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How Cell Phone Antennas Work

Cell Phone Antenna: The BasicsOn the most basic level, a cell phone is nothing more than a radio frequency transmitter. Each cell phone antenna sends a broadcast signal at a certain frequency which communicates with a cell phone tower that is listening and broadcasting at the same...

Getting the Facts Straight With Reverse Phone Number Search Service

Most often when you wish to find out the phone or cell phone number of a particular person or place, you would simply refer to the yellow pages. But, what would you do in situations when you have a phone number and don't know whom it belongs to. This can be really cumbersome on your part and yo

How to Set up an i365 Phone

The i365 is a cellular phone manufactured by Motorola. It has a candy bar design and comes with various features, such as Bluetooth capacity and text-messaging. When you first purchase an i365, you need to set it up so that you can use it. The good news is that this process was designed so that it c

T-Mobile Reverse Lookup - Free Preliminary Search Online For an Unknown Caller

Are you wanting to perform a T-Mobile reverse lookup? It is no surprise since thousands of people daily are experiencing unknown callers on their cell phones daily. I used to ignore these calls until my children started to receive ongoing calls from an unknown number. When it hits close to home, you

Motorola L6i Mobile Phone With Basic Facilities

Motorola L6i is a purplish blue in color. There are a few phones which are meant for those who want to experience all the functions of an advanced mobile phone. They are not so well-equipped to afford the latest and advanced handsets, so they can opt for the ones that have high end features at entry

Samsung U700 - Multi-Tasking Gadget

Samsung has introduced a new handset -the Samsung U700 Black in Ultra Edition II range. This Black mobile handset is a 3G slider phone with great features. Loaded with advanced features, the phone has delicate design and sleek finish thereby, making it more attractive.

Harassing Calls And Texts? Stop These With These 4 Simple Techniques

Most of you have already experienced being flooded by texts and calls from people you don’t know. They are not registered on the phone book but they keep on calling and texting you over and over again. Actually, they won’t even bother answering your texts or calls.

How to Unlock My Phone Code

A lot of mobile phone companies will give the handset away for free or at a very low cost, and in return they put you on a contract. They will also lock the phone, preventing you from moving to a different company once the contract is up. This is done to insure a steady supply of customers, but what

Samsung Galaxy S 2 Bigger And Better

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 is none else but the Galaxy Tab10.1 inch that is destined to land sometime in June 2011. However it is rife in virtual world even before its arrival on the shelves.

Sony Ericsson W-760i Loaded With Excellence And Beauty

This is a walkman series which has a lot of superior functions. These functions together make this mobile phone a multi functional handset. Sony Ericsson is a slider phone in maroon with 103x48x15mm in dimensions, and 103g by weight. The rich maroon color with striking contrast of silver and grey ma

Android App Development Is Must Thing to Change the World

In the present era if we compare with the previous Android Smartphone capture at least 70 percent of mobile market and approx 250 millions android devices are activated in all over the world. The Android ...

Immerse Into The Amazing World Of Gaming With Xperia Play

Xperia Play deals are getting a lot of popularity these days, as the number of gaming fans are increasing by each passing day. These gaming lovers are crazy about Playstation. This smartphone offers an astonishing gaming experience with all the obvious features of any Android smartphone.

GSM Phone Rentals

If you are not a frequent traveler, you may consider renting a GSM phone, compatible with the frequencies of the countries that you are visiting. If you think that you can just bring your own GSM phone and expect it to work in which-ever country that you are visiting, think again. The cellular syste

2013 - An Unexciting Year In Mobile Phones?

This article discusses the prospects for the year ahead in terms of Smartphone advancement. It discusses where the market is right now, how is has move very slowly toward the end of the year and the difficulties manufacturers face with breaking the mold next year.

Samsung F700 - An Ultra Smart Phone

Samsung F700 is a touch screen phone with advanced features. The 5 megapixel camera with auto focus takes superb pictures. The phone is a complete device for multimedia crazy users. It can play music of all kind and view videos of high resolution.

How to Search Cell Numbers Free?

Most people are not aware that you are able to search for a cell phone number to find out information about the owner. From a single cell number you are able to find out the owner's full name, their current address, the relatives, address history and even who their neighbors are!