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The LG Refrigerator Error Code ER-DH

LG refrigerators use four letter codes to display errors and help owners diagnose problems. If you do not have your original manual, it may be hard to figure out what an error code means and how to fix it. The "ER-DH" error code has to do with the defroster built into the freezer.

Computers in the '60s

The processing power, size and price of current computer technology are often taken for granted. In the 1960s, computers cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, sometimes even millions, and filled an entire room. Moreover, it took ages to import data, create codes to process the data and then impleme

How to Test a Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers are found in your home's electrical box. If the current flowing into the various lights and appliances in your home grows too strong, it can short out the wiring and cause a fire. Circuit breakers will trip when the current reaches a certain level: shutting off power to that section

Walk-in Cooler Refrigeration Requirements

Several requirements must be met before a walk-in cooler can be filled.meatshop image by .shock from Fotolia.comBefore restaurants, grocery stores or convenience stores start filling their walk-in coolers with food and drink, those coolers must pass some stringent tests and there are...

Installation Instructions for Hampton Bay Fans

Hampton Bay fans are ceiling mounted room fans. They provide circulation in your home or outdoor area. Installation can be done by the homeowner or professional. A fan can typically installed in 30 to 90 minutes. Though models vary in weight, ceiling fans must be mounted to a ceiling joist. Home Dep

How to Use the Test on a Breaker Box

A breaker box divides the electricity coming into a home into individual circuits that are protected by individual fuses or circuit breakers. Testing the integrity of a breaker box only requires testing the fuses or circuit breakers inside it. The procedure does not require the services of a certifi

Beach Towels- A Must Have

You’re at the beach. You’ve got the cool waves and the cold sand under your feet. A soft breeze plays around you. It’s perfect but for the fact that you aren’t carrying any beach towels.

How to Clean a DeLonghi Toaster Oven

Over time and through consistent use, your DeLonghi toaster oven can accumulate crumbs, grease and other unwanted buildup. In order to maintain a sanitary cooking space, you will want to periodically clean your toaster oven. This can be done using several common household cleaning products and will

How to Change the CCF to Therms

The natural gas that is piped to homes and businesses is recorded by a meter that measures the volume of gas that passes through the pipe. The volume of gas measured by the meter is shown on a gas bill in a unit written as CCF. A CCF is 100 cubic feet. This amount of gas is then converted to an ener

How to Wire Nested GFCI Receptacles

A ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) receptacle is an outlet that monitors the electrical imbalance between the entry and exit points in the "hot" wire. It is a safety device to protect against electrocution by stopping the flow of electricity when there is a small current leakage. For example

HDMI - A New Connection Standard For Home Cinema

HDMI is the latest connection type found on all new modern TV's, most modern Home Theatre amplifiers and many computer monitors. But why is it important to buy equipment with HDMI connections, and how much do you need to spend on HDMI cables?

How to Replace Apartment Light Bulbs

It's been only a month or so since you've moved into your first apartment and now one of the light bulbs isn't working. But instead of calling a handyman, you can easily fix the problem with just a few tools and tips. While this is one of the easiest tasks you'll ever undertake, there are a few thin

What Is The Best Water Treatment Method?

There has been some argument in the last several years as to what the best water treatment methods might be. Residential water treatment began in the early seventies, and has evolved since then into a huge industry, with many methods and models to choose from. However, not all water filtration metho

How to De Lime a Gas Tankless Water Heater

If you have noticed cracking, popping or other odd noises coming from your water heater, it is possible that you have a lime build up that is impairing its function. Lime deposits are common in places that have hard water, and are caused by the accumulation of particulates from the water precipitat

Waffle Iron: Incredible Kitchen Appliance

If you really love to make waffles at home and that too in traditional way then waffle iron is the reliable option for you. Wafflers are an incredible food items which are being eaten or served across the world since ages.

How to Troubleshoot Baxi Boilers

Baxi boilers are wonderful inventions that keep houses toasty and warm during the cold winter months. As with many systems, Baxi boilers can get damaged over time and will then require repairs. Additionally, Baxi boilers often need repairs when they are first installed. There are a number of differe

How to Install a Square D HomeLine Breaker Into a Panel

The Square D HomeLine breaker, a product of Schneider Electric, prevents excessive electricity from flowing through wires if an appliance develops an electrical short circuit. Short circuits create excessive heat in wires and have the potential for starting a fire. The breaker is rated in amps, allo