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Do-It-Yourself Metal Halide Lighting for a Reef

Metal halide lights are powerful enough to create glitter lines over the aquarium substrate and rocks, just as the sun would do in nature. These bulbs are known as "high intensity discharge" lamps and have a color temperature that ranges from 5000K to 20,000K. Metal halide lamps in the upper color r

Types of Fish Farms

Commercial fish farms now raise nearly 40 percent of seafood eaten by consumers. Pelagic fish like salmon and tuna mature in holding pens rather than the open ocean. Catfish and tilapia on market shelves nearly always come from farms rather than wild fish populations. As fisheries dwindle, farms att

Freshwater PH & Acid Levels

Freshwater tanks require that the acidity level, known as a pH level, is consistently monitored. This process is relatively simple and requires only a small amount of equipment. This process is very important to the health of the tank, and the fish living in the tank, because too high or too low of

Keeping the Kuhli Loach

The Kuhli Loach, Pangio kuhlii, is a small eel like fish. The Kuhli loach will supposedly grow up to 12 centimetres (4 and a half inches) long, but I have never seen one this big. Most of the ones available are much smaller than this. One of the reasons for this variation is that there are several s

Should I Use Bottled Water for My Fish Tank?

A freswater aquarium: Tap water or bottled water?Aquarium image by crossgolfing from Fotolia.comTap Water UnsafeMunicipal tap water can be unsafe to use in a fish tank if it is highly chlorinated or contaminated. The website says: "You need to test your tap water for...

Protein Skimmers

A Protein Skimmer is a filter that removes dissolved organic substances and wastes from water.Protein skimming is the only form of filtration that physically removes organic compounds before they begin to decompose, lightening the loading on the biological filter and improving the water's redox

How to Set Up Boutiques

Boutiques are niche stores that target a specific audience with a product. While some stores try to compete with larger markets, others provide unique clothing or entertainment for a select clientele. If you would like to set up your own boutique, select a flagship product tailored to your geographi

The Right Amount Of Fish Tank Decorations

If you are new to the hobby, it is not uncommon to be over excited when it comes to picking out fish tank accessories and placing them inside the aquarium. But overdoing the decorations will jeopardize the fish.

How to Set Up an Employee Mentoring Program

Developing an employee mentoring program can benefit the mentor, the mentee and the organization as a whole by promoting professional development and increasing company cohesion. Such programs require careful planning and agreement between all parties involved. By first considering the costs and ben

How to Care for Guppies in a 10 Gallon Tank

Guppies are one of the most popular freshwater aquarium fish. Noted for their colorful patterns, it is said that no two guppies are alike. These small fish live in clear tropical waters in the wild. They are members of the Poeciliidae family and are related to the pike. Best kept in groups of five t

A Learner's Guide to a Clear and Healthy Aquarium

A clear aquarium is the most effective habitat for all kinds of fish or different living organisms like crabs for example. A clean aquarium means your fish and crops will live for an extended time saving you time and allowing you to take pleasure in watching them grow.

Reasons for Freshwater pH Levels to Be High

The pH, or percent Hydrogen, of water is simply a measurement of the level of the acidity in water. Although many fish can thrive in a variety of pH levels, some fish require a very particular, if not an exact, pH. A pH value is measured on a scale of 1 to 14, with 7 being neutral; therefore anyth

Ways to Setup Your Discus Aquarium

Advice on setting up a Discus fish aquarium. Discusses whether or not to have plants in an aquarium and also the different aquariums set-ups for breeding Discus fish.

Aquarium Plants - Artificial Vs Real

Nothing makes an aquarium look better then aquarium plants.The big question is should you use artificial or realaquarium plants.

Hatching Brine Shrimp for Tropical Fish

I HAVE found existing guides for hatching brine shrimp on the Internet overly complex. I have been hatching brine shrimp for tropical fish since I was a child and can confidently say that it is not a complicated process. Brine shrimp are a great live food source for tropical fish, especially if you

How to Remove Floating Pond Algae in South Carolina

Fish ponds are very common in the warm climate of South Carolina. Many pond owners, however, grow frustrated at the buildup of unsightly floating algae in their pond. This algae is called string algae, and will also attach to plants and rocks in your pond. Proper use of an algaecide can help get th

Tips on Blue Spot Butterflyfish Care

The blue spot butterflyfish or Chaetodon plebius is a member of the family Chaetodontidae. They are indigenous to the coral reef systems found in the shallower regions of the Indo-Pacific.

Common Pleco Habitat

Plecostomus (Hypostomas plecostomus) are a freshwater species from tropical and subtropical Central and South America. They are a member of the scientific family known as Loricariidae, which is the largest family of catfish and includes over 700 species. These fish are most well known for the bony p

Use of Plenum in Refugium

Plenum is a relatively new term in aquarium keeping, meaning simply a space underneath the substrate (sand or gravel) of a refugium, separating the substrate from the bottom of the aquarium. Occasionally, use of a plenum with plenty of gravel and live sand (sand filled with beneficial bacteria and o