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Are the Democrats Really Poised to Take Montana Or is it a Bunch of Hot Air?

Recently, in Montana the Democrats and specifically the Barrack Obama supporters have been gaining momentum by signing up new voters and making at least some headway with the hardcore Montana conservatives. But are all these news reports really accurate? Well, let me tell you what I have seen in my

Obama - Can Your Kids Speak Spanish?

Obama said our kids should be bilingual. Not a bad idea if we want to communicate better with our neighbors and other countries across the seas.

The Latest News : Kcr Into Controversy Again ! Hello Andhra

Hyderabad : It is known to all that the TRS chief KCR is an expert into making controversial statements. It was possible only for him to have said before to tear down the tongues of the Andhra leaders, stating Prime Minister as a chaprasi or even comparing Sonia to a devil. KCR who had kept his tong

How to Find My Voting Precinct in Michigan

A voting precinct is the place where you go to vote in local, state, and national elections. Local city or county clerks in Michigan determine where you go to vote based on your address and whether you have registered to vote in the state. Thanks to plentiful government and nonprofit resources, fin

Panchayati Raj

Nowadays rapid urbanization and the 'west copying' culture has engulfed India. But despite this many believe that the true India exists in its villages, it is where the raw and the majority of the Indian population exist. Therefore the proper growth opportunities for India to exist, it has

Can a Secular Society Change the Definition of Marriage?

This article is my own search for the meaning of marriage. The question of same-sex marriage is being asked by our secular society, a question which has bled into the spiritual. Can same-sex marriage exist within our nation and not divide it as did Roe v. Wade 40 years ago?

Two Central Powers of the United States Congress

The powers of the United States Congress are clearly defined in Section 8 of the first article of the Constitution. According to the nation's supreme law, the Congress is given multiple powers, including the duty to establish post offices and post roads, promote the progress of science and useful ar

How Are Caucuses Conducted in the US?

A caucus is a political meeting where party members gather to select a candidate for election. In the 19th century, only political leaders attended caucuses. Today, however, they are generally open to all registered voters. Each party within a state has its own rules regarding procedure at a caucus.

How to Understand the U.S. Constitution

The Constitution is the fundamental law of the United States. Framed in 1787, it created the three branches of government and formed the republican form of government we enjoy.

Will the Death of Equality Result in the Death of America

Since the very foundation of this country the groups that have been most disenfranchised and most often attacked were those who would fight for equality. Though the abolitionists and the feminists eventually won their battles, the most often attacked political group and those who completely lost the

How the SNP Uses Anglophobia to Split the Union

This article looks at the relationship between the Anglophobia which exists in Scotland and support for Scottish independence. Although the SNP claim not to be anti-English and would like to be seen as putting forward a form of civic nationalism based solely on residency, it is becomes clear from a

Shouldn't Obama Fix the USPTO Before He Calls for More Innovation?

As the coordinator for a think tank, one thing that is a constant burden to inventors, innovators, and their investors is the cost, hassle, and bureaucracy of filing a patent. It's amazing the time it takes, and the insanity of the paperwork. The cost is not insignificant either, it can easily

Nato Finally Criticizes Pakistan

The US and NATO have finally began to tighten up on the Pakistanis for their inactivity when help was needed. I believe that if the Pakistanis would help out more the war on terror would be much farther along than it is.

The Three Types of Powers Granted in the Constitution

The United States government is a federal government that shares its powers with the states as a form of checks and balances to ensure that one branch does not have too much power or control. The division of power is established in the United States Constitution in the 10th Amendment, which states "

One of the Most Outspoken Fear Mongers in Our Country - Senator Joseph McCarthy

There have been few figures as feared in American political history, and few who have been demonized since their time to the degree that McCarthy has. The immediate piece of Senator Joseph McCarthy trivia that jumps to mind is the fact that he was in many ways both the leader and public face of the

Invasion of Iraq

On September 11, 2001; United States was attacked by terrorists identified as radical Muslims led by ex-CIA asset and ex-Afghan Mujahadeen soldier during the Cold War. His name is Osama Bin Laden and after his announcement to wage war with the Western civilization, he has become the most dangerous m

About Body Detox Through the Feet

In spring of 2008, news agencies began to question if body toxins could be released through the feet by investigating claims made by marketers of detox food pads and foot baths. After exposes on foot detox products were released to the public through wide-reaching mediums such as ABC's 20/20 and Nat

Will Al-qaeda Ever Die?

The US and the rest of the world community has launched an aggressive campaign against al-Qaeda. The war on terror. This campaign has been successful but costly. The cost is neccessary because it has to be done. There are symptoms that the organization is in decline and I believe that it will fade a