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How to Landscape a Garden & Design a Deck

Planning a well-designed garden and accompanying deck requires sketching everything on paper. Using every square inch to create balance will provide a better outcome. A garden should include your favorite plants and artistic touches. However, the garden should not look too cluttered or busy. You wan

Most Carefree Lawn Grass

Lawns are important parts of the landscape and bring warmth to otherwise bare expanses of ground. Success with lawns depends upon choosing the right variety adapted to your area's growing conditions. If you wish you grow a relatively carefree lawn, the secret is to select varieties that...

Differences Between Sound Insulation and Sound Absorption

Sound insulation and sound absorption are two completely different things.professional golden sound wave image by Gongea Alexandru from Fotolia.comSound moves in a wave through the air, very similarly to ripples in a pond. The transmission of sound can be altered or stopped however, if...

How to Make a Red Block Patio

A patio is an extra room to your house with an outdoor experience. Treat it as if it were another living area. Depending on your location it can be used year round or through the summer and into the fall. However long it is available, a patio is an area that gives you outdoor cooking and serves as a

Landscape Designing Ideas For The Enthusiast

This article tells you how to go about your landscape designing project. You can go about planning your landscape designs in whichever way you think is apt. It does not really require you to be a an expert with skills and nether do you need a certification for this. It definitely helps if you are qu

How to Lay a Cement Walkway

A cement walkway will help keep your shoes clean from mud and dirt. You can also use a cement walkway as a decorative element in your garden, to separate two sides of a flowerbed, or to keep people from walking on your lawn or through your garden. Making a cement walkway is somewhat challenging, but

Simple Pool Landscaping Concepts

Mix a certain amount of imagination, creativity and a few vital information regarding plants and flowers, and your pool landscaping project would be the envy of the community. Most lawns highlight the swimming pool as ...

How to Kill Weeds & Plant Grass Seed

Weeds are opportunistic plants that take advantage of sparsely growing grass and bare patches on a lawn. Lawn grass is sensitive to pH balance, moisture and sunlight. When any one of these conditions is less than ideal, grass growth is stunted and bare patches can form on a lawn. The best defense ag

How to Identify Bahia Grass With Insect Eggs

Bahia grass is a popular warm-season turf used for yards and pastures. The grass is commonly grown in the United States and tends to survive better in warm, humid regions. While many enjoy healthy bahia grass, insects can lay eggs within the grass blades. These eggs are ticking time bombs for an exp

How to Install Stone Garden Edging

A stone edging that wraps your herb or rose garden is a low-cost way to add whimsy and beauty to your yard's landscape. Stone edging also serves a practical purpose--giving you a cleaner mowing and trimming line, providing a root barrier to prevent invasive lawn grasses from entering flower beds, an

How to Propagate Thai Plumeria From Seed

The plants in the genus Plumeria go by many names: frangipani, kalachuchi, champa, melia. Its Mexican name is cacalloxochitl. Plumeria is native to Mexico and can be found growing wild throughout the country and in parts of South and Central America. The best way to start Thai plumeria in your own y

Garden Gate Ideas

Garden gates are magical in a way; an entry to another growing and beautiful world. Garden gates in and of themselves can be a work of art, but choosing the right design to complement your garden is key. Many ordinary gates can be made extraordinary with little fuss; there are also simply extravagan

Tips on How to Winterize Your Lawn Sprinkler System

Each winter your irrigationsystem will need to be "winterized" to prevent the water lines from freezing and cracking. This involves blowing out the system with compressed air and turning the main valve off to prevent ...

Oak Anthracnose

Oak wilt has devastated many oak trees in Austin, Texas over recent years. However, there are other tree diseases that have symptoms similar to oak wilt. Consult an Austin arborist for assistance in diagnosing and treating your oaks.

A Feng Shui Landscape

Feng Shui, developed more than three hundred years ago is the belief by the ancient Chinese that the natural, physical as well as the astronomical energies surrounding us promote health and happiness. Feng Shui translated ...

Are Oak Leaves a Good Mulch for Tomatoes?

Organic mulches, such as oak leaves, make an effective mulch for the vegetable garden and tomatoes. Oak leaves break down over the course of the summer, adding soil-building organic matter to the garden. They conserve moisture, regulate soil temperature and reduce weed growth. Apply them at the prop

Brick Patio & Paver Designs

Brick patio pavers make an excellent choice for construction around your home, for walkways and driveways as well as patios. These sturdy bricks can support a lot of weight while standing up to the wear and tear of temperature and humidity changes, moisture and wind. There are different types of bri

Good Landscaping Can Turn Your Home into a Happy Home

When you have a need to do landscaping and outdoor building, you need to have a plan for executing these things in advance since you would want everything to be in right place. The outdoor ...

DIY Stone Fire Pits

Gathering around a fire has long been an activity of humans. In the past our ancestors did this out of necessity, to cook food or for warmth. Today, many people use backyard fire pits for recreational cooking and as a way to spend time with family and friends. You can buy a small metal fire pit or,