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Doberman Pinscher Care and Feeding Tips for a Wonderful Pet

With the proper training Dobermans are not the vicious animal that they are reputed to be. When they learn you are the pack leader they are very easy to train. They are hardy dogs except they don't like cold so will need to be inside quite a bit.

Every Day is Golden

You own a Golden Retriever; you adore it; you want it in front of your eyes every moment... Well, that's the story of every person who owns a Golden Retriever. Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could have your golden companion tell you what day and date it is, every single day of the week, m

American Bull Dogs - Friends & Protectors

American Bull Dogs conjure up images of great power and dominance when their breed is mentioned. This extremely protective animal makes for not only a great friend, but also the perfect dog for protecting your home and family members.

Great Large Breeds of Dog

Are you in the process of looking for a dog to bring into your home? You will be so glad that you made this decision - congratulations to you. A dog is a really good pet and will be a great companion for you.

Dog Training - When Your Dog Wants to Leave Home

Sometime between the fourth and eighth month, your dog will begin to realize the fact that there is a bigger world out there. Up to this point, every time that you called him he willingly came to your call. Now he may prefer to investigate and wonder off. He is maturing and cutting all strings attac

How to Clean Muddy Dog Paws Before Coming In

April showers bring May flowers, but for dog owners, the showers may bring muddy paws and necessitate spending time and effort removing muddy paw prints from the carpets, rugs and floor. However, you can minimize the work and make your life easier by cleaning muddy paws before your dog comes into th

Puppy Training Tips - The First Weeks

Basic puppy care is not much different than caring for a new born child. You select your new puppy and get to take him home without a manual that tells you exactly what you need to do on a daily basis. The first night or couple will no doubt be filled with crying as your puppy will miss it's mo

Dog Obedience Training

So to summarize my article on dog obedience training. Basically i want to bring the public to the attention of not only new ground breaking methods in dog obedience training performed, but about the dog trainer herself she has an highly respected CV in this market not to be ignored!

Dog Clothes - It Will Have Your Dog Looking and Feeling Good

You love your pooch and you want to do something special so he stands apart from all the other pooches out there. Well, a great way to do that is with fun dog clothes. They are the perfect way to keep your dog looking and feeling good.

Understanding Aggressive Dog Behavior

Punishment is not a good way to try to control an aggressive dog. Any training for aggressive behavior needs to focus more on rewarding and complimenting the dog when it does what it is told.A lot of owners try to match aggression in a dog with aggression on their part, this will only create more ag

Pet Care Tips - 5 Ways to Pamper Your Pet Dogs and Cats

Our pets are great source of joy and happiness in life and one way that you can reciprocate their love is to pamper them once in a while. Here are some ways you can start with to give that royal treatment to your dogs.

Dog Training Technique - Correcting Dog Behavior

The dog training technique which works the best for correcting dog behavior is being consistent! If the owner/trainer is inconsistent in his method of training, the dog can become easily confused by the commands he's being given and not respond at all. Learn dog obedience training the right way

Effective Ways For Puppy Behavior Training

For dog owners, who are unaware, puppy behavior training is indeed important right from the time they bring home a puppy. With young dogs, the problems of potty and other behavioral problems are common. If you own a puppy, then you may follow the ways as below to inculcate behavior training.

One-Week Development in Pregnant Dogs

The full gestation period for a dog is only 63 days on average. Twenty-eight days after conception, the fetus will start to resemble a puppy. Mitosis, or the process of cell division, leading to the development of the fetus, begins with fertilization. One week after mating, the process of cell divis

Electronic Training Collars: Are They Safe For Your Dog?

OK, so you've decided that your dog is not a model citizen. He pulls on his lead, doesn't come when he's called, and jumps on your friends when they come over. It's time to get serious about training your best friend. You've heard about electronic training collars, but you&a

The Different Kinds of Teacup Dogs

The Chihuahua is one breed prized as a "teacup" breed for its naturally small size.chihuahua image by carine67 from Fotolia.comThe term "teacup dog" is an informal designation given to various breeds of dogs that are particularly small--usually 2 to 4 lbs. The nickname comes from the fact...

Dog House - Build a Suitable House For Your Beloved Pup!

Everyone loves to have a pet in his home to spend his leisure with him. If you are also from those who love animals and a true dog lover then read this article because I am going to reveal some important tips that can be very helpful for you to build a proper house for your dog.

How to Choose the Right Small Dog

Not everyone who is in the market for getting themselves a dog is equipped or want to buy a large dog. There are a lot of reasons for that, but the main reason would be the space and time that it requires to own large dog breeds. Even though you may already know that you can't and don't wa