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Food-Stamp-Program Guide

Food stamps are vouchers issued by the government that allow people with little or no income to purchase food. These vouchers are issued by state governments to residents who are eligible and who apply for the benefits. Food stamps can only be used to purchase certain types of food, and only certain

Can Another Person Request a Deposit Into My Checking Account?

When you need money in your checking account, it's always more convenient to have someone else do the job. Though banks have strict policies regarding checking account withdrawals -- requiring identification to do so in person -- most banks will allow anyone to make a deposit into your account. The

How to Apply for Food Stamps in Wilmington, North Carolina

The Department of Social Services administers a Food and Nutrition Services program in the State of North Carolina. The program provides low-income families with money for food. The program uses an Electronic Benefits Transfer card instead of food stamps. Since North Carolina has more than 100 count

Energy Assistance in Maine

In Maine, low-income residents may apply for heating assistance through their local Community Action Agency office. Residents need proof of income for the past three months, proof of address, utility bill receipts and identifying information for all people living in their households. Once residents

Tips on Daily Budget Planning

Budget planning is key to personal money management. Most people plan on a monthly or weekly basis, but setting a daily budget can help to keep you on track with a larger budgeting process. Daily budget planning involves assessing short and long term goals and initiating a process to...

How Is Unemployment Paid For?

During periods of economic hardship, companies often lay off workers in an effort to cut costs and maintain profitability. Unemployment insurance is a government program that provides benefits such as periodic income payments to workers that become unemployed due to no fault of their own. Unemployme

Does Church Scholarship Money Need to be Claimed on Taxes?

According to College Board, for the 2010-2011 academic year, the average yearly cost for college tuition and fees ranged from $2,713 for a two-year college to $27,293 for a private four-year university. To offset the cost of pursuing a higher education, more than $154 billion in financial aid was aw

How to Cut Down on a Cell Phone Bill

Cell phones are useful, some say necessary, parts of daily life in the 21st century. But a cell phone bill can crawl like a snake into your budget, devouring needed cash. Using common sense and really thinking about those phone calls in the supermarket or other places they are unnecessary can help.

How to Redeem a Roth IRA

While a Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA) cannot be "redeemed" like a government bond, for example, there are choices you can make in terms of how to close out the balance of a Roth IRA. Because a Roth is a federally-approved retirement account, there are Internal Revenue Service (IRS) regula

What is the Definition of a Savings Account?

A savings account is a type of bank account where extra money can be stored, separate from your primary (checking) account. These accounts are good for building cash reserves for vacations, emergencies and education.

What Is the Rule of 85 with Retirement?

The Rule of 85 allows for early retirement benefits in pension plans. This sometimes controversial stipulation permits retirees to avoid pay reduction for drawing benefits before the age of 65 if they have worked for a sufficient number of years.

How to Make a PS3 Fast

The Sony Playstation 3 gaming console allows you to play games on or offline, watch videos and download games as well as media files. However, with any computer system, the more files you download or the set up of your console can decrease the speed at which it runs. This may happen in part if you h

How to Recycle Carpet and Tile

A majority of carpet and tiles manufactured today are made from materials that will not biodegrade. Remodeling that requires removal of these products poses the problem of what to do with your old flooring materials. One way to recycle your old carpet and tiles is to use them to create a unique gard

Social Security Benefits for a Non-Citizen Widow

According to the Congressional Research Service about 13.9 million non-citizens are working in the United States as of 2006 -- in 2002 the estimate was 11.3 million. In the event of death, their non-citizens survivors, including widows, widowers and children, must meet special requirements in order

How Can a Collection Agency Affect a Credit Score?

A collection agency is a company that attempts to collect an unpaid debt. Collection accounts on a credit report are considered a negative item, and will have a negative effect on your credit score.

The Average Attorney's Hourly Rates

Attorneys, also known as lawyers, interpret laws, apply laws to a variety of different cases and may be involved in the drafting of legislation. Attorneys may serve as an advocate, representing a client in court by presenting evidence and precedent, or as advisers, giving clients information regardi

When Do You Need to Fill Out a New W-4 Form in New Jersey?

As an employee in New Jersey, you are supposed to pay federal and state income tax. Your employer uses the Internal Revenue Service's, IRS, instructions to withhold federal income tax and applies the New Jersey Department of Treasury's guidelines to withhold state income tax. Both agencies require y

How to Sell Used Homeschool Curriculum

Parents may be surprised to discover how much money they end up spending on homeschool curriculum, and how often they buy items that never get used. A great option for recouping some of the money spent on unused workbooks and textbooks in good condition is to resell them to other homeschool parents.

9 Refrigerator Energy and Cost Saving Tips

The newer Energy Star refrigerator models offer substantial energy efficiency improvements over older models, but putting out $1000 or more for a new refrigerator may just not be possible for you right now. While you ...