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Eyelid Surgery for Children With Ptosis

No feature is as tell-tale as the eyes. When someone tells you that you are looking tired, upset, or angry, they are most likely looking at the story your eyes are telling. But if you ...

Top Reasons to Go for a Breast Lift Surgery

Everybody wants to have an admirable figure: a well toned, fat free physique, and a well developed body. For women, proper body development is all the more necessary because it provides them a distinctive personality.

What Is a Skin Sparing Mastectomy?

For many women, a skin sparing mastectomy can be one of the best long-term options. This procedure is often necessary when cancer requires the removal of the breast tissue. If your doctor has recommended this procedure in the hopes of removing the cancerous tissue from your body and preventing it fr

Breast Implant Surgery Procedure - Vital Information to Understand

Currently, women are able to achieve the bust size that they want to have with the help of breast implant surgery procedure. This will help them add up the size that they need especially if they're able to get a group of surgeons in enhancing their breasts.

Cosmetic Surgery Liposuction and Medical Tourism in India

India is a global medical tourism destination and is capitalising on the low-cost, high-quality medical care available in the country. India, touted as one of the most favorite destinations for information technology majors, is currently ...

Natural Breast Enhancement and Its Related Side Effects

Since the breast is a differentiating factor between a man and a woman, it's not much of a surprise what most woman can do just to increase the size of their breast. Some women are concerned about their breast shape, while some others are worried about the size of their breast. Despite which ev

Getting Ready For Your Plastic Surgery Consultation

The consultation is the most important part of a plastic surgery operation, and you can't just waltz in unprepared. There are some things you need to do before you step into the clinic. This article gives you some ideas about how to get ready for your plastic surgery consultation.

Non Invasive Face Lift - Less Dangerous, Less Expensive

Getting a cosmetic surgery is not the only way of looking younger. Nowadays, dermatological centers offer their clients a wide range of non surgical treatments that are less risky and less costly than surgery.

Rhinoplasty – Know About Your Nose Surgery

If you have deformities in your nasal cavity, or other issues involving the nose, your physician may use rhinoplasty to make your nose more functional, or more aesthetically pleasing. Usually, the sur

About Liposuction: The Proven Spot Reducer

When liposuction first came to the scene in a big way, there was a lot of misunderstanding by the general public. In fact, many people still misunderstand the surgery to this day. Liposuction is not ...

Breast Augmentation Candidates

Prior to making the decision to pursue breast augmentation surgery, there are quite a few considerations to take into account. Parents with teenagers should be particularly cautious when discussing the topic with their children. Truth be told, the procedure is not one anyone should ever rush into, r

Choosing a Plastic Surgery Clinic

Choosing a plastic surgery clinic can be daunting. Many people have considered plastic surgery but are not sure which clinic to choose. Which one will be best for your procedure, do they use the best

Mommy Makeover: What Can It Do For You

After birth, many mothers are choosing to undergo plastic surgery to return to their pre-pregnancy state. If you're considering a "mommy makeover" make sure you research all the procedures and choose a qualified doctor to ...

Cosmetic Breast Surgery - What Are The Types?

Cosmetic breast surgery is designed to alter the size and shape of the breast for cosmetic reasons. Some surgery however can be done for the primary purpose of correcting a chronic medical condition. Read to learn more.