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Get Out Of The Tunnel

Every day you have a routine.Wake up, get ready for work and head off to do your job. During the drive to work you think of the problems that await you. While thinking of the problems you listen to the radio hoping that it will relax you. You sit at a stoplight and wonder how you will make it throug

Courage & Hope 'In the Midst of Battle

Life gets very big on us all of a sudden.We wake up one day as a parent in a family, with a key secular or ministry role (or three!) having to balance a whole bunch of things just to survive.It was a process that got us here, sure, but that seems dim now, and we're just here, surviving by the s

Are You Ready For Success?

No matter the outcome no person will ever be the same when the conscious decisions have been made to be more, achieve more and to excel in a way we previously had not with the direction of focused thought through personal growth. Personal growth is not a new fangled concept as it is with us since ti

Avoid Stress, Live Better

Money problems, relationship issues, work... there are many things that cause stress. Many are unavoidable. With so many causes, it is easy to try to ignore it, but the longer you put off dealing with your stress, the more it will effect you. Stress effects the way you think and act and can even dam

Are You a Creative Soul? How Do You Find the Discipline to Succeed in Business?

How is it possible to integrate creativity with the discipline it takes to be successful in business and in life? Getting past that old definition of discipline is the first key. Taking baby steps to establish routines is the second. Read on to learn how the author has come to terms with her own lim

Sound The Battle Cry

A message of love and peace on earth rang through the forest.Ending with thoughtful words of warning pleading to all who would listen and to all who can hear the voice of God.

Training Teams of Children Leaders

Training for teams of children leaders must take into account these six attributes of leadership. The training does not have to focus on all of these attributes at once. For instance, a team training focus can encompass one at a time:

Compulsive Gamblers Offered Help on Gambling Sites?

There is a lot of information offered online about treatment to stop gambling, advice for gamblers that want to quit, gamblers anonymous, stop gambling forums, etc. Ironically, you will find many articles that offer advice to people who want to quit gambling on actual gambling and betting websites.

Communication Skills Training - What You Need to Know

Communication skills trainings often generalise by teaching only one tool and hoping that it will be a tool for all seasons. Communication is far too complex to be left to assertiveness skills or counseling skills alone. What is better is to have a system for communicating based on what is going on

How Big Is Your Faith?

In these tumultuous times, the size of your Faith is a critical barometer to your ability to persevere. It often determines the difference between overwhelming victory and crushing defeat. The size of your Faith can mean crossing over with the winning score or getting stopped an inch short of the go

Archangels - Archangel Jeremiel Manifest Your Dreams

Focus upon all you desire, what you want rather than what you do not want. Surrender the fear of not having all you desire in your life. Be willing to take a leap of faith, to release all that no longer serves your highest and best good, to step beyond your comfort zone.

Loving What You Do - A Secret of Life

We are more than we do, but what we do is meaningful for who we are. If we cannot do what we love to do, surely an appropriate and acceptable alternative is to do that which we can love. It's nearly as good. It's the viable way.

ABC's 20/20 Interview With Psychosexual Therapist About Cybersex Addiction

Question: Can you explain the phenomenon of the growth of cybersex in the last ten years? Answer: The cybersex phenomenon is the sexual revolution of the 60's re-emerged to the 1000th degree because now the hottest sex in town can be found on a laptop computer. In only the last five years, the

How to Experience the State of Being

Question: How can I experience the state of BEING without actually BEING that? I mean, how can I BE HAPPY when I am actually not Happy? How can I truly be sincere in BEING?

Ideas For Controlling Stress

In the past, the need for research has not been something that was needed. Now that stress has been shown to help bring about diseases, it is more important. These studies have brought some ideas and programs that will help to reduce stress.What is the big deal about stress and controlling it? Studi

Consistency, Friend Or Foe - Adapt Or Perish

Everything changes except our need for consistency. To understand that ubiquitous need for consistency, we must understand how the automatic reflexes of the subconscious work.

The World is a Crab Pod!

Have you ever wondered how people catch crabs? Well, I never really did! I have however heard of how dangerous it is.

Self Development: A Way to Success

No matter what status we hold in society, either a student, an executive, an employee or a teacher, we are entitled for improvement, not only for the betterment of our lives, but also for self-fulfillment and self gratification. Not a single person in this world is perfect and exempted from committi