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Top 10 Online Coloring Books for Young Kids

The best online coloring pages for younger children are fill-in pictures. There are many of these, often based on a favorite character, and usually with one to three coloring pages offered. These are our favorites.

Single Parent

Definition of a single parent.

Schwinn Makes The Best Double Jogging Stroller

Double strollers are a convenient way to get back into shape after you have had children. They offer the flexibility needed when you have more than one child to get back outdoors and get active. ...

Infant Play Activities

Babies learn through playing image by KaYann from Fotolia.comPlay is an important part of an infant's life; it's how they learn. Play time is also a great time to get to know your baby better. The activities a baby will enjoy depend on their age and interests. Make time to play...

Parenting Advice for Happier Parents and Children

Every parent wants their kids to grow up to be a happy and well-adjusted individual. Good parenting involves talking to your calmly, spending quality time and playing with your child to strengthen child parent relationships. Use these helpful parenting advice to be happier parents and children.

My Daughter' s Baptism

I remember that we had a hard time picking her godparents. My husband and I wanted family but wanted to make sure that we picked someone who we knew would be there for Samantha to turn to if she had questions or concerns about her religious life.

Boosting Your Teenager's Self-esteem - Important Tips For Parents

Building Self-Esteem in Teenagers - the essential guide for any parent or guardian to help their teenagers grow from a child into a confident, responsible adult. Every parent, ideally, would like their child to develop enough Self-Esteem so that they can succeed in life.This all starts the moment a

How to Troubleshoot Potty Training

It is not uncommon for children who have previously been toilet-trained suddenly to show resistance, especially in stressful circumstances, says the Kids Health website. Successful potty training will not happen overnight, and problems can occur at any time during this important developmental milest

6 Things to Help Your Child Conquer His Shyness

It is normal for kids, especially for toddlers, to be very shy. They are used to your presence, not that of strangers and even acquaintances. But that does not mean you have to wait until he is old enough before you help him get out of his shell.

Poor Let-Down While Breast-Feeding

You sometimes may notice that your milk does not flow easily, or let down, when you attempt to breast - feed or use a breast pump. Emotional stress, fatigue, anxiety, smoking, pain, or being cold are common causes of poor let - down.With poor let - down, you may not experience the tingling and ...

Games for Kids, With Compassion as the Theme

Compassion for other people is a trait most people wish to instill in their child. Often, the best way to teach a child is with a game or activity that holds his interest. Look for specific compassion-related board or computer games, or teach compassion by having your child entertain an elderly pers

The Top 5 Prefold Diapers

Prefold diapers are reusable, cloth diapers which can be washed and reused time and time again. The benefits of using prefold diapers include the fact that they are environmentally friendly and more cost-effective than disposable diapers, but the design means that they are comfortable and highly abs

How to Revamp Our Family's Diet

You can revamp your family's diet for a healthier lifestyle with a few simple changes. Substituting tasty, low-fat options in place of high-fat content foods, lowering the amount of sugar and salt you eat or adding more fiber can improve your family's diet without sacrificing taste. Many people stay

News Stories on Bipolar Disorder in 2010

News stories on bipolar disorder, from around the Web, featured in the daily news folder on Children With Special Needs in 2010.

Ways to Prevent Accidents

An accident is a word we often use to avoid blame after someone has been hurt. Most accidents are preventable, especially those that happen to children.

Where Did Safe Haven Laws Begin and Why?

There is a lot of news coverage whenever an infant is tragically abandoned in a dumpster or restroom. Safe havens began from these tragedies. Safe havens seem to answer the need for many mothers in crisis to safely abandon their infants without prosecution.