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How to Stop Nicotine & Caffeine

There is evidence that nicotine addiction is intensified by caffeine. It explains why many smokers frequently ingest caffeinated drinks. This relationship between these two addictive substance makes the effort to stop nicotine and caffeine seem like a herculean effort. Fortunately, there are ways to

Debt and the Effects of Stress

If you're carrying too much debt for your comfort, you may find yourself worrying about your ability to repay it. If you're being harassed by bill collectors or even facing the possibility of bankruptcy or foreclosure, you may be dealing with an extreme amount of stress. Debt stress can affect your

The Path to Individuation and Wholeness

How does individuation work? Every person is unique, and so every process will be unique. There are two frameworks, though, that can be useful in guiding us along the way. Remember, "The goal of the individuation process is the synthesis of the self" (Jung). That is what we are trying to &

Troubleshooting a Toilet That Takes a Long Time to Refill

You may never notice your toilet is taking a long time to refill. If you do notice, you may not see it as a significant issue. Yet, once you have a party and the bathroom gets steady traffic, the lagging toilet can be a source of annoyance and embarrassment to you and your guests. Before you call th

How to Cope With Extreme Shyness

Shyness comes in a continuum, ranging from "stage fright" to "hermit." If you are shy enough that it causes you distress, makes it difficult to work or enjoy a social life, or even keeps you at home alone, you might have Social Phobia, Social Anxiety Disorder or Avoidant Personal

Smoking Health Risks

The dangers of smoking first came to light in the 1950s, after a report by the British Medical Journal closely linked smoking with lung cancer. The United States Surgeon General began studying the effects of smoking in 1964, and smoking became linked with a number of health risks.

ADD Diagnosis - How To Avoid Making The Wrong Diagnosis

ADD is the abbreviated form of a neurological disorder that mostly affects boys during the elementary schooling stage; it has certain marked symptoms such as reduced concentration span, restlessness, careless actions and inattention to details exhibited by those affected. However, in order to determ

Polypharmacy for Schizophrenia

Are polypharmacy strategies effective for refractory schizophrenia? This review examines current best-evidence.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Treatment That Works

Obsessive compulsive disorder treatment that is right for you: Without seeking the proper treatment, OCD can disrupt daily life. OCD is very common and millions of Americans suffer from it. Some cases are more severe ...

Bipolar Disorder-Medications

Although your family doctor can prescribe medications to treat bipolar disorder, you will probably be referred to a psychiatrist, who is trained specifically in the medications used to treat mental disorders.

How Do You Judge the Efficacy of Treatments For ADHD?

"If it works, don't fix it" goes the old saying. Why can't weapply that to ADHD medication which uses psychostimulants and which will calm children down and help them to focus? Surely that is sufficient proof to judge the efficacy of treatments for ADHD

How to Buy Cheap Memory Foam Mattresses

Buying cheap but quality Memory foam mattresses is impossible for most of users and buyers. Mostly from us buy quality stuff rather than thinking about low prices because they know their quality stuff will long ...

How Does an Alcohol Treatment Program Help Alcoholics?

Recovery Begins with a Phone CallAlcoholic treatment programs are in business to help the alcoholic. However, before any program can begin, the alcoholic must admit she has a problem. In other words, the alcoholic must turn herself in, making the phone call for help to a treatment center....

Getting Comfortable in Your Skin - The Road to a Happy, Healthy Body

It's a brand new year and lots of folks are 'resolving' to make changes in their lives, their bodies, their habits. One of the most popular resolutions is to 'get to the gym' or 'lose some weight'. Here's a perspective that may help you in your goal to make th

How to Measure Sleep Wake Cycle

Whether you want to monitor your sleeping habits for medical purposes or for general knowledge, you can keep track of the number of sleep cycles you naturally sleep. With this information handy, you can change your sleep strategy. For example, if you normally fall asleep around 11 PM, but you often

Down Syndrome and Its Relation With Cerebral Palsy

Down syndrome is a genetic disorder that is characterized by mental retardation as well as delay in normal developmental stages that lasts throughout the life. The severity of this disorder varies from one person to another.

Interpretive Speech Topics

Interpretive speech topics inspire the listeners to discuss the topic. Interpretive speech topics don't have a simple answer and the discussion that follows has no correct conclusion. Arguments sometimes follow the speech when the participants get into heated talks about the speech's subject matter.

How is Cerebral Palsy Diagnosed?

The term diagnosis comes from two greek words: dia, meaning across and gnosis, meaning to know. Greeks defined the word as understanding or learning what is happening across a subject or object.