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How to Braid Your Own Rat Tail

Rat tails are long, thin braids that hang down your back and start at the nape of your neck. The tail usually isn't trimmed; it grows longer than the rest of the hair. As it grows, re-braid to it to keep it tight and stop it from fraying at the top. Some people keep a long section of hair for a rat

Gaits of a Horse

The motion of the horse's feet and legs are called gaits. There are roughly two groups of gaits, the natural gait and the acquired gait. The four natural gaits are the walk, the trot, the canter and the gallop. Some people consider the cantor and the gallop as one gait. A gait performed by natu

How to Keep an Equine Warm

As horses are warm-blooded animals, they are susceptible to cold weather, which can wreak havoc on their sensitive skin when wet, as well as leave them uncomfortable and chilled. Horses grow longer coats in the winter, which they can fluff to trap air, providing insulation, as does the grease that a

Definition of Horse Term Jockey

The meaning of the word jockey as used when discussing horses or ponies. Glossary of horse terms, definition of jockey.

How to Change Flooring in Your Horse Trailer

There are more horses in the United States today than at any other time in history, including prior to the invention of the internal combustion engine. The vast majority of horses are transported in a horse trailer.While wood flooring in horse trailers is common, it is not perfect. Even

How to Install a Wooden Horse Fence

Having horses is a fulfilling experience. Their beauty and grace have inspired men and women for generations. Housing your equine companion can be a challenge, however, as these animals are large and very powerful. Finding a safe way to keep them confined while allowing them the freedom of movement

Six Things You Should Know About Prepurchase Exams

Once you have found the horse that you think is suitable to you and your needs, you should consider a prepurchase exam.A prepurchase exam is a check of a horse's health and soundness preformed by a veterinarian.This is a great way to ensure that you are buying a horse that is suitable for the t

What Are the Dangers of Cross Ties for Horses?

Cross ties are common in many barns and are convenient for tacking up, shoeing, grooming and bathing your horse. Your horse must learn to cross tie even if it ties with a single rope. Do not start to cross tie until your horse has learned to give to pressure, and do not assume that a new horse knows

Mini Horse Fly Protection

Protecting your horse is super important. Fly masks and fly sheets are the best way to do this.

Low Back Pain and Hock Problems in Horses - Animal Chiropractic

Many horses have low back pain and hock problems. The common treatment is to inject the hocks and give the horse medication. Alternative Care such as Animal Chiropractic is being used successfully to treat these horses. This Article will show you the cause of your horses problem and how to fix it.


A description and photo of the horse and pony color buckskin.

Online Horse Hoaxes, Urban Legends and Fakes

There are lots of urban legends, hoaxes and fakes circulating around the internet. Here are seven that have hit the horse world. Learn about these horse related urban legends and fakes.

How to Design a Barn or Stable

A comfortable and safe barn or stable is tremendously important not only to the health and welfare of the animals housed in the barn, but for the humans who care for barn animals. Modern conveniences can now be designed into barns and stables to make them very productive and a valuable asset to anim

Natural Treatment for Lice on Horses

While lice are not a common problem among horses, they can be transmitted through contaminated brushes, blankets and tack. There effective insecticidal treatments that can kill lice. But if you worry about your horse's health, take heart: A natural treatment for lice can be just as effective as an