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How to Tell a Girl Bird From a Boy Bird

Determining a bird's sex can be done by either a pet owner or by a licensed veterinarian. Some birds have features that only a boy or girl bird would have. These birds are known as dimorphic birds. An owner can visually check a dimorphic bird's sex. Other birds require scientific testing to find its

Talking Bird Species

Throughout history, talking birds have amazed the world with their speech capabilities. They not only have beautiful colors and long exotic feathers, the birds seem to answer and almost hold a conversation with humans. Almost from the time they hatch, these birds learn to imitate sounds and words fr

Top Tips For Cleaning A Bird Aviary

A bird aviary in your backyard can do wonders to the overall ambiance of the area. This can be situated within a garden as part of the design or a focal point. Many people who love to keep and breed various species of birds will tell you that this is no easy hobby to take.

Immigrants Are Welcome

India plays host to lots of avian visitors in the cold season. We guide you through the birds' winter home.

How to Tell a White Male Goose From a Female

Geese are very social animals that are happiest living in flocks or bonded pairs. It is possible for you to introduce a new adult female into a flock. It is also possible to encourage an adult male, known as a gander, and a female goose to form a bonded pair. It is, however, not advisable for you to


Defines the Laridae family of birds, including characteristics these worldwide birds share and examples of Laridae birds.

How to Trim Chicken Wing Feathers

Backyard chickens have become very popular in recent years. Fresh eggs from your own backyard have a great appeal, but there are problems with raising a chicken in limited space, most notably their ability to fly out of their containment area and into a neighbor's yard. Trimming chicken feathers isn

Tracking the Chimney Swift

The chimney swift is among the most gregarious of birds. Groups of chimney swifts love spending their time together in large groups, whether on the ground or in the air. These birds are small birds, just short of a half foot long. And they love to spend lots of time in flight.

How to Foster Parrots

There is no wonder at all why folks for so many years adore parrots. This is because of their very unique personalities and lovable colorful feathers that people seem to be so drawn to them. It is a tedious task to foster these types of birds, but when they are loved and nourished well they would be

How to Control Body Lice on Chickens

Lice are a common parasite that spend their entire life cycle on the body of their host. They tend to congregate in the tail feathers of infected chickens and lay clusters of eggs that hatch into more lice. The skin irritation that occurs, as they feed on dead skin scales, annoys and agitates infect

Swarovski Optik and Its Growing Popularity

Swarovski Optik is a well known brand that produces spotting optics, scopes and binoculars. This brand is considered one of the top echelons in the field of bird watching and hunting.

How to Use a Two Liter Pop Bottle in a Gravity Water Bottle for Pets

According to the Petsmart website, gravity water bottles are designed to provide pets with a constant supply of water that stays fresh and clean longer. Gravity water bottles are available in a variety of sizes depending on amount of water that needs to be provided. The bottles provide water for pet

What Are the Benefits of Ostrich Leather?

In addition to its meat, used in food such as ostrich burgers, the ostrich is also known for its leather, which finds a multitude of uses. Buyers of leather goods touted as made of ostrich leather should be careful that the material is indeed genuine ostrich leather. Otherwise, you could end up payi

How to Open a Stokes Tube Bird Feeder

Feeding birds outdoors can be done by simply placing elevated containers of bird seed or feed around your backyard. Different types and styles of bird feeders are available, with one option being a tube feeder. Tube feeders, such as those manufactured by Stokes, are deigned to house bird food in a h

Parrot Care - Should You Clip the Wings?

Should you clip your bird's primary wing feathers? This is a debate that will go on forever. There are two sides to the story and compelling cases can be made for clipping as well as not clipping.

How Does a Baby Bird Catch Food?

Baby Birds Cannot Feed ThemselvesBaby birds are not able to catch their own food. Even if you place a worm or bug next to it, it will probably not be able to eat it. The majority of mother birds feed their babies by chewing up small, soft insects, then regurgitating them into the baby's...