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How to Make a Homemade Waterfall

A waterfall can turn your backyard into a garden retreat. It can create a soothing sound, attract birds and provide a substrate for plants that thrive on running water. Moreover, the flowing water fills the air with negative ions that have a beneficial effect on air quality and your moods. You can e


A definition of the aquarium term Nitrosomonas.

A Quick Easy Guide to Maintain a Swimming Pool

You want your swimming pool to be an oasis of relaxing fun. Learning the proper methods to maintain a swimming pool is easier than you think. You don't have to hire expensive service companies to do it for you, just follow this quick, easy guide and keep your water healthy, sparkling, and clean

Recommendations for Pools During Freezing Temperatures

Swimming pools provide summer recreation and entertainment. In a winter climate, however, the pool must be closed and winterized at the end of the swimming season to protect the pool, pipes and pool equipment from damaging winter freezes. Depending on the type of pool that you have and the area wher

The Top 10 Outdoor Patio Umbrellas

Find out our picks for the best patio umbrellas, sure to bring shade and style to your yard. There's a type, color, and price for every budget.

Pros and Cons of Wood Flooring

Wood flooring adds value to a home, but is easily damaged by moisture.wood background image by MAXFX from Fotolia.comWith so many flooring options available, many homeowners are turning to wood when they remodel rooms in their homes. Choices range from dark, rich foreign hardwoods to...

How to Make a Solar Heater Out of Soda Cans

Soda cans and a window frame are the makings of a homemade solar panel heater. The solar panel works by forcing air upward into the aluminum soda cans, which are warmed by the sun. The warm air is then pushed out of an output hose. Many green living enthusiasts claim this project works well to heat

Should You Build or Install a Sauna?

Saunas are sometimes confused with spas or hot tubs, possibly because people refer to them in the context of taking a sauna bath. They also are used for many of the same reasons: to relax sore muscles, stimulate circulation and to get warm -- sometimes extremely warm. While a hot tub spa bathes you

Pool Toys For Summer Fun

Backyard swimming is a family water sport that is made more pleasurable with the addition of pool toys. There are many types of pool toys that are available for age's infant to adult. You will find inflatable floats, rings and pool loungers that are primarily just for floating and relaxing. Als

Inground Swimming Pool Leak

Whether you spend hours in a pool to beat the summer hear or use it for quick dips, nothing compares to having your own in-ground swimming pool. Repair leaks in the pool yourself to continue using it through the season.

How to Keep Tree Roots Out of a Fish Pond

A fish ponds can be an exciting and visually appealing addition to any backyard garden, but ponds require a lot of work and protection. When installing a pond, consider its proximity to nearby trees. Tree roots grow and expand unpredictably. If your pond is too close to a tree, roots can puncture th

Swimming Pool Safety Act of Florida 2001

Swimming pools can be a wonderful addition to any home, offering countless hours of fun. Pools can also be deadly when responsible pool ownership is not practiced. In Florida, where the weather is warm most of the year, the number of drownings increased to the point where the state stepped in and ma

How to Repair a Pool Filter Tank

The most popular filter for pools is a sand filter. The water is filtered through sand that resides in the filter tank. From time to time, these filters may need repair. The most common repairs are replacing the sand or replacing the laterals in the bottom of the filter tank that keep the sand from

Swimming Pool Safety Supplies

A swimming pool is a wonderful thing to have in your yard, although you must remember that drowning is one of the most frequent deaths with children. If drowning takes place, in the majority of cases the cause is the lack of supervision. If you own a pool, you simply must have safety equipment aroun


A definition of the word, aerenchyma.

Fireman Design Ideas

Whether you're decorating the room of a child who admires firefighters or you're a fireman yourself and want to pay homage to your profession, consider incorporating a fireman-themed design in your decor. Through the use of paint, decorations and furnishings, you can create a space that any future o

How Does a Hot Tub Pump Work?

Importance of a Hot Tub PumpA hot tub is completely useless without the pump. The principle behind a hot tub is that water is pulled through intakes and passes through a heater before coming out of jets, piping hot, to the enjoyment of the occupants. Without the pump to move the water, it...

What Are the Benefits to Owning a Hot Tub?

The benefits of a having a hot tub are numerous, the first one of which is that if you install a hot tub you will suddenly become very popular with your friends, as they will all want to come around to use it on a regular basis. Indeed this is a serious consideration, as having a tub installed will

So What is the Difference Between Portable Spas and Hot Tubs?

Perhaps you may be wondering what the difference between a hot tub and portable spa is. While the terms hot tub and spa once meant different things, the two terms have become somewhat interchangeable. Spas used to be just a heated tub made from acrylic or other forms of thermoplastic, which later ev