-ageing Foods?

Believe it or not, but what we eat does actually effect our skin. Even if you knew this, did you know that there are some foods which can stop ageing dead in its tracks? Whether you believe it or not, the food we eat can and does affect how we age, so which foods should we be avoiding, and which one

How to Do Nail Varnish Designs

Many women make several visits to the salon each month to have their nails prepped and polished. However, receiving several manicures each month is not only time consuming, it can be expensive. With a bit of practice and some simple tools of the trade, you can paint your own nail designs like the on

Soma Hair Technology

Professional hair care companies abound in today's age; Soma Hair Technology is one of them. A company that started its journey in 1995, it now offers 20 lines of shampoos, conditioners and styling products.

What to Look for When Louping a Diamond

A jeweler's loupe is a handheld 10-times magnifier specially designed to examine diamonds and fine jewelry. To examine your diamond, hold the loupe up to your eye and rest your thumb against your cheek to keep it steady. Use a tweezers to hold the diamond a few inches from the loupe to clearly see t

What Are the Treatments for Brittle Damaged Hair?

Many of us assume that to repair our damaged hair, we have to spend a fortune on salon products or have it professionally done. That couldn't be further from the truth--you might even have ingredients in your home that you can use to create a nourishing oil to heal your hair. Your hair could soon be

How to Fix a Pilling Sweater

Pilling is an unsightly, and often inevitable, occurrence in which frayed or loose fabric fibers form little balls that stubbornly cling to sweaters. Unlike regular lint, sweater pills won't come off with a lint roller; rather, they remain attached by a miniscule piece of fabric. Pulling the pills o

Technological Advancements of the Curling Iron

Curling irons have come a long way from the days of spottily heated, long-to-heat and snag-prone devices that once defined these hairstyling implements. The latest curling irons treat you to far faster heating times, smoother-looking and more polished locks and ways to customize the experience to ac

Four Steps to Skin Care

Take care of your skin.what a face image by Kelly Kane from Fotolia.comHealthy skin does not have to be something you long for or read about. Unhealthy skin can be traced back to a poor skin regiment and poor diet. A balanced diet, drinking lots of water, protection from the sun and...

Figure Out How To Purchase Wholesale Makeup Online

Wholesale makeup are getting to be ever more popular as an ingredient of a global journey towards overall health.Skin is the largest organ of our bodies. Giving her a very connection in between what on earth is applied to your skin and general health is only beginning to be known by scientists and a

Why You Should Always Use Eye Cream?

It is a well known fact that skin around human eyes is pretty sensitive and thin. Blood vessels surrounding this area may get damaged or broken which may lead to the appearance of dark circles under y