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Coping with Christmas - Managing the Pressures

For many people, Christmas is something of a mixed blessing in terms of whether it is a time for enjoyment and rest - or a time of hassle and stress.This article offers some ideas to help you cope better and to manage the various challenges and pressures so that you can enjoy it more.

Intense Feelings - Neither Right or Wrong - Good or Bad

Intense emotional reactions to your relationships with family or close friends, sometimes creates uneasiness or a full blown rift. When you fully understand your feelings you can decide how you will feel about it the next time it occurs.

Advertorial I Wrote You Didn't Get FAT From Breathing! Because:

Life can change direction quickly, creating long term unintended consequences. Stuck steals focus; depression/addiction cripples. Opportunity awaits us all. I know the difference. It was October 2, 1964 at 4:02 PM. My father died suddenly. ...

How To Feel Safe In An Unsafe World - Part One

Maybe a close friend has died or you lost your job, perhaps even your home? Situations and events like these unwittingly reinforce negative beliefs we all hold and produce deep rooted feelings of disturbing insecurity.

Self Esteem Inventory Assessment

At this time, self-assessment is a technique to examine how you truly feel pertaining to yourself. Why don't you spend some time to consider a self-esteem assessment and figure out what aspects you should focus ...

I Need A Partner To Be Happy

Do you believe that you need a partner to be happy? My client, Adrienne, an attractive woman in her 50's, has been married and divorced twice. She was unhappy in both marriages, but she still believes that she needs a partner to be happy. This belief continually leads her into inappropriate rel

Something Inside So Strong!

Have you ever heard of the statement- "can the will of the people be so strong that they can kick out a dictator?" YES THEY CAN!!

Working Around Your Shyness

Shyness can be a truly crippling condition that often leaves sufferers of all ages feeling unable to cope with the demands of modern life. However, overcoming shyness is absolutely possible and simply requires an understanding how the condition works and how to counteract it's restricting natur

The Sacrifice of Praise and Thanksgiving

Once upon a time an animal would need to be sacrificed for the believer to feel better about their sins-but really this was only a reminder of sin (Hebrews 10:3). Now the only thing we need to sacrifice is our thanksgiving and praise. The rest is done! Entirely.

Exciting Benefits of a Tarot Card Reading

This article is an introduction to the benefits of having a tarot card reading and reveals some of the secrets of the trade. I talk about how I work with the cards to bring you answers to some of the most important questions of your life. The aim of the tarot card reading is to empower you to make d

Christian Writers Can Now Share Their Faith on a Christian Blog

There are several ways to preach good news of Jesus Christ. While crusades and tract distribution was popular earlier, things have changed in recent times. Today, with the aid of the internet technology, christian writers can now share their faith with the whole world by posting their testimony on a

How to heal your Mind:

This article briefly discusses what the mind comprises up of and how it creates our realities. The author emphasizes the fact that the subconscious mind is the source of creation. And it doesn&#03

How Strong Is Your Faith

What if, Jesus Christ was really married to Mary Magdalene? Because of this question, Da Vinci Code is very popular around the globe.

Communicating better with personality profiling

In this article we will examine how an active approach towards personality profiling can help you understand yourself better and communicate better with your peers.

Help Your Imagination To Take Flight With Hypnosis

It has been said my many successful people that imagination is more important than knowledge. Hypnosis can help you to trigger your own ability to visualize clearly and to improve you imagination.

How to Control Your Stress

All of us have issues and problems that we must face everyday, some people can cope with it, and some have a harder time emotionally letting go. We are going to talk about how to control your stress. We shall discuss certain causes of stress and things you can do to avoid stressful situations. Chang

It's a Matter of Trust

Training is as important in our business as it is in yours and the horses participating in ourprograms must demonstrate they are comfortable in a range of situations with different levels of horsemanship skill.