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Malarone Uses

Malarone is an antimalarial drug prescribed for malaria prevention or treatment. Malaria is an infectious disease that frequently occurs in Africa, Asia and South America. The disease has an incubation period of 7 to 30 days before symptoms begin to show. Malaria is treatable, but it is deadly if un

Home Remedy for Nit Removal

The head louse is a tiny, wingless, unwelcome parasitic insect that makes its home among human hairs. These pests reproduce and lay their tiny eggs, or nits, on individual hairs. The diet of head lice consists of tiny amounts of blood that they draw from the scalp of a human host. Lice infestations

Complex Carbohydrates & Protein Diet

Although the low-carb approach has received most attention from the dieting community, it is still possible to lose weight at a reasonable rate by following a diet containing mostly complex carbs and protein. A low-fat, complex carbs and protein diet requires an informed dieter to make the distinct

How Should I Take Curcumin & Turmeric Supplements?

Curcumin, a phytochemical, is the active compound in Turmeric, a root used around the globe as a spice. Turmeric is often found in curry and is also used in vegetarian cooking to add color --- for example, in scrambled tofu to more closely resemble scrambled eggs. Curcumin is the substance that give

How to Check If Raw Shilajit Is Original or Not

Raw Shilajit is a humus, or organic matter, that resembles tar. The humus, which is used in Ayurvedic medicine, is found along the Himalayan mountain range that touches India, Nepal, Pakistan and Russia. Ancient Indian wisdom says that the substance possesses the highest properties of fulvic acids,

Firefighters' Rules for Kids' Safety

Learn the safety rules that firefighters teach children.Front view of an old fire truck in front of a fire station image by Alexey Stiop from Fotolia.comMany children love the opportunity to sit in a fire truck or wear a firefighter's hat. Firefighters bring important safety messages to...

How to Dispose of Artificial Nail Products

Many products used in nail salons such as acetone are considered hazardous waste and must be properly disposed of for safety. Check with your local city and county Health Department to see if there are regulations governing your area before disposing of any waste product in a regular refuse containe

What Is the Difference Between Bausch & Lomb SofLens & PureVision?

Bausch and Lomb produces a variety of eye-care products, including the PureVision and SofLens lenses. Although both types of contact lenses correct the same vision problems, there are differences in terms of physical properties, length of use and strength.

How to Find Breath RX Reviews

Breath Rx Products Mouthwash Kit is a fast-acting and effective way of managing bad breath. Despite the claims, are you sure you're getting your money's worth by using this? Here's how you can gather information about this product.

Exercises for Upper Back Relaxation

Upper back pain is often a symptom of stress. Stress creates tension in muscles by tightening them, which eventually results in back pain or stiffness. Several exercises can help to relieve tension in the upper back, while also relaxing the muscles.Before beginning any physical exercises

Tenolysis Protocols

Tenolysis is performed to remove adhesions from tendons that occur after surgery.Shana Novak/Stockbyte/Getty ImagesTenolysis is the surgical release of a tendon from adhesions, typically in the hand or wrist. Adhesions, fibrous bands of scar tissue that form between tissues and join them...

Natural Remedies for Sinus Bad Breath

Bad breath can be the result of many factors but for those who suffer from sinus issues, postnasal drip can lead to constant bad breath. When the sinus cavity drains into the back of the throat, it can cause mucus build up and eventually grow unwanted bacteria. The bacteria slowly develop causing ba

How to Evaluate the Credentials of a Nutritionist

With so many foods to choose from, it can be challenging to find what is best for our bodies. A nutritionist takes your medical history, any allergies, current conditions and other factors to determine what nutrients you need. The nutritionist gives instruction on how to prepare foods for your condi

What Are the Dangers of Essential Oils Used during Pregnancy?

Aromatherapy is the art of utilizing aromas or oils extracted from plants to promote health of the body, mind and spirit. When used appropriately, the essential oils used in aromatherapy can provide pregnant women with relief from common pregnancy symptoms.

How to Adjust Mental Concentration

Mental concentration is something that can diminish with age. However, you can use simple techniques and exercises to help adjust your mental concentration and improve it over time. Adjusting your mental concentration is a lot like working out a muscle. You might not see results after the first work

Gifts for Soccer Injury

If your mate is laid up with a broken bone or torn tendon after a soccer match, he is probably feeling pretty low about having to miss the excitement of the game and team camaraderie. Give that injured teammate or friend a gift that lets him know you are thinking about him, want him to get better so

How to Do Raja Yoga Meditation

Raja Yoga meditation involves numerous mental exercises, all designed to help you form your own realities. Through the repetition of prayers or mantras, Raja Yoga guides the conscious mind which in turn positively effects the subconscious mind to promote emotional and energetic well-being.

The Best Foods for Your Liver

Located under the right rib cage, the liver is the largest organ in the human body, and as its primary detoxifying agent it is also one of the most important ones. Consequently, eating foods that support liver functions can keep it strong and disease-free for a lifetime.

Is L Carnitine Safe?

Sixty million Americans are obese, the majority of whom are trying to lose weight. L-carnitine is a safe nutritional supplement that can increase metabolism and help with your weight loss goal.

Ginger Tea Health Benefits

Ginger is a rhizome native to Asia, but it is cultivated in Jamaica, Brazil and Africa as well. In Western cooking, ginger is most popular for sweet foods, including cookies and soda. In Eastern cultures, ginger is also likely to be utilized in savory dishes, such as curries. Ginger tea is brewed fr