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How to Melt Ice With Hot Water

You can see physics in action all around you, but nowhere better than in the kitchen. A great example of physics in action is melting ice. When you pour hot water on ice, heat flows from the water to the ice, causing it to melt into cold water. The cold and hot water continue to exchange heat until

DIY: Macrame Beverage Holders

Macrame is a textile craft that uses knotting techniques to create practical or decorative household and personal items. While macrame can be simple enough to teach young children, even adults may find more advanced knots or patterns to be challenging. Basic knots include square knots, half hitches

How to Pan for Gold Step-by-Step

Because of the physical labor and time involved, panning for gold is more of a recreational activity than a means of financial gain. You'll also need luck on your side to actually find gold. If you pan for gold in a stream that is not on your own property, obtain permission from the landowners. If t

How to Make Scroll Lock Not Take a Screen Shot in "MapleStory"

"MapleStory" is a free to play massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) featuring easy to use controls, humor, side-scrolling combat, anime-style graphics and customizable characters. The keyboard is used to control the character in "MapleStory." The keyboard is also used to capture s

Homemade Colored Sand

Several crafting projects use colored sand. Sand art in bottles, candles, vases or other projects is an economical project. Purchasing colored sand is expensive, but homemade colored sand is inexpensive and a great project for children and adults. Local craft stores and home improvement stores stoc

How to Build a Lemonade Cart

Lemonade can be a tempting refreshment on a hot day. Thus, although selling lemonade is often pictured as an after-school job, it can be quite a profitable business, even for adults. By making a lemonade cart, selling lemonade becomes a moving business. The cart can be moved to special events and bu

What to Wear on a 50 Degree Motorcycle Trip

A motorcycle trip in 50-degree weather can be an ideal time to enjoy a ride. Before you begin your journey, though, it is important to properly dress for your own safety and for other drivers on the road. The combination of the temperature and motorcycle riding gear demands that you to dress intelli

Modern Meteorological Instruments

Modern meteorological instruments can be very technical, involving the use of many resources and extensive planning to design and implement or they can be very simple tools, easily constructed and put into use. They take measurements from the ground, atmosphere and space. Modern instruments are ofte

What Wood Should I Use for Building a Dock?

Wood is a popular material to use when building a dock because it’s economical and easy to work with. It has “give” and, under certain circumstances, it can even be stronger than metal. However, wood can also present problems when it comes into contact with water. Choosing the righ

How to Build a Bat House in Your Backyard

Building a backyard bat house is fun, easy and ecological. Bats eat mosquitoes, moths and other insects and pollinate some flowers. Encourage them to populate your yard by building a bat house out of materials you have at hand, then watch them fly out at dusk to hunt for food.

How to Get a Hoverbike in "Epic Duel"

"EpicDuel" is a player-versus-player massively multi-player online role-playing game in which players create a character and compete against each other in turn-based combat. As in other role-playing games, players can level up their characters by gaining experience through winning battles. Players c

How to Change Your Name in Steam

Steam is a video game downloading service that also lets players connect within the gaming community. With Steam installed and an active user account, players can create their own social page to show off owned games, hours of play time, Steam achievements and information about themselves. However, t

BB Gun Shooting Tips

Many BB guns look identical to real guns.a bb gun image by timur1970 from Fotolia.comBB guns shoot small pellets made of either plastic, zinc or copper using a non-explosive form of propulsion. BB guns can be made of either metal, plastic or a combination of both. A BB gun fires by using...

How to Make a Paper Airplane Fly for Over 10 Seconds

Making paper planes is a fun pastime that started as a type of origami and quickly embedded itself into mainstream culture. There are thousands of designs for fashioning paper planes, but there are few that fly for more than 10 seconds. The key is to understand some basic principles of aeronautics--

How to Calculate Micrograms

A gram is a unit of mass defined as one one-thousandth of a kilogram, which is the base unit of the International System of Units (SI). "Micro" is a metric prefix that indicates a magnitude of 1E-6 (the notation 1E-6 means "10 in power -6"). Metric prefixes allow to conveniently express very large

How to Make a Cat Kite

A soaring kitty kite is no simple flight of fancy, but an engineering endeavor that may delight adults and children. Kite construction basics can be embellished with some distinctive cat features for a one-of-a-kind creation. Kite-making is a useful skill that can be tailored to any number of themes

Plane Flying Games

Not all flight and plane enthusiasts get the chance to pursue their passion in the skies, but there are plenty of games available that allow them to simulate the process. Plane flying titles include realistic simulators, combat-based flight games and games that allow players to create their own plan

Types of Chemical Reactions

Chemical reactions change molecules into different molecules. The electrons involved are those in the outer shell of the reacting elements. Therefore, the atomic nucleus is unaffected and the elements involved do not themselves change when the molecules do.