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Calico Cats Picture Gallery: Reese, Cabinet Cat

Cats are noted for their propensity of seeking out places to hide - places not originally intended for cats, such as kitchen sinks, boxes, baskets, slippers, and such. We've put together a photo gallery of container cats - pictures guaranteed to bring a smile.

What To Feed Old Cats - Keeping Your Cat Healthy

The fact is that older cats, in general, actually need an increase in calories; strange, but true. In people, and even in dogs, our other faithful companions, a decrease in caloric intake is usually needed as old age creeps in. In essence, what to feed old cats is the same as what we should feed you

Feline Diabetes Information You Can Use

Cat owners who have just been told that their cat has feline diabetes will need to find out all they can about this disease so that they can feel confident when helping their cat. While feline diabetes is treatable it is a serious disease. Your vet will give your instructions regarding feeding your

Chest Cancer in Cats

There are many different types of cancer that may present in a cat's chest. The prognosis of the cat depends largely on the health of the cat and the type of cancer that is present. If you suspect cancer in your cat, consult a veterinarian for diagnosis and treatment.

What is Feline Leukemia Virus (FeLV)?

Feline Leukemia Virus is a worldwide virus and leading cause of death in domestic cats. What does it do? How does it spread? What is the treatment? How do you prevent it?

How to Feed a Lactating Cat

Caring for newborn kittens is a challenging time in the life of a mother cat. While nursing, she will need to eat at least two times the amount of food she ate before giving birth. Lactating cats require high quality nutrition to produce enough milk to feed the kittens until they are old enough to e

Tortoiseshell Cats Picture Gallery: Piper

November is for tortoiseshell ladies, because they are cloaked in the lovely colors of fall. Let's take a stroll through this picture rainbow of tortie cats, each one reminiscent of a pile of maple leaves glowing in the crisp fall air.

How to Keep Cats From Wrecking Your Garden

A cat in the gardencan present a pretty picture-but cats can also be serious garden pests. Here are a few tips to help your garden and your cat coexist peacefully.

What to Do for a Cat That Ate Rat Poison

Cats who have eaten rat poison are common visitors in veterinary clinics. Usually, the cat has eaten a rat or mouse who has ingested the poison, but occasionally cats mistake poison pellets for food. Prevention is the best medicine--keep your cat indoors so they will not eat poison put out by the ne

Selecting a Cat For Your Home

How do you know what kind of cat will best fit in with your family and suit your personality?It's important to keep in mind that despite what they say about feline independence, most cats need as much love and affection as a dog.

Diagnosing Cat Incontinence

Cat incontinence is a somewhat rare problem that mainly affects female cats who have been "fixed" when they get older. To make matters worse, if your feline friend has this condition, they have no control over the problem whatsoever, as opposed to a healthy cat that urinates anywhere they

Eye Problems With Cats

All living things with eyes have the potential to have problems with their eyes. Cat's eyes are slightly unique when compared to other animal's eyes. Combined with the fact that they rely on their eyesight more than some other pets, it is very important to notice if your pet cat is having

2008 Tuxedo Cats Picture Gallery: Tyler

Black and white cats are like snowflakes: you'll never see any two with identical markings, but Tuxedos usually have some form of a white "V" on the chest-- very formal and striking. Our May Cats Picture Calendar is dedicated to Tuxedo cats and other black-and-white cats. Enjoy these

Homemade Holistic Cat Food

Finding the healthiest food for your cat can be confusing. Some cat foods on the market don't contain enough essential nutrients and can damage your cat's health. One good solution is making your own holistic cat food from home. That way, you'll know what your cat is getting, and you can give your p

Organic Mosquito Repellent for Pets

Mosquitoes can be just as annoying for pets as they are for humans and fortunately, there are ways to keep them off your pets using organic mosquito repellents that will keep them free of bites. Essential oils mixed with a carrier liquid are effective at keeping the biting bugs at bay and are easy t

Cutest Cat Contest Picture Gallery: Kyan

Is your cat the cutest cat in the world? is pleased to announce the Cutest Cat Picture Contest. Please read the rules carefully, then submit your Cutest Cat photo by following these Guidelines.

Cutest Cat Contest Picture Gallery: Mew-Mew

Cute Cat Contestant Mew-Mew.Is your cat the cutest cat in the world? is pleased to announce the Cutest Cat Picture Contest. Please read the rules carefully, then submit your Cutest Cat photo by following these Guidelines.

What Are the Right Meds For Urinary Tract Crystals in Cats? Find Out Now

Meds for urinary tract crystals in cats are necessary if the stones are small enough to be either dissolved or passed through the system.Depending on the type of stone, your veterinarian can try increasing your cat's frequency of urination or changing the diet in order to dissolve the stones.If