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Review of Linchpin - Are You Indispensable? By Seth Godin

"Original thinker, provocateur, someone who cares, the person who can bring it together and make a difference. Someone who owns her own means of production, who leads and connects, and walks into chaos and create order" is a linchpin says marketing guru, Seth Godin in his book Linchpin: Ar

Review of Niels Lyhne-Jens Peter Jacobsen

Nothing at all worked in Niels' life. Not for Lyhne, his father, whose wife made him feel 'like a fish suffocating in hot air', or his mother, Bartholine, who continued to live in her befuddled world of dreams and fantasy while her marital ship sunk. Not even the birth of Niels could

An Inconvenient Truth Book Review

Al Gore has published a beautifully illustrated yet alarming work depicting the effects of, and clarifying the data accumulating, about global warming.With excellent graphs and pictures, the accompanying narrative gives the reader a comprehensive understanding of the dangerous and rapidly worsening

Stop! Drop and Roll

Don't run through life with your hair on fire. Neither let your head's thoughts overwhelm, nor overcome you with excessive desire. Just be calm and patiently push on through. Step by step, day by day, season by season. Steadily, courageously, and consistently continue.

The Liberation of Henry Belmont by Steve Godofsky

I thought The Liberation of Henry Belmont by Steve Godofsky was going to be a tearjerker. Instead, I was quickly engrossed in a fast-paced adventure that hooked me on page one.

The Perfect Lady?

Just a simple poem about a tomato seller and his own version of a perfect lady.

W's Memoir: Profiles in Choice

One thing supporters and detractors agree on is that Bush's unpopularity by the end of his second term was the result of choices he had made. His unpopularity was not proof he had made good choices, but it was evidence he had made tough ones.

The Doors of Dawn Chapter 1

As the stage was lit, the elegant and graceful cast danced and sang in front of him. Their eyes bright, and twinkling; so full of life and love for the adventures that they knew in their young hearts awaited them. They spun and clapped in time to the music that forever played for them, a soundtrack

"Herstory" - Profiles of Women in History

I found the beginning chapters of "Herstory - Women Who Changed The World" edited by Ruth Ashby and Deborah Gore Ohrn (with an introduction by Gloria Steinhem), 1995, immensely interesting and, of course, maddening. Knowing that the suppression of women, after so many years of prehistoric

Visual Leaders

In Visual Leaders, David Sibbet examines the importance of visualization tools for leaders in the modern workplace. Sibbet shows how managers can use visualization actively during meetings to inspire, support thinking, and promote new projects and ideas. Visuals spark new ideas and increase engageme

Online Book Stores - Expanding the Horizon of Book Reading

Bookstores are the favourite place for the book lovers. They can spend hours here to choose their choice of books. Now, online book stores provide better option of reading with less time spending. This article illustrates the other facet of it.

Small Sacrifices by Ann Rule - Review

Small sacrifices is another Ann Rule masterpiece, that tells the story of small town, Oregon resident, Diane Downs and how it is that she got to the point of no return. Diane Downs took her three children to a rural, back road, pointed a pistol through the car window and she shot to kill.

Promises For a Better Life

Some people say that the grass is always greener on the other side. And you know what? Sometimes it is true. So if we let it happen to us life can be a perpetual problem as we make our way across our amazing land. But before we do we should always ask ourselves where am I going and what does it real

Vampires and Fiction

Vampires used to be considered as horrific, repulsive creatures. However, over the years, this look of the vampires has changed to handsome, young males with excellent powers of seduction. They are known for their erotic powers and their use of sexuality.

A Tejano Country Christmas

Hewing wood, fetching tamales mid December, getting drunk by the garage fire with the in-laws as the Norther rages at all that was and is warm. And the women cook, and talk and watch TV inside. Men by common agreement and innate concordance converge apart from the split tails free of female censor a