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Goodbye Stepford Mom. Hello Realistic Barbie?

Meet the thoroughly modern, 21st century mom: She’s smart enough to demand the very best in mom-friendly baby gear, yet honest enough to admit that motherhood isn’t all peaches and baby lotion. These are some of the findings by author Stephanie Gallagher that are highlighted in her new boo

Functional Baby Crib Furniture Options

Baby crib furniture can prove an expensive and puzzling purchase. With many different choices available to the new parent, you will already have had to make at least one decision before you arrive at the crib buying stage anyway and this is whether you want to start straight off with a crib or to be

Wooden Pull Toys

Wooden pull toys are great for children of any age.Toys made of wood are durable, simple and help develop body and mind.Here are some reasons to add wooden pull toys to your child's toy collection.

Month by Month - Records in Time

It is one of the rarest of moments and one that doesn't come very often in your life that you would experience when you have a new born home. The thrill that you would get out of being with your baby and taking care of his or her needs is something to be experienced, as every parent would vouch

Get Free Baby Stuff - Save Money And Time

Having a baby is the most exciting, exhilarating and expensive blessing you will ever receive. But affording everything your baby needs can be challenging, however you don't have to be worrying about the cost of baby necessities when all you really want is to be spending time with your baby. I

Teen Accidents at Home - Four Simple Steps to Avoid Them

Our home is a place where we can find safety and security for us and for our teens. However, misfortunes can sometimes happen in our abode. Studies had shown that more kids between the ages of 15 and 16 years, around 30,000 of them, had visited the hospital's emergency room every year because o

Parenting Tips - Parenting Advice from Hillary Clinton

During my corporate work life when my daughter was still a baby I met Hillary Clinton when she was making her first bid to become the senator from New York.As I walked down the hall with her I told her that, like her, I was the mother of an only child, a girl.Then I asked her what advice she could g

Being a Stay at Home Parent

For those parents who have never stayed at home with their growing children, you should know it is not easy.As a matter of fact, it is possibly the most difficult job in the world.

Baby Feeding Problems

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of baby feeding problems including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

Money-Making Business Ideas for Children

Encourage your children to save the money they money money III image by imagenation from Fotolia.comWhen your children need extra spending money, teach them a lesson in entrepreneurship by encouraging them to start a business. Even at a young age, children will learn the value...

What Kind of Blanket is Best For a Newborn Baby? Personalized Baby Blankets

When it comes time to shop for a baby shower, a holiday, birthday, or any other occasion, there are so many options to choose from for unique baby gifts. However, if you want to provide a truly unique touch with a gift that will last a lifetime, consider personalized baby blankets for all of your gi

Play Nice, Mommy!

Have you ever noticed that adults could use a time out for childish behavior every once in a while? Being a working mom (stay at home or otherwise) brings a certain level of stress and frustration that can spill over into interactions with others. No one expects that every mommy from the Wednesday m

You Need A Baby Closet Organizer For Reducing Clutter

Parents are usually overjoyed as they await delivery of their baby. Buying more and more clothes and accessories is what they commonly do to spoil their unborn baby. When baby finally comes, he or she ...

Massage Is Good For Babies

Babies born prematurely are exposed to many stresses during their stay in intensive care nurseries, such as bright lights, blood drawing, invasive procedures and loud noises.Their immune system can be negatively impacted by stress.Research now shows that massage therapy has positive effects in terms


Information on how to manage breastfeeding a teething baby.

Baby Blankets As the Perfect Gift

Baby blankets can be a great practical and appealing gift to give any expectant parent. Many people will think this is an accessory, but in fact blankets are very much part of the basics! Babies have a need for blankets throughout the day, everyday; this means that there is always a need for a blank

Top 5 Baby Gear Needed

Couples preparing for a coming baby need to buy baby gear. There are so many kinds of gear; and it is important so that a newborn will be comfortable and that parents have gear which ...