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Plan The Baby You Want

In the recent years the gender selection of a future child has become a major topic. According to a recent poll 87% of all women interviewed had already decided on whether they wanted a boy or girl. The rest did not seem overly concerned what came their way.

Best Pregnancy Resources - Top Pregnancy Websites

Becoming a mother is one of the most amazing feelings for any woman and the entire pregnancy period is the most exciting and enriching phase for the expecting parents. Though a pregnancy is full of joys, but it also brings with it - anxieties and fears, in the mind of an expectant mother. Throughout

How to Calculate My Ovulation, Period & Due Date

Finding out the regular schedule of your menstrual cycle will help if you are trying to have a baby. Once you know the regular number of days between periods, you can figure out your ovulation cycle. The ovulation period is when conception is most likely, and this is the best time to try for a baby;

Pregnancy's Problems Are Usually Normal

The problems that come with pregnancy -- such as changes in lifestyle, day care, income, career, and sibling adjustment -- are common, according to mental health experts.

How Long Does it Take to Get Pregnant After Taking the Pill?

Taking birth control is a great way to prevent pregnancy and the pill is a good option for many women who are not ready to start a family. But usually there will be a time when you ARE ready to make babies and so you quit taking the pill and wait... and wait.

Vaginal Birth After C-Section (VBAC)

Find WebMD's comprehensive coverage of vaginal birth after c-section (VBAC), including medical reference, news, pictures, videos, and more.

The Best Pregnancy Prevention Devices Out There

Birth control is widely used by a lot of women in the world these days. There are a lot of options women can choose from now. Read on to find out more on IUD contraceptives and Birth Control patches.

Will Americans Ever Submit to Mandatory Population Control?

The other day, we are having an interesting conversation at our think tank about exactly how many people could live in the United States comfortably without running out of resources. We were a little concerned because of some of the reports which had come out about how populations around the planet

Exploring Other Options

This article discusses the condition where women cannot get pregnant. It explains other options available if you are having trouble conceiving.

Pregnancy Symptoms From HCG Injection

HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is an injectable medication given to women going through ovulation induction. The HCG injection causes the release of a matured egg from the ovary. Often, symptoms from receiving the HCG injection can mimic symptoms of early pregnancy.

21st Week of Pregnancy

The 21st week of pregnancy may seem anticlimactic after the 20th week, but we have faith you'll enjoy it.

Sick of Pregnancy? You Could Be Having A Girl

The following statement is likely to offend about half the people reading this: Girl babies may cause a greater incidence of severe morning sickness among pregnant women than boy babies.

The Pill Raises Cervical Cancer Risk

Women who use oral contraceptives have an increased risk of developing cervical cancer, but the risk drops quickly once the pill is stopped.

Surrogacy in India - Catering to the World

Surrogacy is the method employed by couples when a woman becomes the carrier of their child. This mother can be the genetic mother of the child where the sperm is put in her ovary or she can be the gestational carrier where the embryo is placed in her womb in cases where the original woman's wo