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Cover Yourself With The Best Health Insurance Policy

Nowadays more and more people consume cigarettes, alcohol, etc. The consumption borders on abuse. Out of these groups is a huge chunk of teenagers. There are many reasons why they consume these deadly and life ...

Illinois Health Plans - Different Types of Plans

If you have just moved to the Illinois area, or are interested in switching Illinois health plans, it can seem like a difficult task to wade through all of the different options that are available ...

How Does Group Health Insurance Work?

To gain a better understanding of how group health insurance works, we should first explain what it is. Group health insurance is an agreement between an insurer and a sponsor of the plan to provide ...

Botox Breakdown: Ace Your Botox Claims With Expert Tips

Ensure to check your payer's approved diagnoses. A lot of urologists are using Botox to treat urinary dysfunctions in patients. With no assigned CPT code for the work your urologist carries out and changing payer ...

Dallas Health Insurance - Choosing a Family Policy

The main benefit of choosing a Dallas health insurance plan that covers an entire group or family is that you will probably be able to save money compared to insuring everyone individually. Also, there tend ...

Blue Shield of California - Basic Facts

For the past 70 years, Blue Shield of California has climbed from humble beginnings to one of the most innovative companies to provide health insurance in the state of California. It is one of the ...

Looking For Health Insurance? This Is A Must Read

The subject of health insurance can be confusing. There are so many different policies and choices to make, and it can be confusing without helpful guidance. It's important to remember that what's relevant today may ...

High‐Efficiency Particulate Air Vacuum

Cleaning the whole house is quite time consuming, especially when everything is all messed up from a party or from an entire week of no cleaning at all. It is a good thing though that ...

What Is Insurance Coinsurance?

Understanding your health insurance plan is essential to receiving appropriate service and treatment and to minimize confusion caused by complicated cost-sharing calculations. As the cost of health insurance has increased, carriers have implemented techniques to try to maintain affordable premiums.

The Cons of Universal Healthcare

Citizens in the United States often lament at the lack of a universal health care system. Advocates of the system argue that universal health care will reduce the amount of deaths caused by lack of treatment due to lack of health insurance. Other citizens believe a universal system will...

Hints for Health Insurance

Health insurance is a vital purchase, one that every individual must make. Going without health insurance can be both dangerous and expensive, so it is important to make sure you are covered. If you have access to health care through your employer, you should review your options carefully and choose

How to Qualify for Extra Help for Medicare Part D in Illinois

Medicare offers Part D, a prescription drug benefit. Some people have a difficult time paying for some of the costs associated with Part D, especially those with low incomes. For these people, Extra Help, a federal program administered by Social Security, is an option. There are many different ways

What Is the Point of Suing a Doctor If an Insurance Company Subrogates?

Subrogation of rights is when an insurance company asserts its right to collect money on payments it made on behalf of its insured. When your health insurer pays for medical treatment that occured as a result of malpractice, the insurer may recover its costs for your medical bills. However, subrogat

Principles of Acute Fracture Care

If you suspect you've broken a bone, see a doctor as soon as possible.ANKLE FRACTURE image by Dr Cano from Fotolia.comIf you suspect you have fractured a bone, or that someone else has, you can take certain steps to stabilize the situation until a doctor can determine the extent of the...

Health Insurance & Prenatal Care

Health insurance typically provides many valuable benefits for women who are pregnant. Although health insurance benefits vary by plan, most plans provide some level of prenatal care, and utilizing health care benefits and services is one way to ensure the healthiest possible pregnancy. Seeking earl

Community Rating

Find out what community rating is and how it can affect your health insurance premium. Learn about health insurance premium rating.

Definition of Genogram

Genograms are pictorial representations of a family's history through three or more generations. Caregivers use this information in the treatment of family related illnesses and to discover family behaviors that may lead to medical conditions.

HIPAA Law Summary

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was signed into law in 1996. It provides rights and protections for individual's health insurance records. HIPAA also ensures that employees have access to insurance after leaving a job and protects people with preexisting conditions f