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Living Your Life - Being Smart Towards Your Personal Growth

Focus on self improvement and become strong mentally, physically and spiritually. Your growth will affect your immediate environment and flow outwards to manifest other areas of life. When relating to others, hold true to your word. After all, who you are is your word.

Coincidence, Chance, Choice and Fate

It is a given that the core concepts of randomness, chance and freedom of choice are incompatible with predestination, fate and a greater design, but what if they are not? What if they can coexist? What if all the random events in your life are happening in order to tell you something?

Is It Impossible Or Just Hard?

What are you trying to achieve that looks impossible? If it is humanly possible, if there is another human who can do it, then it is definitely possible for you too.

Personal Leadership Development

Personal leadership development will ultimately lead you to a better life. This article will teach you the basics of leadership skills and will show you how to become a great leader. It doesn't matter where you are in life, all that matters is where you want to go.

Mom, After Dad

My dad passed away March 11, 2008 six days shy of his 73rd birthday. His body wasted away in the final year, his mind gradually retracting from the things he loved. This was a vibrant ...

Make someones day - send them a bouquet

There are all sorts of situations where it's great to get a bouquet. Weddings are a good example, but then so are Valentine's Day, and sometimes Easter and Christmas. You might want to get a ...

Remain Happy and Joyful During and After the Holidays

Holidays are ideally days of joy and happiness. Because of pressure exerted by the society we live in, it is imperative to adopt attitudes that will help ensure the experience of joy and happiness, during and after the holidays. The following is an illustration from my own personal experience.

How to Become Rich? Don't Just Imagine

Motivational article and motivational ideas on how to become rich and make money. It becomes more than clear that our objective of life is to become rich. Take the example of education; why the struggle to get into the best universities? The answer is obviously to get a good stable career and earn g

7 Solid Reasons Why God Blesses His People Financially

Do you want God to bless you financially? Or are you wondering why you are not prospering the way you want to prosper? God wants to bless you but He has His own reasons for blessing people, which if you agree to them you will be in a better position to be prospered by Him. This article gives the rea

Success Code For Teens

Do you have a desire to succeed at whatever you do? Then you have won the battle for life. Teens who have success on their mind have secret codes that helps them to excel above their peers. They challenge and motive themselves to be their very best at their every endeavour, whereas the teen who is n

Coaching Business: How to Get Your Prospects to Like and Trust You

There's only one way to convert your potential clients to paying customers and that is to get them to like and trust you. The good news is, making this happen is relatively easy. With little creativity and commitment, you can achieve this in no time at all.

How to Kick the Habit of Stress

We often think of stress as an outside force that can take over our lives. We live in stressful times: life moves faster than ever, we have more demands on our time, energy, and attention, and we have less time for ourselves. There also seem to be more and more dramatic circumstances surrounding us:

Making Addiction Recovery a Family Affair

Substance abuse problems are a widespread issue among teens. With peer pressure to experiment with alcohol and drugs, many teens find themselves in a serious pattern of addiction before ever realizing there is a problem. These addictions can affect everyone within the family, so addiction recovery i

We Become What We Think

How to live consciously rather than being driven by thoughts and emotions that run on "automatic-pilot". A simple approach in 3 steps.

Finding Your Happiness

What is happiness? I could ask 10 different people that question and assuredly get 10 different answers. Happiness according to the dictionary is "an agreeable feeling or condition of the soul arising from good fortune or propitious happening of any kind." But, is that all there is to happ

Drug Treatment Center for Drug Addiction

People who are drug addicted can benefit greatly from spending time at a drug treatment center. The drug treatment center can be just what they need to overcome their addiction and live a happier life without drugs. If you are addicted to drugs, treatment is likely a necessity as it can be hard to g

Artisans and Craft Professionals - Why Should You Hire a Coach?

It takes a lot of effort and hard work in becoming a professional from being an amateur. The professional perfection comes to those who get the required knowledge of all the basics of an art and successfully adopt them. Hiring a coach for the artisans and the craft professionals is also necessary fo

Motivation and Success: Improved Techniques

Changing our internal programming that limits us has never been simpler or easier; we just expect it to be more complex! When we associate images or objects that provide a state of relaxation and joy we create a receptive environment for the unconscious mind to accept powerful motivation and success

You've Got 83 Problems

We all want a worry free existence. But if you think about it, it's not possible.


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