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Battling With Tossing And Turning

We've all had those nights that we just couldn't find the comfortable part of the bed and spent hours tossing and turning till the break of dawn. Why does this happen?

Could Alcohol Be Causing Your Snoring?

Even though 40% of the world's population snore, few snorers know what the cause(s) of their snoring is / are, and how they can fix the problem. The common causes of snoring are being overweight, drinking alcohol and smoking. Let's talk about alcohol here and see how it may play a part in

Stop Snoring Remedies That Actually Eliminates Snoring

There are a many different reasons an individual begins to snore. Regardless of the reason, people just like you simply want to know about the best stop snoring remedies. The results of snoring can be extremely unpleasant, restless sleep, frequent headaches, an angry and tired spouse and not being a

Avoid Costly Medication With Simple Solutions - White Noise Machines

Nearly two thirds of adults and many kids suffer from sleep disorders, many of which could be alleviated with a white noise machine. Alternative therapies are becoming increasingly common not only because of their effectiveness but also for the fact that they do not require the use of drugs.

Don'T Loose Sleep Guessing

Sleep apnea affects millions of Americans and many do not know they suffer from it. Please read the following common questions about sleep apnea to help you better understand the condition and its tre

Effect of Alcohol on Sleep

Alcohol is a popular substance consumed by millions of people around the world, children and adults alike. It is highly abused, but also widely used as a sleep aid. However, alcohol worsens sleep problems. When consumed by normal individuals, alcohol rapidly induces sleep. It increases non-REM sleep

Sleep Apnea Treatment Options

Once a diagnosis has been made, sleep apnea treatment becomes an instant priority. The patient may have been suffering for many months or years with the side effects of the disorder and may even have become so used to their symptoms that they no longer notice them, but claiming back the ability to g

What You Should Know About Side Sleeper Pillows

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from a uncomfortable sleep which leads to pain and soreness the following morning then maybe it is time you considered purchasing an alternative pillow such as a side sleeper pillow. For individuals that spend most of there slumber sleeping on there side they

How to Stop Snoring – 5 Home Remedies

Snoring is a condition where you breathe through your nose and mouth open when you're sleep, produce a disturbing noise from the vibration of your soft palate. Snoring occurs only when you ar

Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is a condition in which breathing stops for more than ten seconds during sleep. This results in prevention of oxygen to the lungs and brain that can lead to feeling drowsy and tired during

Snoring - Can It Really Be Stopped?

Snoring could just be your worst nightmare, especially if you are young and attractive and eligible to be a complete heart breaker, if you snore, you might just be the sleep breaker. Of course not for yourself, but maybe for your partner or spouse. You may not know this yet but if one day somebody d

Sleeping Remedy

What is sleep tracks? How does it help you? What is the method used?

9 Ways to Help Stop Snoring

If you ever wake up and find your partner is sleeping in another room, this may just be the sign that you have a snoring problem. Snoring is caused by blocked respiratory airways.

4 Ways To Get A Better Night's Sleep

Why is it men fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow, while women spend hours staring at the ceiling? Research shows that twice as many women as men suffer from insomnia. But don't despair because with these expert tips you'll be nodding off in no time.

5 Steps To A Good Sleep and a Great Morning!

Are you tired, grumpy and unmotivated in the morning? Do you hit the snooze button over and over? Are mornings the worst part of your day? You're not alone. Poor sleep can lead to a lack of energy, depression, weight-gain and overall bad health. This guide explains the essential steps necessary

To Stop Snoring Surgery May Be the Only Option

Though there may be many options to put an end to snoring, when it comes time to stop snoring surgery may be the only way to go. Everyone will experience different results with various treatment options. Some people may just need to use an additional pillow. Others will find that surgery is where th

7 Ways to Stop the Snoring Tonight

Natural ways of healing are the best way, over products seen on TV. Maintaining a healthy diet of good foods and exercise will help you to sleep better and snore less.

Sleep Studies for Sleep Disorders

As with most sleep disorders your doctor will probably order a sleep study or polysomnogram. This usually entails one or two overnight stays in a hospital, sleep study centre or clinic.